Small Modern Bathroom Vanity Ideas That Will Make Your Space Overflow With Style

There are many way to make a small bathroom look stylish and one of it revolves around the vanity. Vanity is an important part of bathroom decor and ambiance because its design can impact the functionality of the space in a lot of ways. If you’re trying to fit a bathroom or powder room into a tight space, small modern bathroom vanity can be a smart space-saving idea to make the most of a small bathroom.

Vanities with certain features and aesthetics will be right for your bathroom, so you need to make careful consideration to the size, shape, color and finish of the vanity you choose. Let’s have a look at our best picks on small modern bathroom vanity ideas to find the perfect vanity that can overcome the storage space problems and create a stylish small bathroom that’s perfect for you.

This cabinet-style vanity is a classic, common style of a bathroom vanity that provides generous storage for your small toiletries stuff. Look how gorgeous a vanity with this style looks like.

This vanity comes in a stylish deep espresso finish that put an emphasis on the beautiful and natural texture of the wood that won’t visually overwhelm the bathroom space.

If you seek out a vanity that are specifically designed and scaled for smaller spaces, this idea might be the answer. Because it’s intended use is for small bathrooms, its proportion is already suited to the room’s size constraints.

This small bathroom vanity idea have a nice blend of traditional meets modern that is visually appealing in a small bath with storage capacity for a tight space.
This vanity showcases a modern, industrial style that give a small space some visual relief, as well as the physical advantage of extra legroom and general space to move around.

Here is a floating vanity idea with a nice touch that strike a happy medium between a wooden cabinet-style vanity and a white marble sink, while maintaining an airy, open design.

This vanity idea features a clean-lined and contemporary design that has a structure made of metal rods, giving the piece a lightweight and very artistic look.

You will love the modern style of this vanity and mirror set. The floating look gives this idea an additional lightness, while the shelf underneath provide storage—makes it perfect for a narrow space.

This vanity, especially its simplicity and simple lines look bland with the bathroom style. It’s timeless and simple but it also has plenty of character.

This last small modern bathroom vanity idea is a simple but very charming piece of furniture, ideal for modern bathrooms that aim at a chic ambiance and decor.

5+ Gorgeous Visual Comfort Lamps for Your Room

Room needs lighting so we can move easily and see things inside it clearly. That’s why we put some lamps in it. There are several reasons of why you should install lamps in your room. All those types are ambient, task, and accent lightings. Ambient lighting provides overall lighting to brighten up the whole room; task lighting (desk or table lamps) gives light to specific area at which we need to work; while accent lighting is put to give effect on certain area in the room. Having several lamps that offer you all the three types of lightning will serve all your need for your room. Visual comfort lamps offer you all the three basic types of lighting with extra coziness and attractiveness.

Desk lamps like above are not only portable in the point that we can move the whole lamp everywhere. The arm and head of a good desk lamp are usually flexible in order so we can direct the light wherever we need it.

Aside from those above-mentioned types of lighting, choosing your visual comfort lamps is like choosing other decorations for your room. It is not a mere lighting. Visual Comfort is a prominent resource of decorative lighting where you can find and choose various grand-looking portable lamps. It provides various warm lighted portable lamps. Different from built-in lamps, portable lamps are more practical and flexible as you can move it anywhere you want. Any variety of portable lamps that you choose would reflect your personality and complement the whole look of the room you’re putting the lamp in. Visual comfort lamps not only illuminate the room but also give it a bit of art. You can choose some of its gorgeous table lamps, floor lamps, desk lamps, or torchieres.

Floor lamps like above look modern and opulent. They will look just well in modern- or classic-looking room. The long, slender, curving legs make the lamp doesn’t look too much.

For more gorgeous look, this E. F. Chapman Deauville Tea Stain Porcelain table lamp will fit perfectly on your classic wooden table. You can put this on the centre or corner of the drawer at your bedside or in your living room. This lamp will give you the look of a luxury hotel room.

While having various unique designs for the body made of various materials, visual comfort floor and table lamps usually have identical shades. It is to make sure the lamps can give good light to your room. Since virtual comfort lamps are generally artistic, take your time to choose which is best for your need.

Chic Shoe Organizer For Closet To Tidy Up Your Precious Kicks

Shoes are one of those essential part of your wardrobe and its storage, of course, should not be ugly. Your precious shoes collection should have their own area in your walk-in closet, so don’t intermingle shoes with hanging clothes or handbags.

