5 Things that You Should Consider Before Buying A Wine Refrigerator

Have you ever think about wine in your fridge is starting to take up a bit more space? Now it is the time to give the wine its own home. Yes, wine refrigerator will save space in your refrigerator and allow you to organize your wine collection. Wine refrigerators are available many different designs, which makes people confuse to find the best product for themselves. Don’t worry, here are several tips that can lead you to find the best refrigerator for your wine collection.


First of all, you need to set your budget. The refrigerators vary in many different prices. You can choose one that fit your budget and need.

Size and space

The important things that you should consider are the space that you have in your house and how many bottles that you have. Wine refrigerators available in many sizes, start from small-size, mid-size, and large-size. You can choose the one that suitable for your need.


The next one is you need to consider your intentions when it comes to collecting and storing wine. If you plan on building a large collection, then it would be wise to buy a wine cooler with a large bottle capacity. If you only want to keep a few bottles close-by, then a smaller bottle capacity will likely be the better choice for you.


Based on the temperature controls, there are two types of fridges that available in the market, a fridge with single and dual zone temperature controls. The purpose of the dual temperature control one is to offer an option to keep your white or your red wines at service temperature.


The more you spend, the better the material should be. If you have extra budget, you can go with the aluminium shelves. But if you don’t have much budget, you can go with the plastic ones.

Built-in or freestanding?

If the wine refrigerator will be built-in, focus on the finish of the door, because that will be the only visible part of the wine refrigerator. If you prefer the freestanding one, you will need to focus on the finish of the body and the door, because the entire refrigerator will be visible.

That’s the tips before buying a wine refrigerator. After all, a good wine refrigerator is the one that will keep your wine drinkable for a much longer period of time and will even improve the taste of the wines. So, choose wisely!

Adds Style and Function To Your Bathroom with These Recessed Mirrored Medicine Cabinet Ideas

If your bathroom is small on size, you have to be creative in terms of dealing with the lack of storage space in your bathroom. One of the best ways to secure bottles of lotions, beauty products and prescriptions away from grouping around the sink is to install a medicine cabinet above your vanity.

If you looking for medicine cabinets that’s functional and easy to install, recessed mirrored medicine cabinets for bathrooms is an excellent option for those homeowners who need a new mirror in their bathroom but also want additional storage for toiletry and medicine items. There are bathroom medicine cabinets for every bathroom style and finding one that’s a good fit is important for your day-to-day routine.

If you want to have a more innovative and modern medicine cabinets for the bathroom, here are some best ideas on recessed mirrored medicine cabinet to inspire you.

Here’s an elegant recessed mirrored medicine cabinet’s option that provides an elevated solution to your organizing needs. It is an ideal way to optimize overhead space in your bathroom.

This medicine cabinet looks really flattering in its class, and its white color scheme does not go out of style easily. This piece is something that you can definitely give a shot to.

If you’re looking for a medicine cabinet that can give the illusion as if there’s nothing behind your bathroom mirror, then you’re going to love this recessed medicine cabinet idea.

If you’re after storage space, why don’t you choose this stylish cabinet design? Featuring three open cubbies with tempered-glass mirrored doors, this stylish medicine cabinet can boast your bathroom’s look.

With its modern linesand unique design, this sophisticated cabinet not only can become an attention-grabber for your bathroom but also sure to serve its purpose wherever you need it most.

If you’re after classic cabinet finishes like deep espresso or white with simple and clean lines, this next idea will serve as a great inspiration for you.

Single door recessed mirrored medicine cabinet is the perfect way to add storage without it actually appearing that you added storage shelves. It is a multipurpose cabinet that both works as a mirror and a storage unit for the bathroom.

Love the look of an old fashioned medicine cabinet? Here is a solid, standard option of classically modern medicine cabinet style that you can place your bet on.

Here is a medicine cabinet design that makes use of a wooden finish which shows off a glamorous and simple style. This is the kind of piece that you will definitely appreciate in a modern bathroom.

Featured with a sleek mirrored design, a white clean steel body and hidden hinges, this recessed mirrored medicine cabinet offers a simple, yet modern look that works well for those with minimalist taste.

Warm Ambiance Meets Modern Sophistication In These Illuminated Bathroom Cabinets Inspiration

There are an endless number of ways to bring efficiency and modern style to your bathroom. In this case, cabinets are a necessity when it comes to bathroom decor—but that doesn’t mean they have to be basic or lack style. Illuminated bathroom cabinets is the perfect way to add some extra light to your bathroom, while also giving it a little modern touch.

If your bathroom is smaller or without much light, an illuminated bathroom cabinet that carefully placed can work miracles at creating the illusion of space. Whether you’re looking to makeover your entire bathroom look or just want to update your style with an eye-catching piece, we have plenty of illuminated bathroom cabinet ideas to get you inspired.

Sleek, modern and inviting, this illuminated bathroom cabinet is the epitome of a beautiful, 21st century cabinet. This model is a total showstopper that will brighten your personalized bathroom space.

Just when you thought cabinets couldn’t get any more techie, cabinet with infra-red sensors control can give your bathroom that ultra-modern touch and wow your guests at the same time.

Illuminated bathroom cabinet is a great choice for your bathroom cabinet, primarily because it is not only durable and easy to clean, but also looking sleek and sophisticated despite changing trends.

