4+ Vanity Bath Light Ideas That Match Your True Personality

Designing the interior of your bathroom should be your personal job, since bathroom is your second most private place in the house after your bedroom. Personalizing your bathroom to match your true personality can give you so many benefits. Imagine walking out of the shower, feeling refreshed and so ready to take on the world. That’s how you would feel when your bathroom reflects your true, best personality.

If redecorating the whole bathroom to match your personality feels like a huge deal, then you can start by swapping the little things in your bathroom. In this case, let’s talk about changing your vanity bath lights to match your personality. Here’s a few inspiration you can use.


For you who love a simple and minimalistic lifestyle, a pair of these simple tube chrome sconces light fixture will fit you right. If chrome vanity bath light is not your style, you can always opt for the black one. Also, make sure you use a white lighting instead of the yellowy one, to give it a more modern feeling.

Nature lover

As a nature lover, of course you would love to have window or skylight instead to provide your bathroom with natural light. But as we all know, natural light will go out as day turn to night and you still have to install several artificial lights in your bathroom. These pair of natural wood led wall lamp will definitely give you the calmness of nature. Or if you think it’s way too much for your bathroom, you can opt for copper sconces instead.

Pop, bright personality

Who doesn’t love someone with such a strong and bright personality? Never be afraid to show your personality, by choosing for vanity bath light with playful solid colour. This light fixture will emphasis your bright optimism and helps you to get through the day with a renewed spirit.

Vintage and romantic

What suit a romantic person better than a chandelier? It doesn’t have to be a real candle. You can always opt for a lamp shaped chandelier. This will give your bathroom a very vintage and romantic feeling that suits your preferences well.

Bold and dramatic

For you whose fierce at heart, your bathroom design should definitely reflect your unique and fierce self. Therefore, choose a chrome vanity bath light with extra-ordinary designs to represent you. And don’t be afraid to play around with your wallpapers or paint your wall in a dark solid colour, as those will enhance the dramatic effect of your bathroom.

As old saying goes, Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality. Therefore don’t hide that beautiful personality of yours. Make sure it is reflected on everything, from your clothing style, to your bathroom. Be true to yourself, and show the world how beautiful and unique you are!

Things You Need to Know Before Buying Waterfall Faucet for Bathroom Sink

Who wouldn’t love a beautiful waterfall faucet for bathroom sink? This type of faucet gives your bathroom a luxurious look in a more natural way. Imagine the sound of falling water and the look of naturally streaming water. The waterfall tap can add a soothing and relaxing ambience in your bathroom. Yet we notice that this type of faucet is not too popular in the bathroom. Apparently, the lack of waterfall taps popularity has quite good reasons, here’s why.

The water pressure

Before deciding to get a waterfall faucet for bathroom sink, you have to consider the water pressure in your home. Waterfall taps require high water pressure to function well, while most homes don’t have that much water pressure. To overcome this, you can consider using combi boilers, pressurised cylinders or even a water pump.

The problem with hard water

Keep in mind that waterfall faucet doesn’t go well with hard water. This type of faucet can develop limescale pretty fast if you live in areas with hard water. If you insist on having waterfall taps although you reside in the hard water area, consider softening your water first and do a lot of cleaning.

The cleaning and maintenance

The next question is: how to clean and maintain your waterfall faucet? For daily cleaning, wipe your faucet daily with a microfiber cloth. Stay away from abrasive materials that can harm your taps surface. Every once in a while, clean the limescale in your waterfall faucet using lemon or cloth soaked vinegar and leave them for one hour.

The plating

As waterfall faucet has more exposed sides that interact with water than other faucets, it may experience corrosion faster. Therefore, it is better to use chrome plating taps to prevent corrosion. And always check to a professional whether your faucet has the plating and finishes it needs.

But, the perks!

Aside from all the things mentioned above, remember the perks of waterfall faucet for bathroom sink. Not only this tap will give you style and enhance the look of your sink; it can also give your bathroom an instant spa experience. And what is better than a relaxing bathing experience after a long rough day?

Tips for Picking the Perfect Swivel Counter Stools with Backs

Swivel counter stools with backs can be a good addition to your kitchen island, especially if you live with kids. It can make your kitchen feels more like a living area where people can hang out and spend their time. Furthermore, swivel counter stools with backs allow your kid to have fun in the kitchen while keeping them safe with a high back.

If you’re considering swivel counter stools, check out these tips to help you find the right fit for your kitchen island.

Measure the right height

Before you go shopping for swivel counter stools, first you need to measure your counter and decide the proportional height for your counter stools. You wouldn’t want your stools to be too high that you need to slouch, or too low that your arms have to reach up. Stools vary from 24 inches to 30 inches height. But typically the right height for kitchen counter stools is 24 to 26 inches.

Think about the style

This goes without saying. You need to match your swivel counter stools with backs to the rest of your home design. You absolutely don’t want your kitchen counter stools to look like it doesn’t belong to your kitchen. If you have modern minimalistic kitchen décor, you may want a contemporary designed counter stool. But if your kitchen looks rustic, you may consider counter stools that have a rustic finish.

Is it comfortable?