Yes, storing shoes in your closet may take up a lot of room, but no need to worry. There are compact shoe organizer for closet with adjustable racks that can be squeezed and stacked to optimize any sort of space for shoe storage.

It is a function solution to create individual places and separating clothes, shoes, jewelry and all the pieces stored in your closet with a better line of sight and maximizes your closet’s functionality.

Time to tackle your ever-growing precious shoe collection! We’ve compiled the most fancy and practical shoe organizer for closet to afford all your shoe storing needs. Let’s check them out!

Instead of jamming your shoes into a narrow cubby, this fancy shoe organizer is wide enough for you to place your shoes side by side. It’s a good solution for a small closet to stashing away your entire shoe collection.

Ideal for storing your shoes, this piece also present an understated look. If you got serious shoe collection and a little spare floor space, this shoe storage is just the right size for storing shoes in a limited space such as the shallow depth of this closet.

Even if it’s a bit of a splurge, it is a high-design shoe storage solution for anywhere in the home that is too pretty not to include. With a streamlined silhouette and many levels of storage behind its three doors, this cabinet has style built into its form and function.

Ditch your inexpensive wooden thread rack and make it a charming approach to display your precious shoe collection by replacing the old one with this chic shoe organizer. From your ankle boots to your flip-flops, the adjustable shelves inside of this shoe organizer let you stow kicks of varying heights neatly.

If what you need is just a basic shoe organizer for closet that gets the job done and isn’t too ugly to look at, this idea is the one you’re looking for. It’s simple and perfect for adding more shoe storage in your closet, underneath your clothes.

When faced with the problem of not being able to stack all of your shoes and sandals stuffed in a box, this one came up with a simple yet functional solution to store a handful of pairs in the footprint of one.

Keep all of your precious shoes collection neat and tidy with this elegant and functional organizer for closet idea that will keep your closet beautifully organized while saving space.

While this shoe organizer may not store as many shoes as some of the other ideas are, you do have some variety, since the bottom drawer stows ankle boots and heels, while divided top drawer can fit sandals, loafers, and flats.

Choose a shoe organizer that will outfit your space. This classy shoe organizer for closet comes in a stylish design and fresh look to accommodate your needs, since it shelves can be adjusted for different kinds of shoes such as flats and boots.

This shoe organizer idea provides tremendous storage space but can also act as a practical yet decorative way to display shoes. Tame your huge shoes collection by stowing them neatly in this organizer that will display the shoes as if each one is its own little piece of art.

How to Combine Blue Gray Pillows in Your Living Room

For a lot of homeowners, designing a living room is the most fun part in house remodelling. The living room is the most crucial part that represents the whole design. By making a strong living room, your home will leave a strong impression on your guest and define the house’s characteristic. But designing your own living room feels a lot like playing dress up. It sends a message of who you are and your style preferences to your guests.

Using elegant colour like blue and gray may be a great move for homeowners who want to instil calm and tranquillity in their living room. But if you’re not sure on how to mix the two shades together, using blue gray pillow can be your start. Here are some ideas and inspirations that you can use.

Use pattern

Blue gray pillows with solid colour may look too intimidating for your living room. Therefore, choosing patterned blue gray pillows may create a more welcoming ambience for your guests. Not to mention, the patterned pillow has a casual feeling to it so your guests will feel more at ease.

Create a colour balance

The key to working with a solid blue gray pillow is to create a colour balance between the two. You can do this by pairing blue gray pillows with different colour depth. This will add dimension to your living room and balance the whole look.

Add warmth

Using blue gray pillow only can make your sofa feels a bit too cold. Therefore, it’s always a great idea to add some warmth to the palette. You can use a warm coloured rug or wooden floor to balance out the cool tone.

Use natural colour

If you’re not sure what kind of blue gray colour you should use, try to look to nature. Using the colour present in nature, like blue sky and gray pebble can create a harmonious look.

After all, choosing what colour is right for your living room really depends on your preferences. So ask yourself again, what kind of blue gray pillows that you want.

The Best Oval Dining Table with Leaf for Your Dining Room

Dining tables are not only a place to eat but also space where you can play games, linger after a meal or have a good conversation with family and friends. That’s why it is important to have a multifunction dining table, such as oval dining table with leaf.

With its design, you can save space by keeping the leaves down. On the other hand, you can easily raise the leaves up and add extra chairs for additional people. Here are 8 best oval dining table with leaf that will add beneficial values to your dining room.

Wooden Oval Dining Table

This dining table has a clean and versatile design. A great choice for small spaces or multifunctioning rooms.