The sleek elegance of a minimalist style bathroom can be emphasized by a beautifully illuminated modern bathroom cabinet. Featuring LED illumination and soft close doors, with the bonus of saving space, this cabinet has all the features of a modern cabinet that you’ll need.

With it’s modern, stylish and has mirrored doors both on the inside and out, this LED Illuminated mirrored cabinet could soon be one of your favourites.

Keep your bathroom clean and neat with these stylish illuminated bathroom wooden cabinets to store your bathroom stuffs. Vintage and traditional, this cabinet certainly makes a statement.

This sleek illuminated bathroom cabinet is a great option for people who lack space. You can keep things such as mouthwash, deodorant, cologne, or medicines like diet pills in there.

Check out this illuminated bathroom cabinet with a built-in shaving-socket that’s extra functional and wonderfully modern. Usually including LED lights, this cabinet can suit any style of bathroom.

The enchanting illuminated bathroom cabinet could be a modern ornament to suit your bathroom décor. This model is one of the best ways to maximize storage without compromising on style.

This ultra-modern and sleek bathroom cabinet is aesthetically pleasing and could serve as much functional furniture.

The Things You Need to Have in Commercial Kitchen Faucets

Whether you are a homeowner who appreciates the minimalistic design and awesome features of commercial faucets or you are a business owner who wants to install a professional faucet for your business, you need to have a certain checklist of things you need to have in your faucet. There are so many options for commercial kitchen faucet in the market. So to prevent being overwhelmed by the choices, you have to understand what you look for in a faucet; what really matters to you. Without further ado, here are some things that you may want to have in your commercial kitchen faucet.

Powerful pre-rinse spray

This feature usually comes with heavy duty designed professional kitchen faucet. The powerful spray has small needle-like spray holes that are powerful enough to clean all the grease in your dishes. Not only it will be a real help in the kitchen, but it will also make the dishwashing time shorter and work will be much more efficient.

Various spray patterns

Although this may seem unimportant, having various spray pattern options can help you to keep your dishes looking new. Because different spray patterns may suit certain dishes types or materials. Therefore, it is always nice to have a commercial faucet with various spray pattern options.

Easy maintenance

People who choose to install commercial kitchen faucet typically do a lot of dishwashing and therefore need an efficient and professional faucet to assist them. Easy maintenance faucet that is rust free and will not develop water spots will be really nice as you don’t have to clean them often.


As we know, commercial kitchen faucets are not cheap. With its innovative and savvy technology, it surely has a high price as well. Therefore, you may want to pay attention to your faucet’s durability, especially if you need them to do heavy duty work. Because you wouldn’t want to have to change your faucet every few months, right?

Pull down spray head

Most commercial faucets have a pull-down spray head to make dishwashing easier. And frankly, it does help to remove specific stains and grease in your dishes by making your spray head focuses more on the spot. But this feature is not for everyone, some people actually don’t like using the pull-down spray head. You may want to check in with yourself first, whether you need this feature or not.

There are many other features that you may want to look for in commercial kitchen faucets. Make the list and read lots of reviews, you will surely find the perfect faucet for you. Cheers!

Things You Need to Know Before Buying Modern Walnut Dining Chairs

Choosing the right dining chair may not sound like a hard task. Especially now when you can easily get beautiful dining table set with matching chairs and a table. But for some homeowners who prefer to put every detail in their own hands, choosing the perfect dining chair can be quite hard. There are a lot of variables you need to consider when it comes to dining chairs. From the design, height, seat depth, to materials and finish.

Speaking of materials and finish, one of the most popular choices is modern walnut dining chairs. It has a beautiful classy look that will certainly enhance the look of your living room. Not to mention, its strength and durability as well, make modern walnut dining chairs the desired option for your kitchen or dining area. However, walnut is quite expensive, so you have to really consider every variable and make sure that modern walnut dining chairs are the right one for you. Here are several things you need to consider.

Types of walnut

There are several types of walnut out there. The most common and highly requested walnut for furniture material is black walnut. Aside from black walnut, there are also butternut or white walnut, English walnut, and Claro walnut. Although they are all classified as walnut, each type has different characteristics.


Walnut, especially black walnut, is quite a hard wood that can resist dents pretty good.  However, it is not as hard as white oak and hard maple. But in term of durability, walnut can last a pretty long time.

UV resistance

One thing to note about walnut is the fact that this wood is not UV resistant. It will lighten as it ages, unlike many other kinds of wood. Therefore, if you want to keep your modern walnut dining chairs in its dark colour, you may want to move them away from direct sunlight.


Now the most important question: Is walnut sustainable? Thankfully, yes, walnut is still a sustainable resource. With its high demand, the production of walnut also progresses, keeping it away from extinction.

Be Tidy! Organize Your Bathroom with One of These Creative Bathroom Cabinets

If you happen to be confused about how to keep your toiletries organized and clean, adding bathroom storage cabinets to your bathroom can solve this problem. Bathroom cabinets are a key ingredient in setting the style of a bathroom and, more importantly, offer essential storage for bathroom supplies. It will keep your toothpaste, hair brushes, body scrubs, soaps, toilet paper, and towels organized in an attractive and easy way.

