Kitchen Sink Lighting Ideas That Stuns

So you have your whole kitchen remodelled and you absolutely love how it looks. But then you notice something is missing when you use the sink for washing dishes and vegetables. Yes, you forgot the kitchen sink lighting. This seemingly small and insignificant matter actually contributes a lot to your kitchen functionality. Imagine washing your dishes with improper lighting, you may end up hurting yourself or breaking your dish. Therefore, you need to get yourself a good kitchen sink lighting to avoid the worst. If you’re confused and not sure on what kind of lighting type you should get, check out these awesome ideas.


A window is always the best source of light since it provides not only natural lighting but also a breeze of air and ventilation for your kitchen. However, the window still needs to be paired with lamps for artificial lighting. Because as we all know, natural lighting is not available all time all day. But even so, getting a window in front of your sink can give you a lot of advantages. So you may want to consider this option.


Pendant lighting is chic and nice to have in your kitchen, especially if you already use the same pendant lighting above your kitchen island. However, installing a pendant lamp above your kitchen sink is not a task you can do on your own. You need to hire professional help for this. But pendant lighting can provide you with really good task lighting. And it came in many styles option so you can absolutely find ones that suit your kitchen design.

Under cabinet tape light

Under cabinet tape light works really well if you don’t want to change the look of your kitchen. This concealed type of lighting only adds necessary kitchen sink light without adding any visible ornament. However, this lighting can only work when you have a cabinet above your kitchen sink.

Wall sconces

Wall sconces are a nice option you may want to consider. Just like pendant lighting, wall sconces can provide you with enough artificial lighting and come in many different styles. However, wall sconces are easier to install than pendant lighting. You can easily put it as your DIY project. But wall sconces, unless you used the ones with moving arm, is not really a good task light since it produced a more diffused light.

Flush mount ceiling light

One of the easiest options to light up your kitchen sink area is by installing a flush mount ceiling light. This type of light doesn’t require much maintenance, it stays away from your head unlike pendant light, and it usually provides good lighting. Especially if you want to keep your kitchen sink lighting low profile, flush mount ceiling light is the one.

Table lamp

If you are not up for the hassle of installing anything serious or you just don’t want to make a permanent change in your kitchen, you may want to consider a table lamp. Just put a table lamp in safe proximity and voila, you have kitchen sink lighting. But be sure to use ones that are water resistant as you may risk exposing the lamp to water.

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