Oak Oval Dining Table

This dining table comes in a dark brown color, which makes it can fit any dining room. With its leaves, you can provide space for entertaining in your dining table.

Small Oval Dining Table

This small oval dining table is perfect for small elegant spaces. It is not only space saving, but also makes your room stylish and modern.

Superlative Oval Dining Table

This superlative dining table will bring a casual and transitional style to your dining room. The stylish design will create a pleasurable atmosphere for your dining experience.

Modern Oval Dining Table

This one is a simple yet exceptionally large table that will suit everyone’s taste. This beautiful dining table has two drop leaves, a perfect fit for spaces large and small.

Vintage Oval Dining Table

This table has a vintage feel which is perfect for you who want to add an antique vibe to your dining room. It is very suitable for everyday meal or even special occasions with your family and friends.

Butterfly Oval Dining Set

This dining table is come with chairs with make it more multipurpose. It also has butterfly leaf which is handy and ideal for social gatherings.

Teak Oval Dining Table

This awesome teak dining table comes with triangular legwork, which is different than previous tables. You can create an appealing and marvelous focal point in your dining room with this unique dining table.

Upholstered Dining Chairs With Arms That Will Make You Too Lazy To Leave Dining Room

Your dining room should be an inviting space and it start with a creative eye toward your dining table and chairs. Upholstered dining room chairs with arms can make a design statement that reflects your style, personality and taste. Because they are super comfy, upholstered dining chairs are likely to make a person feel more welcome to eat and chat with others over food.

You can also placing them in your dining room to create a look that is uniquely yours with a custom-upholstered seating options and also refresh your dining room with a unique dining room chair set. If you are looking for comfortable dining chairs, upholstered dining room chairs will get you experience the rich wood finishes and ultra-soft fabrics of dining furniture.

If you need some idea, check out our inspiration list of upholstered dining room chairs with arms that will look perfect in your dining room space.

A comfortable dining chair with pretty flowery pattern, this upholstered dining chair is both bold and exudes the feeling of vintage glam.

Imagine how perfect your dining room will be with these homey dining chairs.

Upholstered dining room arm chair blends beauty and grandiosity through its robust body.

Balancing feminine shapes and neutral tones, upholstered dining chair will bring the beauty and warm feeling into your dining spaces.

Dining chairs must not just be very comfortable but they have to be quite stylish as well. With a bright brass base and black upholstered seat, these chairs bring a sense of elegance to any dining room style.

This upholstered chair idea offer you a comfortable seating that combines breathtaking elegance with sheer functionality. This beautiful upholstered chair sets the tone for the room.

Every dining space will be refreshed with this distinctive dining chair! A true modern marvel, its futuristic design is sure to stand out all on its own.

Come with exclusive design, this tufted rose gold upholstered dining room chair with arms filled with romantic wonder—a perfect for any formal dining room.

Ideal for use in the dining room of the house, these upholstered chairs are a great choice if you want a comfortable chair with stylish looks that does not compromise on quality.

Neutral polyester upholstery and medium oak-finished details give this chair a casual appearance. Plus, it tilts and swivels, letting you sit back and turn side-to-side with ease.

Put the finishing touch on your dining ensemble with this matriarch upholstered arm chair. Its delicate structure and the cotton softness will enrich your bodies.

Stunning Linear Pendant Ideas to Transform Your Space Into Dream Home

Lighting is a very important part of design and plays a huge role in the overall character of any space. The lights chosen for your space should never just about task-oriented, but should about all its aspects working flawlessly, yet continuing to look stunning while they are functioning. And linear pendant lightning can fulfill it all for you. Linear pendants are distinct ceiling lights, defined by rectangular shape in general, that offers an enhanced sense of beauty while illuminating your space with uncanny luminosity.

If you’re looking for ideas, here are five excellent styles, from chic to stunning, made with top-quality craftsmanship that could be perfect to illuminate your space as your heart desires.

Mumu LED Linear Suspension Pendant Light

If you need a better lighting that is not only environmentally conscious, but also high in performa and  energy efficiency, this pendant lightning by designer Dian is an excellent option for you. The Mumu combines a counter balance of wood and metal that add simplistic beauty, while providing enough light with simple elegance to illuminate your office or work space in a one-of-a-kind way.

Tam Tam 6 Light Linear Pendant Light

Light your imagination by choosing linear pendant lightning with colours that signify enthusiasm. Tam Tam 6 Light Linear Pendant Light By Fabien Dumas from Marset, boasts a fresh new take on the dynamic design that offers pendant lightning with wonderful festive colours. This playful fixture provides direct, indirect, or diffused illumination that incredibly perfect for your gracefully decorous living room.