There are plenty of bathroom storage cabinets available, so you’ll be able to find storage suitable for every bathroom. Whether you have a large or small space to fill, there’s sure to be a bathroom storage cabinet that meets your needs. These are a list of creative bathroom cabinets’ ideas that will add even more charm to your new bathroom vanity.

Wall Cabinet

Add this wall cabinet above your toilet for easy access to the things you use every day. The space above your toilet is a great spot for a cabinet. With its simplistic style with white body brings you a brand new feeling of style. The 3-tier design can enlarge the storage space and perfectly improve the storage efficiency. This wall cabinet is a wonderful way to save space in your bathroom, reduce clutter, and store personal items out of the way.

Narrow Storage Cabinet

If you happen to have a small bathroom in your home, this Narrow Storage Cabinet is the best option for you. This narrow, stylized bath cabinet is thin enough to fit in that small space between the toilet and the wall, and it offers loads of storage options. It’s perfect for narrow areas or bathrooms without extra wall space.

Mirror Cabinet

If you need a mirror to help you to do your makeup in your bathroom, this Mirror Cabinet can be an option. It’s a perfect option for hanging above your sink or counter. You’ll get handy storage and a convenient mirror combined into one. They allow you to store away essential toiletries such as makeup, toiletries, toothpaste and first aid materials in one convenient place. These kinds of cabinet also don’t take up too much room and will also allow you to keep all your toiletries neatly organized.

Over the Toilet Cabinet

Need an extra space for your tiny bathroom? This over the toilet cabinet is a gorgeous option! This tall storage option has a total of three shelves to provide plenty of space. It will allow you to organize your toiletries at ease. You can easily hide things like toilet paper and personal care products, but they’re still within easy reach.

Pedestal Sink Cabinet

Here are another cabinet to fit your small bathroom. This cabinet cleverly uses the space under your sink to provide convenient hidden storage for towels and other bathroom supplies. The two doors cabinet allows you to create a clutter-free bathroom cabinet. The classic white color will never fail to make your bathroom look clean and stylish.

5 Most Popular Floorings to Try in Your New Home

When you build a new home, choosing the right flooring is crucial since you can’t easily swap it with something new, when you find yourself hating it. Beside, flooring takes a large part of your home and it can make or break your home design. The trends for flooring are also quite rapid. Every year, there are always new trends. But worry not, despite the time; here are several most popular floorings to try in your new home


Forget about those wood floorings that everyone is using. Bamboo is getting a rise in popularity for its beautiful grain and incredible hardness. This type of flooring comes in plank too so it’s easy to install. But remember, no matter how hard your bamboo is, keep it out from rooms with a lot of moistures like the bathroom and kitchen.


We see a jump of concrete flooring, from an old and bare-bones to chic and trendy. With low cost, low maintenance, yet high durability, concrete can be your flooring option. It can give your new home that rustic and simple feeling. No wonder concrete became one of the most popular floorings.

Reclaimed wood

Wood will never lose its charm. It offers a warm and rustic feeling to your room. One of the classic wood floorings that are still on the rise is reclaimed hardwood. This type of flooring, just like the name, is a reclaimed one. So you can see the distressed mark clearly. Also, because it’s reclaimed, it comes at a cheaper price.

Large format tile

Tiles are also your simplest to go option. With its widely varied shape, design, colour, and size, you can never go wrong with tiles. Nowadays, we see an upsurge of popularity in large format tiles. This type of tiles needs less maintenance because of its large surface and fewer grout lines.

Cut and loop carpet

Popular in the 1970’s, cut and loop tiles are getting its comeback. This unique type of carpet is gaining all the hype and it might be the perfect flooring solution for your new home. The factory also offers new technology that makes carpets softer to the touch.

All of the 5 most popular floorings for your new home that we mentioned above have their own strengths and weaknesses. You need to pay attention to your overall room design to choose which flooring suits you best.

Gorgeous Small Bathroom Chandelier Ideas For Your Fancy Bath Lighting

Hanging a chandelier in your bathroom ceiling can bring a whole new level of glamour and luxury. Your tub might just one of your favorite places in the house, and the lighting from small bathroom chandelier above it can help you create the ultimate relaxing retreat. Chandeliers are similar to pendant lights, but chandeliers have a branched fixture while pendants hang by a chain, or cord.

While chandeliers are more often seen in locations such as dining rooms and entryways, there’s something really decadent about a small pretty chandelier in a bathroom. It somehow makes the bathroom look less like a bathroom and a little more like a place where you’d want to spend a bunch of time reading and drinking and soaking away the day.

On this gallery page we have compiled some gorgeous small bathroom chandeliers ideas that might help you find the one that will suits your bathroom best.

Glamorous-looking, small crystal chandelier is eye-catching and dazzling as light reflects off of each crystal. The mini chandelier’s soft light also amazing to set the mood of romance to a room.

A mix of modern and traditional, this dramatic small crystal chandelier is stunning with its soft glow and can most often fit in with any decor or design style.

Sleek and stylish, the warm glow from this small modern-contemporary bathroom chandelier brings a soothing sense of serenity to the space.

Fabulous mini brass chandelier is a popular choice for bathroom, as their smaller size makes them ideal to enhance the area and provide a sense of style and elegance.