Swivel counter stool with backs is a great choice if you put great emphasis on comfort. But there are a lot of counter stools variation that you may want to consider, for example, the footrest and the armrest, the cushion, and the materials. Make sure the stools you choose are comfortable for everyone in the house. If you have kids, consider getting swivel counter stools with a high back as it is safer for kids.

The durability

When you’re getting swivel counter stools for your kitchen, you surely want it to have a long lifetime. So you have to understand the durability of the swivel counter stools you want to buy. Study the materials and if it’s possible, find a review regarding the brand to make sure that what you get is durable and will last for long.

The tips above can be applied for picking any counter stools, not just swivel counter stools with backs. Follow these tips to help you to find the perfect fits for your kitchen. Good luck!

Low Back Counter Stools: Are They Worth It?

Having a counter stools in your kitchen is a great way to make your kitchen feels like a living area where people can hang out and enjoy their time. It can also complete the look of your kitchen, especially now that kitchen counter stools have so many design and material we can choose. From rustic high back counter stools to modern and futuristic low back counter stools. But before picking counter stools for your kitchen, there are several things you need to consider. Such as how high do you need your stools to be, and whether to have stools with armrest and backs or not.

The one that is getting quite popular now is low back counter stools. With such simple design and a bit support for your back, low back counter stools may successfully slide onto your list. To help you decide whether low back counter stools are the right one for you, here are the pros and the cons of this trendy piece of furniture.

The pros

Having minimal backs, a low back counter stool is a great option to save space. When the room in your kitchen is minimal, low back counter stools can provide you with a place to sit without taking up too much space. Compared to no backs counter stool, the low back counter stool offers a bit more back support. It is designed to extend the thoracic lumbar region and thus supporting your lower back.

The cons

Just like the name, low back counter stools only support your lower back but it can’t give full support for your back. Therefore, it may be uncomfortable if you have to sit on this stool for a long period of time. Also, if you have kids, a low back counter stool may be too dangerous for them as they may trip backwards.

Final thought

After all, low back counter stools have its benefits and weaknesses. Whether to have low back or high back stools, it depends on your situation and what you seek for in a stool. If you’re more into comfort and safety, high back counter stools might suit your need. But if you want to save space and have a more chic design, you might opt for low back counter stools. So give it a good thought, what do you really need and want in a stool? Then decide which one will suit you more.

How to Set Up Mini Pendant Lights for Kitchen Island: A Simple Guide

Kitchen Island is a great addition that every kitchen needs to have. It gives extra storage and working surface on your kitchen. Furthermore, a kitchen island can replace the function of the dining table in small apartments or houses. Pair them with stools and the right lighting, and you will have a great place to hang around with your loved ones.

Good lighting is paramount to a kitchen island. As this piece of furniture can be used for various kinds of activities, keeping it well-lit is a logical thing to do. One of the most common ways to light your kitchen island is by using mini pendant lights. Here are the guides on setting up mini pendant lights for kitchen island.

What is the lighting for?

You need to decide the function you desire from the mini pendant lights. Whether you want it to serve as task lighting to help you with cooking or washing in the kitchen island, or you want to keep it as ambience lighting. When you already know what you want exactly from mini pendant lights in your kitchen island, it will be easier for you to choose the right fit and set it up on your kitchen.

The height

Notice that mini pendant lights need to be hanged on a certain height so it can provide good lighting for your kitchen island. But to find the right height, you need to first measure your kitchen island and your ceiling. Typically, mini pendant light needs to be hung 30 to 36 inches above the kitchen island. But you can adjust them to your liking. Just make sure that you don’t hang them too high that the light bulbs are visible, or too low that it may interfere with the activities below.

The style

Consider the style of your mini pendant lighting for kitchen island, whether it is cohesive with the rest of the room or not. You want your mini pendant lighting to look nice but don’t overwhelm your kitchen. Choose the same finish for your mini pendant lights as the other fixtures to create that cohesive feeling.

The maintenance

Having mini pendant lights in the kitchen, even though it is very common, but it is actually rather hard to maintain. Just like the other fixtures in your kitchen, mini pendant lights are prone to grime and dirt from all the cooking grease and dust. Therefore, you need to clean them routinely every couple of weeks.

After all, mini pendant lights are a good choice for a kitchen island, as it will provide nice lighting yet it won’t disturb the balance of your kitchen. It will also look nice as a decorative accent. Just make sure you follow the guides above to find the right pendant lighting for your kitchen island.

Here’s Where to Place Your Bathroom Paper Towel Holder

For those of you who have high visual demand, bathroom paper towel holder can be such an eyesore. Your beautiful bathroom design can look a little less perfect because of the ugly rolls hanging on the wall. It may interfere with your clean lines and beautiful patterns. Yet you do need to have that paper towel in your bathroom. Therefore, you need a few tricks up your sleeves to hide your bathroom paper towel holder. Here are some ideas to hide them or at least make them less painful to the eye.

Beside your bathroom vanity

Bathroom paper towel holder is typically installed a few inches above the vanity cabinets by default. But it may not be the best option visually. So why not install the holder a bit lower, beside your vanity? This can hide your paper towel from most angles.