Round Light Bulb Pendant Lighting

Over the dining table, you will love the widespread light a linear pendant lighting can offer. Suspended from your dinning room’s ceiling in such a beautiful way using chains or rods, Round Light Bulb Pendant Lighting brings light to where exactly you need it the most. With a simple yet elegant appearance, creating beautiful prisms on neighboring walls and surfaces, it definitely has its own way to make natural light pouring in the room.

Cityscape Large LED Linear Suspension

If you want a pendant lighting with glamorous and modern look,  The Hubbardton Forge Cityscape Large LED Linear Suspension is a must. Made by Cerno, this linear pendant lighting fixture is perfect for the office or the home. Featuring a silver and aluminum body with energy efficient LED technology, this lighting will illuminate your space with sparkles and shines that will leave anyone in a daze.

Line Light 60 Linear Pendant Light

If you dream about a warm comfortable space with a wooden twist look, then choosing Line Light 60 Linear as your pendant light would be a perfect choice. Showcasing the nature grain and thoughtful consideration to proportion, this linear suspension fixture blends harmony and balance to create an organic design backed by LED technology. Line Light 60 evincing a gently textured luminaire that will disperse peacefulnes in your cosy room.

Delta Brass Kitchen Faucets Ideas That Are Too Gorgeous To Be Ignored

Faucets are an important kitchen’s fixture that are a cinch to install and are a cost-effective way to add beauty to your kitchen. Any sink in the house becomes another opportunity to introduce a new design element. Any faucet will produce running water, but the best can adapt to different kitchen needs and endure decades of daily use.

There is a wide variety of kitchen faucets finishes: brass, copper, chrome, nickel, gold-plated, oil-rubbed metals, matte or shiny finish — just to name a few. If you are looking for functional kitchen faucet with a finish that will complement the overall decor of your kitchen, delta brass kitchen faucets are great choices because they blend in and accent their surroundings in a very subtle way.

Need some delta brass kitchen faucets inspiration? Check out our recommendation on faucets and finishes below. From sleek and elegant to distressed, choose the best delta brass kitchen faucets that will suits your kitchen sink well.

Choose a faucet with finishes that can blend well with other items in the kitchen. This elegant delta brass faucet would be best for new construction or a complete kitchen remodel.

This delta brass kitchen faucets idea is just too pretty and is a great addition to any kitchen style if you’re after something with clean and classic design.

Create an urban modern look in your kitchen with this highly functional design delta brass kitchen faucets idea. This fixture provides a unique look that offers great modern appeal for a quality kitchen design.

Do you prefer smooth or shiny finishes? You might like this stunning delta brass kitchen faucet, then. If you’re going for a mid-contemporary style, this idea will work best.

Choosing a faucet with mixing finishes can work as long as they blend well with your kitchen style. This double handle delta brass kitchen faucet would be a great addition to any kitchen or bar area.

This delta brass kitchen faucet will outlast, outshine and visually outperform a basic brass faucet finish, while also allow perfect coordination with the rest of the kitchen.

This solid and sturdy delta kitchen faucet is made of solid brass construction for reliance and durability. Its single lever handle is simple to use and makes adjusting water temperature easy.

For a richer, more elegant look to the kitchen, this delta brass kitchen faucet provide a streamlined look and allow for easy water flow and temperature adjustments with one hand.

If you’re after more traditional looking delta brass faucet, the brownish, burnt tone in this idea gives it a rustic look that would work well in a cabin or cottage setting.

This last delta brass kitchen faucet idea is a great style to consider if you’re creating a traditional or period-style kitchen.

The Pros and Cons of Using Leather Desk Chair for Home Office

When looking for inspiration for a home office desk chair, you may stumble to the old classic leather desk chair. This type of chair has always been seen as a symbol of status, prestige, class and success. It gives off the illusion of power and wealth for years. And for you who needs a boost of motivation, having a leather desk chair in your home office can be the answer.

But if you’re not sure yet whether to get one for your home office or not, here are the pros and cons that you may want to consider.


As stated before, a leather desk chair can give you additional motivation to be successful. But it doesn’t stop there. This chair is also very comfortable if your job requires you to sit all day. The leather material, although fairly expensive, it is actually quite easy to maintain especially the water-proof ones. You only need a clean damp cloth to clean them every two weeks or so. And if you find accumulated dust, you can also vacuum your leather desk chair easily.

