Live Like Royals: What You Need To Know Before Getting A Tufted Velvet Sofa

What says ‘classic’ and ‘royalty’ better than a tufted velvet sofa? These deep tufted sofas have been around for so long and gained popularity in the aristocratic family. According to the legend, these sofas were originally made in 18th century England for the Earl of Chesterfield. He wanted a sofa that will not wrinkle his clothing when he sat in it, hence the tufted details. Even though tufted velvet sofa will still wrinkle your clothes, but its luxurious looks have captured the heart of others, thus the popularity.

If you consider getting a tufted velvet sofa in your living room or any other room, here are some things that you need to know.

The materials

Velvet can be made out of any kind of fibre, from natural fibres to cellulose or even synthetic. But each material is of different quality and you may want to take that into consideration. If you want a wet and luxurious look, opt for silk velvet. For matte and dry look, go for linen velvet. But if you need more durable and not prone to crushing material, try the wool or mohair velvet. Synthetic velvet is a good option as well, as it is both durable and fairly cheaper. But synthetic velvet has different feel and depth of colour compared to the natural ones.

The quality

As stated before, each velvet materials have different qualities. You can check the quality by bending the material diagonally and try to see the backing fabric. If the backing is easily visible, then the velvet is of low density and therefore low quality. This will create huge differences for your tufted velvet sofa, so you need to understand the quality of the material.

The durability

Velvets are prone to crushing and marking. Therefore to test the durability of velvet, we need to conduct a rub test. The test measure how many double rubs can the velvet endure before it shows one or two broken threads. The most durable velvets can endure up to 250.000 rubs. This durability aspect of your velvet is important to know so you understand if your tufted velvet sofa can be exposed to hard usage.

Before you get a tufted velvet sofa for your living room, consider these three things. Because by then you’ll understand how your velvet sofa will hold up in the long term.

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