The stunning small chandelier helps brighten the mood of the whimsical and colorful bathroom even more, and looks inviting suspended above the claw foot bathtub.

Small traditional bathroom chandeliers are elegant with a formal style using detailed scrolling and the highest quality materials, provides a warm illumination to the bathroom area.

This wire frame small bathroom chandelier is delicate pairs well with the modern and sophisticated look of the bathroom space.

This luxurious bathroom space is inviting and majestic with its two beautiful mini ornate chandeliers that provides this space an elegant feel as you gaze out upon the stunning ocean view.

With a casual style this type of small bathroom chandeliers really increases the sense of luxury and opulence in a bathroom, while also complements the other fixtures.

This gorgeous master bathroom has a stunning small crystal chandelier hanging above a white clawfoot bathtub that views out through sliding doors to an outdoor balcony area.

Bathroom Design 101: Basic Guidelines on Choosing Vanity for Vessel Sinks

When thinking of decorating your bathroom, vessel sink will certainly come in mind. This beautiful, stylish sink can definitely amp up your bathroom, giving it some sort of ‘statement’ that will make your bathroom feels more luxurious. That transparent basin bowl, filled with water, sitting on top of your bathroom vanity, would seriously be a beautiful thing to look at. However, when you consider using a vessel sink, another question would come to mind. How to choose the right bathroom vanity for your vessel sink?

Choosing vanity for vessel sink

There are so many different kinds of vanities you can choose for your bathroom. But before browsing and choosing a vanity for your bathroom. You need to know what kind of sink you want to install on your vanity. If you happen to want a vessel sink in your bathroom, you need to consider several things so everything won’t get awry and you can get the bathroom of your dream. So here are a few things you need to consider before buying vanity for vessel sink.

The material

Typically, vanities for vessel sink use countertops that are made of stone or glass. This will make cleaning your bathroom vanity and vessel sink much easier, since cleaning vessel sink on its own is already a difficult task. But you can also opt for other materials such as solid wood, manufactured wood, or even plastic. As long as you can drill through the material, installing a vessel sink should be possible.

The dimension

Vessel sink is basically a basin and faucet sitting on your countertop. Unlike the traditional under mount sink, vessel sink will add the height of your vanity. And it might cause a problem if your vanity is already pretty tall. Therefore you need to choose a shorter vanity so you can use your sink with ease. Typically, the right height for a vanity for a vessel sink is around 29 or 36 inch.

The space available on the surface

Vessel sink will take up quite some space on your vanity. You need to carefully consider the space available for vessel sink instalment. Also, make sure you have some space left on the countertop where you can place your things.

The style

Last but not least, in choosing vanity for vessel sink, you need to pay close attention to the style and design of your vanity. It should match your overall bathroom theme and the vessel sink you want to put on it. The point of installing vessel sink in your bathroom is to make a ‘statement’, to make your bathroom look more stylish and having that ‘surprise’ effect. So it makes no sense if the things you put there is not of the same style and theme.

There you have the basic guide on how to choose a bathroom vanity for vessel sink. It’s quite simple and easy to do, so there is no reason for you to refrain from putting the vessel sink of your dream in your bathroom.

8 Beautiful Dining Pendant Lighting Ideas that You’ll Love

Pendant lights are an amazing option for lighting a room that doesn’t require a great deal of light. It typically hangs from the ceiling by either chain, wire, or stem to give a more dramatic feel and add interest to space.

It also can create a modern look or change the atmosphere in living rooms and larger dining rooms. There is a large selection of classic and modern drum pendants for dining room, so here are we have 8 beautiful dining pendant lighting ideas to make your dining experience more romantic!

Single Pendant Light

This single pendant light not only provides the light you need to enjoy the room you are in but also adds a decorative feel. The simplicity of their style makes them a winner in many different decor tastes.

Modern Pendant Lighting

This modern pendant lighting gives a contemporary vibe to your dining room. It is attached from the ceiling, providing helpful and ambient light.

Three Pendant Lights

This pendant light is perfect for dinner experience since this lighting does its work in such a way that it grabs attention and admiration. Even with the electricity off, it still makes a gorgeous accessory.

Farmhouse Lighting

This farmhouse lighting will help you to achieve different style from the past such as country, vintage, or cottage. It will provide a warm ambience for dining and make your dining room look elegant and classy.

Light Bulb Pendants

If you want the bare minimum, you can go for bulb pendants like this one. The closer it is to a dining room table; the less powerful bulb you may need.

Orb Pendant Light

This perfectly rounded pendant lighting create a reflective, shining light in your dining room. The Orb pendant’s light creates an exclusive atmosphere and brings the industrial atmosphere to your home.

Lantern Pendant Light

This lantern pendant lighting will add the warm glow of lantern light to your dining room. The modern and contemporary design will accompany you to enjoy your dinner with your family and friends.

Multi Pendant Lighting

Add this multi pendant lighting to your dining room will create an interesting and charming room. It is perfect for you who want a unique and modern design.

Stylish Galley Kitchen Ideas You Need To Take a Look

Galley kitchens might be thight, but they are also known for its stylish and coziness, while being functional and maximising every inch of space for both storage and preparation. The galley kitchen layout works well for most styles and is a practical choice for even the smallest spaces in your home. If you want to remodel your galley kitchen to make it more efficient and practical, take a look at our stylish and full of inspiring ideas and make the most of your galley kitchen for your specialized little spaces!