Tuck in your vanity

Go a bit further and tuck your bathroom paper towel holder in the side of your vanity. Utilize this empty space and create a recessed toilet paper holder to give your bathroom a clean and sleek look like hotel’s toilet.

Inside your drawer

The easiest way to hide your bathroom paper towel holder is to install them inside your drawer or vanity cabinet. Your toilet paper will practically be hidden from your sight. But the downside is that it is quite impractical since you have to open your drawer or cabinet first to get them.

The side of your vanity cabinet

Another way to hide the bathroom paper towel holder from your eyesight is to install them on the side of your vanity cabinet. This way, it will be hidden from most angles but still handy and easy to reach.

The bottom of your floating sink

For you who don’t have a vanity cabinet in the bathroom, don’t worry. You can still hide your bathroom paper towel holder by hanging it at the bottom of your floating sink. This is a smart way to keep your toilet paper out of sight yet still reachable.

If the options above are not do-able for you, just get a fancy bathroom paper towel holder, so it is not only handy but it also doubles as a decorative element. There are many fancy holders in stores that you can choose from. So ease your mind and your aesthetic demand, your bathroom isn’t doomed with ugly paper towel holder forever.

Planning on Installing Modern Outdoor Wall Lighting? These 5 Tips Are Made for You!

Keeping your outdoor spaces – whether it’s your garden, gazebo, or patios- well-lit, is one thing you need to do when renovating or redesigning your house, especially your patios, where you might find yourself lounging. The best and simplest way to light up your patio is by installing modern outdoor wall lighting or sconces. Compared to string lights or table lamp, modern outdoor wall lighting are easier to install and safer for outdoor use. Though easier, doesn’t mean that you can install them carelessly. Without further ado, here are 5 tips that you need to know!

Choose wall sconces that are specifically made for outdoor use

Although modern outdoor wall lightings are generally safer than any other kind of outdoor lighting because it sticks to the wall and usually is sheltered by outdoor roofs, you still have to make sure that the wall sconces you choose are the ones made specifically for outdoor use.  Indoor sconces and outdoor sconces have different materials and different degree of resistance. Outdoor lightings are made to resist heat and dampness.

Use yellow light

Beside to light up your garden and patio, outdoor wall lighting has another function, which is to set up the mood. Yellow light can do the job better than the usual bright white light. Another reason to use yellow light is that yellow light is friendlier for the eye in dark surroundings.

Don’t be afraid to mix several kinds of light fixtures

Remember, in designing and remodelling your outdoor spaces, creativity is the key. Don’t hesitate to experiment on several kinds of outdoor lightings. You can mix uplighters with modern outdoor wall lighting for example. Or a string light with hanging lanterns. Indulge your creativity and aesthetic desires.

Make sure you use outdoor –rated electrical tools

Not only you have to use light fixtures that are made specifically for outdoor use, but you also have to use outdoor-rated electrical tools as well. From cords, light bulbs to receptacles make sure everything is outdoor-rated and weather resistant. This will prevent you from experiencing circuit shortages or even exploding light bulbs.

For safety purpose, keep off any flammable materials

When exposed to direct sunlight, light bulbs might be overheated and explode. Therefore, you need to take precaution and keep away any flammable materials from your modern outdoor wall lightings.

Even though installing modern outdoor wall lighting needs several precautions, but the end results are definitely worth it. You can create dramatic landscapes with the right lighting plans, and make lounging times in your patio feels much better.

Kitchen Island Bar Stools Features That You Would Love

Choosing a bar stools for a kitchen island is not an easy task. With many different options in the market, we often got confused about what we need and what we want. We also have a lot of aspects to consider before determining the right kitchen island barstools for us. From the basic things like the stools height, materials, and design, to the fancy feature that is incorporated in each bar stools.

Speaking of features, we need to understand that there are many innovations we can see in a bar stool. Some features we may already familiar with, but some are not. And to be honest, not every feature is actually worth the extra price. So to prevent confusions, here are some bar stools feature that actually help and would make a nice addition to your kitchen island.


Swivel kitchen island bar stool is especially handy when you have a small kitchen. This feature will make it easier for you to move around without having to move your stool. And if you have little kids living with you, this feature will also make them happy for sure.

Adjustable height

This feature is particularly handy if you move around from houses to houses. Stools with adjustable height will accommodate many kitchen islands, therefore you will not have to buy new stools every time you move into a new house.

Back and arm support

Back and arm support is always a comfort that we want yet our aesthetic urge resist. This feature, however, will come in really handy for you who have little kids around the house because it will give them more protection when sitting in such height.


With tall bar stools, you absolutely need footrest so you can sit comfortably for a long time. So make sure to get bar stools with footrest, because even though it may seem a bit unsightly, but it will make a major improvement in term of comfort.

Easy maintenance materials

Now this one is not exactly a feature. But choosing materials that are easy to maintain like leather, plastic, metal, or combination of some, would really help in keeping your kitchen looking good.

From Types to Installation: Basic Guide to Lights Wall Sconces

As we have probably figured out, one of the oldest forms of lighting devices is a torch. Our ancestor use burning sticks to provide them with light as they venture the wood or the cave. But holding a torch all the time can be quite tiring and prohibit them from doing something with both hands. Therefore, they wedge it into the cave wall. And there we got the oldest form of light fixtures: Sconce wall.

