Kitchen Stove Vents Inspiration That both Functional and Aesthetically Pleasing

When it comes to cooking options in the kitchen, one of the most popular appliances you need to consider having is kitchen stove vent. Installing kitchen stove vent can give your kitchen the ventilation it needs to maintain a clean and safe environment around your home. Stove vent is an enclosure for the area over your range that uses a fan to collect steam, smoke, fumes and other airborne particles that may be generated while cooking.

There are many types of kitchen stove vents you can choose, from basic ductless wall-mount units or more-versatile systems with multiple lights, timers, and easy-clean surfaces. You just need to find the suitable one for your kitchen that matches or exceeds your cooktop’s requirements and fits your cooking style.

If you’ve ever thought about installing a kitchen stove vent or if you want to change your old one, check out these best kitchen stove vent ideas that might help you to get inspired in finding the new one.

A stainless-steel ducted vent hood matches perfectly with the simple subway tile, the oven and the cabinetry in this open kitchen. The vent’s clean lines help the entire kitchen feel like a professional chef’s oasis.

A high arch made out of wooden panels beautifully contrasts with the stainless-steel appliances and a neutral backsplash. This kitchen stove vent idea is everything you need for an aesthetic kitchen decoration.

Here is an idea with the stately mantel-style vent that has a classic and high-end look. The wood detail in on glass-front cabinets beside the hood also adds interest to your kitchen.

Plan a stress-free remodel in your kitchen by installing this kitchen stove vent idea. Blending the matte finish hood with the cabinets that have the same color, the two together can make a seamless result.

If you are after a vent with the one-of-a-kind shape, this idea can make definite focal point in your kitchen.

This charcoal black kitchen stove vent idea look a bit grand and has a distinctly traditional look which pairs perfectly with the rest of the kitchen design.

If you are looking for kitchen stove vent ideas with modern lines and finishes, for your contemporary-style kitchen, this small, inconspicuous vent could be the best fits.
All kitchen stove vents ventilate cooking odors, but this idea does it with style. Give a shot to this stylish vent idea and incorporate it into your kitchen.

Accentuate your space with the geometric vent that blends perfectly with the classic mosaic backsplash—a perfect fit for a kitchen with ultra-modern yet organic theme.
With a deer head mounted front and center, this kitchen stove vent idea is a true piece of custom art that bring visual interest to create a rustic, old-world air.

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