This galley kitchen layout with tiny space still manages to feel light and breezy, thanks to the minimalist design cabinet fronts with matching hardware that reduce visual clutter and make the room feel calmer.

Here, galley kitchen layout with a pale colour palette and reflective surfaces in small space that bring coziness feel to the look and can be optimised for storage and light.

This minimalist layout, with installed shelves above the cabinets that can be used for stashing cookbooks and frequently used appliances, puts every square foot of space to use and worth bookmarking for your next kitchen’s layout remodel.

Galley kitchen layout with modern style work just as well in country schemes kitchen. This quaint kitchen space is pretty yet practical, with neutral walls, cabinetry, and rustic additions like a butler sink and open dresser-style shelving that give the space typical farmhouse charm.

Sleek modern units work well in a galley kitchen layout. Beautiful touch of maplewood on the roof and floor, with pendant lights and hardware make your kitchen feel shiny and new.

Not a fan of minimalism? No worries. This layout is an attractive and productive space, with the stylish charm of a rural country kitchen. A very cosy and traditional style of shaker kitchen that make it feel familiar and classically traditional.

This decorative layout prove that a galley doesn’t need to be plain and all-white to be beautiful. Going for an island galley with a breakfast bar with statement lighting is a great idea to create a sociable casual seating area.

Clean lines and crisp design, the look of this galley kitchen layout is simple and practical with a clean Nordic feel. A all-white scheme creates a bright and polished finish, while pretty voile blind will soften the look.

Work your galley into open-plan living with a trusty linear layout which have two parallel runs of units in the set. This stylish galley kitchen has everything – from streamlined surfaces to integrated appliances at practical levels.

When talking kitchens, think about the proper arrangement of the sink, the stove top and the refrigerator. This small but sunny layout ideas manages to fit the proper arrangement, making the little space super functional.


What You Need To Know Before Buying Genuine Leather Sectional Sofa

There are many material options for a sectional sofa that you can choose in the market. One of the most popular is genuine leather. But choosing genuine leather material for big furniture like sectional sofa will definitely cost you a lot. Even though genuine leather is one of the most durable materials for a sofa, but the steep price often gets you to think twice before buying them.

However, genuine leather sectional sofa is indeed a good investment for your home. Not only it is durable and looks really classy, but genuine leather can also keep you warm during winter and cold during summer as well. But you have to be extra careful when purchasing one, make sure you understand the sectional sofa you’re buying so you don’t waste your money. Here are some things you need to know before buying a genuine leather sectional sofa.

The leather quality and types

They may market all the sofas as genuine leather. But be aware that there are many types of genuine leather with different qualities. Full-grain leather has the highest quality. They are the strongest type of leather and therefore, the most durable. Split leather has lower quality. It is made from the lower layer of hides, after the top or full grain is being removed. This type of leather can tear and stretch, although it is still fairly durable. Make sure you fully understand the type and quality of your leather before buying them.

The maintenance

We all know that genuine leather is fairly low maintenance. You can easily wipe them clean. But there are more to leather maintenance than meets the eye. Genuine leather is sensitive to UV rays, therefore you need to keep them away from direct sunlight, or it may crack. Also, you need to keep them away from your pets or sharp objects, as leather is prone to scratch marks.

How to clean

Cleaning leather is easy. As stated before, you can simply wipe them clean. Just remember to use a soft and dry cloth to clean your genuine leather sectional sofa. You can also vacuum them if you want to remove all the dirt in the corner.

Knowing the information above, now you understand what you’re signing into when buying a genuine leather sectional sofa. Make sure that you can take care of them, so you won’t waste your money and keep your sofa looking neat.

Sunroom Additions: Extra Room for Extra Comfort

Sunroom additions aid you to get benefit from your beautiful outdoors. It is where you can enjoy the view outside without having to get out. A perfect room for relaxing with your family and friends, isn’t it? Because of that reason, sunroom additions are often used as a living room. You will especially need one if you want to enjoy the scenery without getting any disturbance from bugs or unfriendly weather. Besides, sunroom additions provide more natural lights to your home.

Kinds of sunroom

A four-season sunroom differs from a three-season one in the way it is constructed. If you want a sunroom addition you can use year-round, the four-season one will suit your need. It is a sunroom featuring a technology that allows the room to be heated or cooled. A three-season one, on the other hand, doesn’t apply such technology. It is typically usable during summer, spring, and fall, when the weather is gentle and amiable.


The location where you add the sunroom affects the way it receives lights and shades. If you stay in the northern latitude, placing your sunroom addition in the south is a great idea. It will get the best natural lights. If you place it in the north, the room might feel cold and damp. The opposite applies for people living in the southern hemisphere. In the South, sunroom in the north is better. It will cost you less because you may not need additional cooling system for it.

Attaching sunroom in both eastern and western part of the house is not a flawless choice. If put in the east, the sun will shine through it in the morning, which is good point, actually. But, it will be shady for the rest of the day, making it not so great for relaxing after work. If placed in the west, the room will only get the bad light in the late afternoon.