This lighting fixture has been around for so long, and we have seen it everywhere. So it only makes sense to have them in our house as well. But if you’re not familiar with lights wall sconces, here’s the basic guide.


Wall sconces can be put everywhere, as long as you have a wall to hang it in. But typically lights wall sconces are put in a corridor to light up the way, in the bedroom as a bedside lamp, in the bathroom as a vanity lamp, or in the foyer to light the table where we put our keys. The point is, wall sconces can be put anywhere according to your need and creativity.


So, what are wall sconces for? This lighting fixture provides many functions. The most popular is to serve as a task light. It lights specific task or a specific place that needs to be well-lit like the vanity’s mirror, or the corridor. But wall sconces can also serve as ambience light to set up the mood in your patio or in your bedroom.


Wall sconces come in many varieties. According to the electrical mechanism, there are plug-in wall sconces, hard-wired wall sconces, battery operated wall sconces, and solar powered wall sconces. Each and every type has its own ups and downs. You can adjust which one to get according to your room set up.


Wall sconces installation is quite simple depending on the types. All you need is to drill a hole on your wall and use screws to secure your wall sconces. The electrical wiring depends largely on the type of sconces. If you use battery operated or solar powered wall sconces, you don’t need to be bothered by the electrical works. But if you’re using a plugin or hardwired sconces, you may need to do some electrical works.

There you have your basic guide on lights wall sconces. But there are many other things to learn about this oldest type of lighting fixtures. So if you’re thinking of getting one, you may want to do more extensive research on this fixture.

Light Up Your Home With These Stylish Outdoor Coach Lights

Nothing can revive the look of your home like new outdoor lighting fixtures. Outdoor coach lights can be an alternative option to elevate beauty, security, and safety to your home. It brings a warm, welcoming entrance for your guests. Wether you want to add something to decor your entryway or just want to have something to shed some light on things, opting for outdoor coach lights proving to be not only smart but good-looking too. From awe inspiring designs and styles to interesting materials, the option are seemingly endless.

Classical Antique Style

If you are a fan of vintage and plan to make use of outdoor coach light to illuminate your front door areas, classical antique style is for you. An antique outdoor coach light with classic-colonial design, featuring copper finishes that holds up well in all climates is an ideal choice for your historical and vintage-inspired home. Make sure that the outdoor coach light you pick is ideal for your house because it should be sized to measure 1/4 to 1/3 the height of your front door for ambient lighting.

Modern Transitional Style

If you prefer a style with smooth and clean lines in chrome finishes that ideal for contemporary, modern, or transitional home, then this style might be just for you. This light fixture is suited for humid and moist locations. Consider having the one that could be positioned at eye level and the result will be stunning.

Nautical-Classic Style

If you are installing a lighting fixture outdoors, choose the one that designed and built to be there. Ensure that you select fixtures made for outdoor locations that stand up to humidity and moisture. This style with a colonial design, featuring nickel finishes that holds up well in all environments with direct contact with rain or even ocean spray is ideal for beach bungalows or coastal homes.

Rustic Style

If you have a cabin or a home with lodge-style, you should consider owning an outdoor coach light that able to take dampness, freezing, and heat without being damaged and weather-resistant. This style has an unique and decorative approach to illuminate your home enterway. This Rustic style with hand-forged metal accents in ceramic finishes is weather resistant, weather proof, and dark sky compliant.

How to Choose Outdoor Wicker Dining Set for Your Patio

Wicker dining set may be the best option out there for patio dining area. It creates a laid back, comfortable and slightly tropical look for your outdoor dining area. The material is also pretty durable and therefore may last for such a long time even with outdoor exposure, although you surely have to pick the ones with weather-proof quality.

Before you started, you need to first and foremost understand what wicker means. It is a nature-inspired woven material that can be made out of so many things, from the natural rattan to the synthetic ones like resin. So when we talk about wicker, this means any kind of woven furniture.

Without further ado, here are several things you need to understand when choosing outdoor wicker dining set.

Do your research

Before you go to the store or browse around the online marketplace, you need to do your research first on the wicker dining set. Decide whether you want to go with a natural based wicker dining set or the synthetic ones. This decision will largely depend on your value, your budget, and your preferences. So do your research well to understand what is out there and what works for your home and family.


Before you get any outdoor patio furniture, you need to know the measurement of your patio and how many spaces you have left for your furniture. The same goes with wicker dining set. Measure your patio and choose your dining set accordingly. Don’t forget to think about the space left when all the chairs are pulled out.


Wicker dining set came in many different style and sizes. Even though it is nature-inspired, but some wickers are more minimalist, or natural looking than others. So make sure that the wicker you’re going to buy will match the style of your home and patio so it will not look out of place.


It sure is nice to have good looking wicker that matches your style. But have you thought about how it will affect your budget? Some wicker dining set is more expensive than others. So be wary about the price and find yourself the best deal. After all, you will not want to over limit your budget for something that you can skip altogether like outdoor dining set.

