Oil Rubbed Bronze for Bathroom Vanity Light? Why Not!

Putting oil rubbed bronze vanity light might not be a popular decision. Usually, people choose vanity light with chrome, gold, or even solid colour finish. Bronze often feels too outdated and gloomy to be put as vanity light. But for those of you who are up for the challenge, oil rubbed bronze bathroom vanity light might be a good addition to your overall bathroom design. If you like the idea of making a statement in your bathroom, here are some bathroom design ideas with bronze vanity light.

Understanding the difference between bronze and oil rubbed bronze

Yet before, we need to comprehend what is bronze and what effect will it gives to your room design. Bronze is the earliest type of metal alloy that is used and developed by human. It has a dark chocolate matte finish that will change a bit yellowish over time. Therefore, some people who don’t like this colour change choose oil rubbed bronze instead. Oil rubbed bronze is a metal finish that is chemically made to create a darkened surface. This finish will add earthy feelings in your bathroom that sort of deflect the viewer’s attention. Oil rubbed bronze light fixture may be used for any kind of light, but it can do a really good job in being ambience lighting.

Oil rubbed bronze bathroom vanity light in this design creates a good ambient in the room. It suits the earthy colour of the wall and bathroom vanity really well thus enhances the room’s tranquillity.

This oil rubbed bronze vanity light give your bathroom a vintage feeling. It might remind you of an old public bathroom in which they use rather wiry light fixture above the mirror.

Pair oil rubbed bronze light fixture with dark coloured wall and white vanity to create this look. It balanced out the vintage and modern sides of the room.

You don’t have to have a fancy or natural-themed bathroom to nail this oil rubbed bronze bathroom vanity light. You can absolutely pull this off with a classic ordinary bathroom. Just add a touch of bronze on your faucet, and you’re good to go!

While you can make do with a simple classic bathroom, you know you can always highlight your quirky vintage bathroom with oil rubbed bronze light fixture. It tones down the weirdness of the barrel vanity and creates a balance in this bathroom or powder room.

Oil rubbed bronze might be a tricky metal finish to nail off, but with a little inspiration and imagination you can surely pull it off. So never be afraid of trying new designs and challenge yourself, because the end result will definitely be worth it.

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