Materials used

The materials used for the frames and supports of a sunroom range from the popular vinyl and/with aluminium to the more costly wood. The roof is the extension of the existing roof of the house. It can be either gabled roof or single-slope one. For the walls, in order to allow you to fully enjoy the sights outside, you can choose glass, double-glazed glass, polycarbonate, or even mesh. Bronze glass tint is also a nice option for UV protection and reducing heat gain into the house during summer.

In short, before adding sunroom to your house, you need to be clear of how and when you plan to use the room. It is important to help you decide which kind of sunroom you will have. Also, budgets may vary according to your chosen materials of your sunroom additions.

Chic Bathroom Lighting Fixtures To Complete Your Bathroom Makeover

We spend a lot of our time in the bathroom but we rarely give this space the importance it deserves. The lighting in any bathroom is important. A bathroom lighting fixtures can be easily added in bathroom makeover and in this case, a perfect lighting fixtures is one of the important thing that your bathroom deserves. Move away from traditional bathroom lighting and focus on bathroom light fixtures that will maximize your bathroom space for keeping the room feels pleasant and well-lit. These illuminating ideas on bathroom lighting fixtures will help you choose the best lighting to complete your bathroom makeover.

Pendant lamps are not usually very popular in bathrooms, but by opting for minimalistic pendant lamp in combination with a modern vanity, you can only expect beautiful results.

If symmetry is important for you, choosing traditional sconces will definitely worth it. Place the sconces to the left and right of your bathroom mirror and the light will be dispersed more evenly and in a more flattering way.

Bathroom lighting doesn’t always have to come from overhead or side sconces. Understated ceiling light can fully illuminates the minimal aesthetic of your modern designed bathroom without overpowering it.

A cluster of small pendant lamps could look really elegant in an industrial look bathroom. Hang the pendants at any height you want, and it will complement the bathroom’s dark woods and periwinkle walls while lights up the space in a flattering way.

It’s important for the bathroom light fixtures to complement the style of the space in order to form a beautiful duo. This pretty cottage lighting adds a simple yet jovial touch to the room.

Those that prefer their bathrooms clean and modern but in the need for a more interesting and sophisticated look, consider adding these pretty ceiling-hung fixtures to your shopping list.

Do you like the classical chic look? This 19th-century lantern is a stylish and functional addition. They look even better against your sheated strip plaster walls.

Chrome fixtures can be seen everywhere these days. Crisp aesthetic and clean while also practical and functional, chrome chandelier is what you need to find the right balance between aesthetics and function.

Mood light could definitely make the most of your bathroom with a cozy and inviting ambiance. The contemporary design of the rondo sconces combines blown glass and polished chrome that diffuses the light in a beautiful way.

Chandeliers aren’t just for dining rooms anymore. If you want a chandelier in your bathroom you can definitely have that. This french chandelier is a very glamorous one especially in the context of a modern bathroom. French Provencal blue walls and brass fixtures create a lovely backdrop for this small crystal chandelier.

Get Your Bathroom A Fresh Look With These Remodeling Ideas

Is your bathroom in need of a remodel? Sometimes bathroom need to be remodeled to make it more functional, while other times, they are just simply out-of-date, or not your taste. Starting your day in a personally-suited bathroom that you enjoy using is a great way to lifts your spirit and invite a daily influx of joy into your life. If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom and looking for some inspiration before taking action, check out these interesting bathroom remodel ideas that might inspire you!

The mochavanity with antique-wooden hardware adds vintage styling and pendant light above the tub provide task lighting. This light-filled bathroom create a soothing natural color scheme to your bathroom that will make it looking new and fresh longer.

You will see your vintage-looking bathroom in a whole new perspective if you change out a dated light fixture and vanity for something that’s new and dramatic.

When your existing vanity cabinet offers good storage, nice lines, and sturdy construction, renew the look with paint or refinish the cabinet doors for a quick and easy update to create a unified suite look.

Add bold flooring to your bathroom because the trend for color in the bathroom remains neutral or white in order to showcase elements, but it also need a graphic dose of pattern somewhere for a stunning bathroom.

When thinking about remodeling your bathroom, consider opting for the latest high-design trends that not only look beautiful but address the functionality for your bathroom efficiency.

Get a new look to your bathroom by adding some glam with affordable features, such as a dramatic mirror, glass, or chrome accent shelves and graphic floor rug in your bathroom to make a statement.

Consider having smartly patterned fabric curtain panels stand in a shower curtains and the tub surface that professionally refinished to give your bathroom a designer touch that’s easy and budget friendly.

Decorate your bathroom in a fashion-forward look with bold geometric zigzags on the fabric shower curtain, nature-inspired wallpaper and crisply tailored Roman window shade to make it look fun and less boring.

Inject a dose of personality into your bathroom with windows, vintage tubs, sinks, countertops, flooring, benches, and unique accents and don’t let your design choices go unnoticed in a dark, shadowy room.

Turn an existing piece of furniture into a vanity by mixing furniture-style cabinetry and paneled wainscoting with mirror frames that incorporate sleek tweaks into traditional lines and shapes.

Attractive Ceiling Fans Inspiration to Keep Your Dining Room Cool

Underappreciated and underestimated, ceiling fan is one of the little things that often can make or break a dining room. Installing dining room ceiling fans can not only make your space more comfortable but can also add to its charm and character.