Some Ideas On Stunning Bathroom Vanity Base To Help You Get Inspired

Bathroom is the place that you spend your time there completely by yourself, and doing remodel to make it a little luxury will only add to your pleasure. This is where the bathroom vanities without tops become significant. Bathroom vanity is not always the most glamorous part of a bathroom remodel, but choosing the right one can really make your bathroom’s design. 48 inch bathroom vanity without top will not only make your room looks attractive but also add some more space to your bathroom.

Opting for a bathroom vanity base separate from a vanity top gives you the ability to customize your bathroom vanity as your style. There are so many different kinds and styles of 48 inch bathroom vanity without top which you can surely find one that fits your bathroom and works for your needs. We have compiled some inspiring ideas on stunning 48 inch bathroom vanities to help you get inspired.

Think about the type of vanity bases that you’d really like to have. Maybe the one with minimalist designs, including geometric features and smooth hardware may fit well with your present bathroom’s layout.

Pick a 48 inch durable vanity base with colour and finish that complement a theme in your space. Wood and painted wood could be perfect for your wooden-theme bathroom.

Your choices for bathroom vanity base styles are numerous since it’s possible to pick a conventional vanity style, but pewter or espresso lend a more modern contemporary appearance of coolness.

When replacing your bathroom vanity base, do not only worry about the looks because the size and the height matters too. Choose the one that will make you comfortable.
This 48 inch contemporary design bathroom vanity without top can give your bathroom a calm and functional feeling because it is simple and clean.

Choosing your bathroom vanity base materials, style and design has a lot to do with how you feel about your home, too. If you like something classic, then this one may suit you best.

If you’ve got a not-so-tight bathroom, this elegant and durable 48 inch bathroom vanity without top is going to be your best bet.

48 inch modern contemporary bathroom vanities without tops are popular and can add unique statement to your bathroom with its creative design.

Less ornate but beautiful, this 48 inch wooden bathroom vanity base with no top provide clean straight lines and rustic feel for expressing your style.

Features a bureau style design with tapered legs, a parquet pattern on the upper drawer and integrated matching drawer pulls, this vanity base is sure to become a statement piece in your casual contemporary bath interior.

Traditional Kitchen Faucets That Matches Farmhouse Sinks Perfectly

Having a farmhouse sink is a great way to give your kitchen that rustic and vintage feeling. Not only it gave you extra space for water, but farmhouse sink also has a strong traditional look to it. Therefore, it is kind of tricky to match farmhouse sink with other furniture and appliances in the kitchen. To keep that rustic and vintage look intact, choosing a traditional kitchen faucet that matches your farmhouse sink can do the trick. This tiny detail might seem insignificant at first, but you will later realize how details keep the room style cohesive. So here are some traditional kitchen faucet types that you can choose for your farmhouse sink.

Traditional bridge style faucets

Traditional bridge style faucet works really well with the classic farmhouse sink. This faucet has split connections to the hot and cold water pipe and the bridge connects the two faucet handle. The width of bridge style faucet balance the width and depth of farmhouse sink. Therefore, give this faucet style a look, you may love them!

Old world faucets

If you prefer for the simple single hole faucet, classic old world faucets may be your choice. The simple faucet with a straight bar that supports the bridge with visible ball joints and classic curves is quite a charm. You can easily get the traditional and rustic look with this faucet.

Antique wall mounted faucets

If you haven’t noticed, a wall mounted faucets with a rustic finish will trap you in a retrospect when matched with farmhouse sink. It will remind you of the old, antique European bathroom. Especially when you use knobs instead of pull down or pull out handles. But make sure that you install the faucet in the right height so you can still have full access to the sink area.

Widespread faucets

Beside bridge faucet, the widespread faucet can also give you that classic traditional look. This faucet may require more space and more holes to install, but it surely worth the effort. Your farmhouse sink will retain its rustic classic look with this classic faucet. Use a traditional finish like bronze or brass for added antique feels.

These Gorgeous White Vanity Ideas Will Add Statement to Your Bathroom

Redoing your bathroom? Vanities are one of the focal point of any bathroom space, and white bathroom vanities are no exception. Bathroom vanities play a big part in defining the aesthetic of the space and ensuring optimal functionality. White vanity bathroom can creates incorporate warm and welcoming elements into your bathroom space.
White bathroom vanity is a simple way to communicate the hominess of your bathroom, and gives you extra storage space at the same time.

Use functionally or for decorations, white bathroom vanity will achieve the goal of making the room feel more welcoming. Whether a classic, modern, rustic or something else, choose a white vanity bathroom that fits your style. Create an elegant feel in your personalized bathroom with a white bathroom vanity.

Let these gorgeous ideas for a white vanity bathroom be your inspiration.
If chic and minimal are more your style, then this white vanity bathroom could be for you. This piece creates a coordinated and stylish design that will suit any room decor.
Next is a unique and simplistic white vanity bathroom that has a classic vibe. This white vanity bathroom elevates the style of the bathroom and gave it a clean look.

If you don’t like a bathroom vanity with huge mirror, you could go for something like this instead. Converting an existing dresser into a custom vanity, this white glamorous allure bathroom vanity will inject some personality into your bath.

