Kitchen Island Bar Stools Features That You Would Love

Choosing a bar stools for a kitchen island is not an easy task. With many different options in the market, we often got confused about what we need and what we want. We also have a lot of aspects to consider before determining the right kitchen island barstools for us. From the basic things like the stools height, materials, and design, to the fancy feature that is incorporated in each bar stools.

Speaking of features, we need to understand that there are many innovations we can see in a bar stool. Some features we may already familiar with, but some are not. And to be honest, not every feature is actually worth the extra price. So to prevent confusions, here are some bar stools feature that actually help and would make a nice addition to your kitchen island.


Swivel kitchen island bar stool is especially handy when you have a small kitchen. This feature will make it easier for you to move around without having to move your stool. And if you have little kids living with you, this feature will also make them happy for sure.

Adjustable height

This feature is particularly handy if you move around from houses to houses. Stools with adjustable height will accommodate many kitchen islands, therefore you will not have to buy new stools every time you move into a new house.

Back and arm support

Back and arm support is always a comfort that we want yet our aesthetic urge resist. This feature, however, will come in really handy for you who have little kids around the house because it will give them more protection when sitting in such height.


With tall bar stools, you absolutely need footrest so you can sit comfortably for a long time. So make sure to get bar stools with footrest, because even though it may seem a bit unsightly, but it will make a major improvement in term of comfort.

Easy maintenance materials

Now this one is not exactly a feature. But choosing materials that are easy to maintain like leather, plastic, metal, or combination of some, would really help in keeping your kitchen looking good.

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