Functional ceiling fans with attractive design adorn many a beautiful ceiling, bringing down the tone of the room. They are a great way to circulate the air in your dining room and keep you cool at the same time.

As the gathering place for many, making sure this room is comfortable and the air is circulating makes the dining room a more inviting place to be. Dining room ceiling fans come in different looks and options, allowing you to find the perfect one to match any decorating style you may have.

Do you want to add a ceiling fan to your dining room? If so, then we have some stylish and attractive dining room ceiling fans idea you need to check out to help you get inspired.

This idea makes a great dining room ceiling fan, with its powerful and elegant blade finishes that will match with your dining room decor.

The modern minimalist good looks of this ceiling fan will give your dining room a touch of class. The simple yet powerful fan with three white blades suffices the simplistic room.

So, you are not a fan of the standard fan? A pastel-clad dining room could benefit from this uniquely designed hunter mint ceiling fan. Designed for low-ceilings, this fan with light and remote would shine in your dining room.

Another high quality dining room ceiling fan idea with quiet moving and nice modern design, a perfect fit for your open style dining room decor.

Made from solid and sturdy material, the design of this ceiling fan adds elegance to the dining room with classic interior. Its piece is a work of art.

This sleek black finished ceiling fan with stylish four blades is a delightful piece of design that would add gleam to the entire dining room.

This idea is a great looking ceiling fan that boasts modern design and powerful performance that make it ideal for both medium and large dining room.

A black and wood accents fixture with built-in light that balance modernity with tradition, this dining room ceiling fan is robustly constructed and very functional.

This brushed-steel beauty’s classic lines can complement your entire dining room. It’s useful and even looks nice hanging from the ceiling.

If you are tired of ceiling fan with boring style, this last idea is probably just what you are looking for. Curved and carved wooden panels glide seamlessly through the air, making your interior both look and feel cool with this fan.

Why Deep Seated Sofa Is A Must Have

When it comes to choosing a sofa’s depth, we often got confused, or even don’t want to care. While actually, the depth of your sofa has a great effect on the comfort it provides. You wouldn’t want a sofa too narrow that you can’t sit comfortably. The deep-seated sofa may be your best bet if you’re looking for comfort, especially if you’re looking to lounge on your sofa. But if the sturdy and spacious looks fail to invite you, here are some reasons why you need to use the deep-seated sofa.

To accommodate people with long legs

If you and your family genetically blessed with long legs, a deep-seated sofa is your choice. Everyone’s leg is different indeed, but deep-seated sofa can accommodate both short legs and long legs. You can lounge back and tuck your feet up on the couch if you have shorter legs. That being said, you may want to place the deep-seated sofa in a casual room instead of formal ones that require you to sit straight.

More comfortable to lounge back

As deep-seated sofa means that you have more space for seating, you can also lounge back on this sofa more comfortably than its narrower counterpart. You can even use deep-seated sofa for a good nap or for your crashing friend’s bed.

Cosy reading nook and cuddle spot

A deep-seated sofa is a perfect sofa to put in your library or living room where you often hang out with your loved ones. The laid back and cosy nature of deep-seated sofa can transform them into a comfortable reading nook or even cuddle spot for Netflix and chill. Just make sure that you put the right kind of lighting that suits your need.

Fits more pillow and make the room feels homier

All the vacant space in your sofa cushion gives room for some pillows. You can put more pillows in different sizes and colours to make the room feels homier. And there you have a good spot to hang with your family and friends.

Wire Shelving Units Usage Ideas for Kitchen

What comes to your mind about wire shelves? You find them in stores, garages, or basements. There, wire shelves look so dull that you won’t even pay attention to its beauty. Wire shelving units may not look quite presentable as they always have simple and monotonous design. In fact, this kind of shelves is not about look; it’s all about usage. Wire shelving units are very strong and functional. You may think of putting one or two in your kitchen or pantries, or even your dining room and other corners in your home. Below are some storage and organization ideas for wire shelves:

Because they are made of metal, wire shelving units are so strong that you can put heavy appliance like microwave or stand mixer. You can also put boxes in it to help you organize things like dishes and groceries.

Wire shelving units are usually designed without any blocks or door. It means the light will always come through and you’ll see everything you put inside your wire rack, even if you stack so many things in it. The idea is to store the bigger and heavier stuffs in the lower levels and put smaller and lighter things as you go up. Also, as mentioned before, you can use boxes and tags or labels to categorize your items. Plus, you can also organize things in your wire rack based on frequency of use. You may want items that you use the most to be handy.

Wire shelves can also be nice decorative furniture for your room. As it is usually painted metallic, it will complement your white wall, white ceramic ware, and stainless steel kitchen utensils.

How about the space? How if we have small kitchen and pantries with lots of big furniture in it already? Don’t worry. There are wire racks in various sizes. Some of them don’t take too much space. Putting small and slim-looking wire shelf won’t make your kitchen/pantries look cramped.

While wire shelves come in different sizes, even the spaces between each shelf are different. One wire shelving units may have larger shelves and narrower ones. The question is can we store bottles in our wire rack? Of course, you can! If they don’t fit in standing, you can always lay them down. Fancy! Also, because wire shelf is made of wires, there are spaces and hollows everywhere. You can attach some S-hooks to hang your cooking utensils like pots and pans.