This salvaged sophistication bathroom vanity featured with stylish grab-and-go storage that provides plenty of additional counter space.

If you want a simple white vanity bathroom with elegant looking, then this next idea is for you. Something like this would be great in your personalized bathroom space.

You can’t get any sleeker than having white bathroom vanity as this one. Vanity with white clean finish in an all-white bathroom makes your space turn into a charming atmosphere.

Get the modern minimalist look by adding white vanity bathroom in your space. The vanity has the classic simple design with lighted mirror that shows you how to have the A-list white bathroom look at home.

If you love pretty and feminine decor then consider a vanity with a soft white color scheme like this one. This idea shows how you can jazz up a vanity to create your perfect bathroom area.

Vanities can really transform a room. This stunning white bathroom vanity is a beautiful and glamorous idea. It is perfect for anyone who has a big bathroom space.
Last is a vanity that simple to recreate and will suit any room. This bathroom vanity features simple white drawers for space saving that looks great too.

6 Luxurious Bedroom Closet Design Ideas with Minimal Cost

Bedroom closet is one of the most pleasurable rooms to design. As a place to store our clothing and other personal stuff, and a place where we get to dress every morning, we want to make our bedroom closet design ideas to be as fun and comfortable as possible. Before designing, we need to first know what kind of bedroom closet design that we want to have. We often take a look at other references to find inspiration. Yet the bedroom closet design ideas we find on the internet were all mostly look sort of Carrie Bradshaw-esque and it may cost a lot. If you’re on a budget, and you still want that Carrie Bradshaw-esque effect, consider these cheap bedroom closet design ideas below.

Use gold paint

What is a better way to look luxurious than using gold paint? Sure, you don’t need to coat everything in gold, but you might want to consider painting your ceiling or the metal trim on your closet with gold paint.

Get a good lighting plan

Whatever your closet design concept is, you always need a good lighting plan in your closet. This one detail is often forgotten while this might be the most important thing you need to have in your closet. Make sure you can see your closet and your clothing well enough that you don’t have to get dressed in the dark. Therefore, always, always, get a good lighting plan for your bedroom closet.

Bring in a small chair or an ottoman

If you have the room, squeezing in a small round ottoman can create a different feeling in your bedroom closet. A chair can make your closet feels like it is a living place, where you can hang out and enjoy your time dressing.

Faux Fur

To create a comfortable yet fancy feeling, use a faux fur for carpet. Even though it might need more effort to keep it clean, but faux fur is worth it.

Create a jewellery drawer

One thing that can mess up the luxurious look of your bedroom closet in an instant is clutter. So you need to make sure that your closet is clutter-free. Even your jewellery needs to be organized really well. Customize your jewellery drawer with an acrylic rack so you have a different place for each type of jewellery.

All these changes will not cost you too much but it will certainly give your closet that Carrie Bradshaw-esque effect. So, are you ready to make your bedroom closet design ideas come true?

These Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas Will Bring Sparkle Into Your Kitchen

In most home, the kitchen island is rarely ever used for one activity only. From being a full dining space, place for food prep or cooking, and a place for family time, it is a multipurpose space whose role changes depending on the occasion and time of day. In this case, whatever lighting you choose has to be ideal for different situations that take place on the kitchen island. You have to make sure the lighting complements the kitchen’s overall décor and maintains the island’s aesthetics at the same time. Here are some best kitchen island lighting ideas to help you decide what would work best for your kitchen.

If you hoping for people’s eyes to be drawn above immediately after they enter your high-end kitchen, a classic glittering chandeliers will grace your dining area. Chandeliers add a luxe feel to your beautiful kitchen.

If you have want a stylish lighting that could create a more welcoming feel for your kitchen, these pendant lights provide both style and functionality. The overhead hanging pendants are so understated and they really add an impressive design to your kitchen.

Pendants are great and all, but if you don’t want anything hanging over your island, try recessed kitchen island lights for a clean yet functional style.

These gorgeous black sheathed cobalt pendants are great artisan elements that add a unique appeal to a rustic setting, introduces a piece of art in your kitchen.

This accent lighting under the domed ceiling glows highlight your overall kitchen’s architecture. The intensity of the lighting will create dramatic, soft shadow effects and add dimension to your kitchen area.

Think about opting one of the hottest trends in lighting design: a linear chandelier. The seeded glass and minimalist, stem-hung design adds an urban edge while providing excellent task lighting.

The mission-style pendants offer a low profile and a pop of glamour without interrupting the view, which complement the decor of the kitchen and surrounding rooms.

There is an edgy and irreverent vibe in a marriage of modern and traditional design, but the result has an appropriate stature, seriousness and mesmerizing sleek look.

Classic and timeless, the brushed nickel finish and clean design of these striking pendants add a ‘wow’ factor, combining the best of form and function for your kitchen island.

Layering light is the best way to provide task as well as ambient lighting. Here, recessed lighting, accent lighting, over-counter task lighting and pendants work together for a welcoming, warm result.

Guides and Tips You Need To Note On Stakmore Folding Chairs

Getting folding chairs may sound a bit extra. You already have so much seating space in your house, from sofa to dining chairs and stools. But folding chairs may be a nice addition for emergencies or for a nice family outdoor picnic. One of the most popular folding chairs brands is Stakmore. This furniture company have been around since 1922, producing good quality furniture. Stakmore folding chairs have even invented their own basic folding mechanism and patented them. Up until now, the folding mechanism is still used in Stakmore folding chairs. If you’re considering to get yourself Stakmore folding chairs, here are some things that you need to know.


Just like any other furniture, Stakmore folding chairs also need good maintenance every once in a while. Beside dusting and vacuuming, you also have to check the screws and fix the loose screws. But be careful to not screw them too tight or you will risk stripping the screws. Also, Stakmore Company warns you to lift the folding chair to move them instead of dragging as it will damage the chair.

Things to avoid

Stakmore folding chairs are made of wood, and therefore it can be damaged, chipped, stained, or fade when you don’t take good care of them. Avoid direct sunlight exposure and any heat or cold inducing appliances.

Weight capacity

All of Stakmore furniture has their own weight capacity that you need to understand. However, Stakmore folding chairs mostly have a weight capacity of 300 lbs. This weight capacity needs to be obeyed if you want your folding chairs to last.


All Stakmore folding chairs frame are made of wood. But they have different upholstery material options, which is vinyl and fabric. Both of these materials have different characteristics and maintenance. Vinyl may be easier to handle, but fabric provides more comfort. So there is no better option, everything goes back to the buyer’s preferences and value.

Style Your Kitchen With These Stunning Kitchen Lighting Pendants Ideas

Your kitchen needs a little decorative sparkle to catch the eye, and lighting pendant can be an effective as well as attractive option. Choosing pendants as your kitchen lighting fixtures can be both practical and beautiful for your kitchen area. The kitchen lighting pendants can be the focal point of the kitchen, an important fixture to help with your everyday tasks such as cooking, preparing meal and so much more.

Pendant lights come in many shapes, colors, and different decorative styles can achieve similar practical effects. Find ideas about what styles, shapes, and colors of the kitchen lighting pendants that will be best for your kitchen design. Check out our stunning inspiration of kitchen pendant lights that will help narrow down your choice to get the one that suits your tastes and needs.

The finish of the tree oversized pendant lights blend well with the kitchen’s sleek-lined aesthetic, enhance the ambience of the room.

These simple but elegant pendants lighting is a perfect fixtures that will set the mood for everything, from family gatherings to romantic dinners.

These pendant lights above the mid-contemporary island prove as the perfect finishing touch which will casts a warm glow throughout the kitchen space.

Add a unique touch to your kitchen with these organic shape and unique texture of the pendant lights that contrast beautifully with the sleek look kitchen.

Try a kitchen lighting pendants with a warm shade to get an inviting glow. These rustic wooden pendants blend well with the kitchen’s relaxed, traditional look.

Add a twist to your kitchen by opting for these pendants with striking yellow color that bring a splash of personality and fun to your kitchen.

These pendant lights, wrapped with shiny gold shades, are sleek and add oodles of style to this modern simplistic kitchen. Hang the pendants above the island to give an extra glow.

These sleek, modern kitchen lighting pendants blend effortlessly with the kitchen’s contemporary streamlined look while illuminate the island work zone.

Choose a kitchen lighting pendant that glow softly and can also make a big impression without casting targeted light. The stainless-steel accents blend well with the kitchen’s delicate, refined look.

Hang this kitchen lighting pendants with unique shape and contrasting color to add aesthetic appeal to your food-prep or casual dining area.

Kitchen Stove Vents Inspiration That both Functional and Aesthetically Pleasing

When it comes to cooking options in the kitchen, one of the most popular appliances you need to consider having is kitchen stove vent. Installing kitchen stove vent can give your kitchen the ventilation it needs to maintain a clean and safe environment around your home. Stove vent is an enclosure for the area over your range that uses a fan to collect steam, smoke, fumes and other airborne particles that may be generated while cooking.

There are many types of kitchen stove vents you can choose, from basic ductless wall-mount units or more-versatile systems with multiple lights, timers, and easy-clean surfaces. You just need to find the suitable one for your kitchen that matches or exceeds your cooktop’s requirements and fits your cooking style.

If you’ve ever thought about installing a kitchen stove vent or if you want to change your old one, check out these best kitchen stove vent ideas that might help you to get inspired in finding the new one.

A stainless-steel ducted vent hood matches perfectly with the simple subway tile, the oven and the cabinetry in this open kitchen. The vent’s clean lines help the entire kitchen feel like a professional chef’s oasis.

A high arch made out of wooden panels beautifully contrasts with the stainless-steel appliances and a neutral backsplash. This kitchen stove vent idea is everything you need for an aesthetic kitchen decoration.

Here is an idea with the stately mantel-style vent that has a classic and high-end look. The wood detail in on glass-front cabinets beside the hood also adds interest to your kitchen.

Plan a stress-free remodel in your kitchen by installing this kitchen stove vent idea. Blending the matte finish hood with the cabinets that have the same color, the two together can make a seamless result.