Here are 5 Occasions When You Need to Decorate Your Room with an 8 Foot Round Area Rug

Having a decorative rug in your room can be a really nice touch. It may give your room a unique focal point and a comfortable feeling. But most of us often opt for a square or rectangle rugs and overlook the unusual 8 foot round rug. While that type of rug might be the perfect one for your home. So here are 5 occasions in which you need to choose an 8 foot round rug instead of the square or rectangle ones.

You want to highlight a curved architectural detail

When you have curved walls, it makes more sense to use a round carpet as well. This will highlight your unique architectural details like a curved wall or curved ceiling. And pull the attention to that particular unique feature.

You want to highlight another round object

If you have a round furniture or light fixture in your room, you can highlight them with an 8 foot round rug. Put the rug right under the object, and you’ll have all attention stapled there.

You want to create a separate area

Putting an 8 foot round rug is an effective way to create an illusion of a separate area. As this rug will contrast the usual cornered room and create a special feeling in a certain area, especially if you use a bold coloured rug. Make sure that all the furniture in that distinct area touches the rug to create a cohesive feeling.

You want to make your room feel larger

If you have a small room, an 8 foot round rug can make your room feels larger. Because a circular rug can create a fluid movement in your otherwise cramped and cluttered room. It can also distract people from seeing the limited space in your room.

You want to create a cohesive feeling in your room

Just like when you create a distinct area with a round rug, you can also put it in the centre of the room to create a cohesive feeling. Still, you have to make sure that all the large object in your room touches the rug.

An 8 foot round rug might not be your number one choice to put in your room. But actually, this piece may be the one that can do the trick in your room. So don’t shrug this option off yet, explore your room and see if this unique rug can fit in and give your room a special touch.

Shallow Wall Cabinet: Solution for Your Small House

Having a small house has its own advantage and disadvantage. Working with small house requires you to have a few tricks up your sleeve. One of the problems with small houses is that you need to overcome is the lack of a place for storage. Be it in the living room, kitchen, or even in the bathroom. For this storage problem, you may want to consider shallow wall cabinets for your solution.

Shallow wall cabinet is a wall mounted cabinet with narrow depth. This type of cabinet can be easily found in stores, or you can even customize your own. Typically made out of wood, but sometime you can also find a shallow wall cabinet made out of other materials. What makes it different with other cabinets is the fact that it has narrow depth and usually fairly minimalistic design. If you’re wondering how a shallow wall cabinet can solve small house’s storage problem, these few reasons may help.

Minimalist storage space

Shallow wall cabinet typically came with a minimalist design so it fits with a lot of different styles. The shallow depth also enables you to arrange your stuff neatly, easily visible and reachable. Shallow wall cabinet is especially nice if you’re storing small stuff like personal care products in the bathroom or canned food in the kitchen. However, it will not work for the big stuff, so you still have to get another cabinet with more depth.

Won’t take too much space

Since it has narrow depth and mounted on the wall, this cabinet will not take up too much space. You can easily place them without having to worry that it will block the traffic in your room. It also utilizes your empty wall and turns it into a great storage space. So a tall and wide shallow wall cabinet may be a better option compared to a small deep cabinet if you’re working with small houses.

Fit in small awkward spaces

The best thing about shallow wall cabinet is that you can use them to fill in small awkward spaces in your house. For instance, the leftover inches of your wall beside a cabinet and a wall or a door, you can customize a shallow wall cabinet that fills in the side of your cabinet to utilize that unused awkward inches.

Questions You Need To Ask Yourself before Getting a Queen Size Modern Sleeper Sofa

For homeowners that can’t afford to have a separate guest room for their guests, sleeper sofa can be their best bet. It can turn your living room into a guest room so you can have friends or family spend the night at your home.  Aside from being an instant bedroom, modern sleeper sofa queen can also be a great spot to hang out and watch movies with your loved ones. Imagine cuddling under the blanket with your spouse and children, having a movie night and a good time in general, doesn’t sleeper sofa sounds like a dream?

However, they are definitely not cheap. And if your budget is tight, you need to be careful about where your money goes. So here are a few questions that you need to answer before getting queen-sized modern sleeper sofa.

Do you have enough space?

Take a look at your living room; get the room’s exact measurement. Then visualize the finished look, where the sofa, the television, the coffee table and the cabinets will be. If you already have everything in mind, now measure the space left for your modern sleeper sofa queen. Is there enough space? For your knowledge, queen sized sleeper sofa typically came in 79 to 101 inches.

Will it fit through the door?

It doesn’t matter whether you have enough space for modern sleeper sofa queen in your room or not if you can’t fit the sofa through your doors and the elevator if you live in an apartment. So make sure that you choose a sofa that isn’t too big for your door, or else you’ll risk having to tear them apart only to get them in.

What kind of mattress do you want?

There are three types of mattresses that you can choose for your sleeper sofa. Innerspring mattresses have coils inside, and the comfort largely depends on how much coils it has. Memory foam mattresses have no coils, and the foam will adjust to the user’s body. Air coil mattresses basically an innerspring mattress with a layer of air-mattress on top.

Will it match your living room style?

Now the last and easiest question to answer is whether modern sleeper sofa queen matches the style of your living room or not. You wouldn’t want your sofa to look out of place and ruin the total view of your living room.