If you are after a vent with the one-of-a-kind shape, this idea can make definite focal point in your kitchen.

This charcoal black kitchen stove vent idea look a bit grand and has a distinctly traditional look which pairs perfectly with the rest of the kitchen design.

If you are looking for kitchen stove vent ideas with modern lines and finishes, for your contemporary-style kitchen, this small, inconspicuous vent could be the best fits.
All kitchen stove vents ventilate cooking odors, but this idea does it with style. Give a shot to this stylish vent idea and incorporate it into your kitchen.

Accentuate your space with the geometric vent that blends perfectly with the classic mosaic backsplash—a perfect fit for a kitchen with ultra-modern yet organic theme.
With a deer head mounted front and center, this kitchen stove vent idea is a true piece of custom art that bring visual interest to create a rustic, old-world air.

Dump Your Ugly Filling Cabinet, Pick One of These Creative Ideas!

Have you ever come to your home office with head full of ideas, only to be greeted by an old ugly filling cabinet as your work partner when you step your foot in? If you have a lateral file cabinet that is ugly and rotten, it tend to drop the mood of whole room that leave you hanging with a feel of dissatisfaction. Rather than keeping an ugly cabinet that not only can hurt your eyesight but also waste your room space, get a filing cabinet that well blend with the room decoration that does far more than just keep your affairs in order. These are list of uniquely personalized cabinet ideas with simply beautiful looks that you will love for a lifetime.

Relaxed Elegance Style

Beautiful in its simplicity, this modern minimalist styles can give you a shooting feel that perfect for a retreating to after a long day of tiring works. Going for a filling cabin with minimalist design for your home office help you keep the focus on working the things that matter most to you.

Industrial Look- style

If you think that home office ia all about work and getting things done, you are well suited to an industrial look that elevates the cabinet to something special. To own this fancy looking cabinet, you need to find a metallic or rustic black filing cabinet with a chair and desk that sing along with it. Don’t forget about adding the leather, aged wood and function over form and the look of your home office will suits your need perfectly.

Funky Functional Style

If you have colorful personality and prefer different visual experiences in your workspace, you need to consider having a bright tone colored cabinet, mixed with worktop that set on top of two filing cabinets and combined a desk with plenty of storage at hand on it. The orange tone color that synchronized with blue punctuate in the workspace give you an unmatched versatility and keep you from boredom while doing your projects.

Aesthetic Outburts Style

Why own a traditional metal filling cabinet if you can have one with functionality and organization without neglecting it’s aesthetic side? Old cabinets and chests of drawers with a sleek and simple modern style are other handy places for stashing cardboard or plastic expandable filing systems.This aesthetic looking cabinet have clean edges, lines and curves, giving the style a distinctive look that matches well with your artistic needs.

Stylistic Organized Style

If you have a preference to stay organized and to keep things in order, you may prefer an interior design that’s classic and timeless, or an updated and trendy contemporary style as your option, consider this creative lateral file cabinet. This classical looking cabinet have a distinctive label of your files on the outside, which not only add style in a sense of fun but also a new level of organization all at the same time.

6+ Design Tips on Remodelling Small Bathroom That Every Homeowner Should Know

Remodelling small bathroom is a tricky task to tackle. But when you finally succeeded, it can feel even more rewarding. Because the bathroom is such a personal space that you spend your most private time. Therefore, don’t give up on your small bathroom and give it a redesign so it feels better and hopefully, bigger too. Here are some tips for remodelling small bathroom that you can easily do.

Put a corner sink

With a small bathroom, you need to be really careful about where to put your sink. Put it in the wrong place, and you’ll have to deal with awkward placements and disrupted traffic lane. Therefore, it is always safer to put your sink in the corner.

Change your shower room door into a shower curtain

Although shower curtain looks dull and old, when you’re remodelling a small bathroom, you need to seriously consider putting one in your bathroom. The sliding curtain compared to the in or out shower door can save up much space and help you avoid those weird walk-around condition.

Use large scale pattern

Just like the striped pattern, a large-scale pattern can also trick your eyes and create an illusion of a wider space. So use large-scale pattern on your floor or wallpaper to give your small bathroom an edgy yet functional touch.

Use wall mounted faucets

Wall mounted faucet makes narrow sink and vanity possible. It saves up a few squares and frees up your foot space. Therefore, wall mounted faucet can be your saviour.

Float your vanity

This might seem unimportant, but floating vanity can give your room some foot space and create an illusion of a bigger room. Also, you can use the space under your vanity to store your towels and bathroom linens.

Choose round vanity

Another trick to make your small bathroom better is to install a rounded vanity instead of the square one. Round vanity can eliminate corners that make your room feels smaller and may cause you hip-corner accident. Thus, round vanity and small bathroom is a match made in heaven!

Install a trough sink

A trough sinks, just like shower curtains, may make your bathroom feels like it’s your grandma’s bathroom. But this type of low profile and compact sink can create a good look in your bathroom. Especially when it is wall-mounted, you can have extra space underneath to store your stuff.

Don’t give up on your small bathroom just yet. With the tips on remodelling small bathrooms above, you can definitely make your small bathroom looks better and feels more comfortable.