Although leather desk chair upholstery usually coloured black, you can still get any other varieties of colour such as brown or maroon. So you can match them to your home office overall design easily.


The leather desk chair is usually quite expensive, especially if you get the one with high-quality leather. But this material can last for long times, so don’t worry about spending too much money as it is a good investment. Just make sure that the leather desk chair will not over limit your budget.

Another thing that seems to bother people is the fact that a leather desk chair adds more shine to the clothing. This may bother your desired appearance and you need to consider them if you’re going to meet a lot of clients in your home office.

After all, leather desk chair can be a nice addition to your home office. But you need to weigh the pros and the cons and decide if it is the right fits for you.


These Fabulous Modern Single Bathroom Vanity Ideas Will Make You Absolute In Love

Vanities have a very important function for every bathroom, both from a functional point of view and for the impression that they make upon visitors. If you want to maximize the appeal of your bathroom, you should choose your vanities wisely. There are many varieties and styles of bathroom vanities that you can choose from. In this case, modern single bathroom vanities are popular additions to contemporary style space, offering the sleekest designs in bathroom furniture.

Essentially timeless with its signature simplicity, single modern bathroom vanities can add eye-catching style to your precious bathroom. With so much inspiration to peruse, it can be a daunting task to find your ideal modern single bathroom vanity style. So, we’ve pulled our pick on some best inspiration together in one cohesive collection that might splash a bit of style into your scheme.

Add your bathroom class and style with this modern single bathroom vanity made by solid espresso palette wood that ideal for bathrooms with limited space.

This beautiful dark walnut single vanity features a stunning ceramic countertop with a graceful beveled edge, proving that traditional-modern style pairs throughout a space will make all the elements of the room work together.

With its soft white color and glam surface, this sleek modern single bathroom vanity looks great in a bright and punchy palette to rev up dull spaces. This model is a great single vanity for a small modern bathroom.

Paired with clean lines, this sophisticated single vanity with natural wooden color was designed to achieve a blending of styles that will looks both crisp and modern.

The bold materials and the rich colors of this elegant single vanity create an undeniable style statement in this traditional-meets-contemporary bathroom space.

Expand your small bathroom space by “floating” the vanity above the floor. This wall-mount single vanity provides an unbroken plane of floor, which will make your bathroom feel bigger.

This simple bowl-plus-one-drawer single vanity is all you need to instantly update your bathroom into a stylish and modern space.

This stylish single bathroom vanity makes the entire powder room sparkle with a hint of old Hollywood glamour. The mirror-paneled vintage chest, outfitted with vintage-style fixtures and paired with an etched mirror complete the dramatic statement.

Opt for thoughtfully designed open single vanity can provide both an airy look and storage. This vanity has drawers tucked beneath the open shelf, which proves to be a perfect perch for towel-filled baskets.

Rather than settling on stock cabinetry, which would have been too large for the space, this weathered wooden table that resembles an expensive European antique can save precious space on a small bathroom.

Pub Table and Chairs: Everything You Need to Know

When we talk about pub table and chairs, what came in mind usually is a set of bar table in a corner of a pub. But apparently pub table and chairs are not only the conventional bar set, but it can also be a nice casual table sets that you can put inside or outside the pub. This type of pub table sets can be a nice addition to your pub as it provides the small room with convenient spots for board games, internet browsing, or even private chit-chat. But here are the things you need to know before you pick a pub table set.


Pub table sets came in many different heights. You may want to choose the pub table sets height according to your need. If you are merely looking for a nice corner to have a small conversation and a few drinks with friends, you may want to choose bar height pub table or around 40 to 42 inches. But if you are envisioning your pub table as a place to eat and chat, you may want to get the counter height ones, which is around 35 to 36 inches.


The materials used for pub table sets vary a lot. You can find wood, metal, or even glass pub table. However, the most ideal material would be wood and metal since they are very sturdy and strong. Both materials are also easy to clean and maintain, so you don’t have to worry much. Choose the finishes that can give your materials lasting lifetime and beautiful look.


When choosing pub table sets, the placement matters a lot. If you are planning to put your pub table sets outdoor, you may want to get the ones that are weatherproof and outdoor rated sets. But you can have more flexibility if you are planning to place them indoors.


Pub table sets have a wide array of styles that you can pick from. Rectangle, round, oval, square, you name it. So obviously, you can find the style that matches your pub.

30 Inch Vanities with Sink: the Saviour to Your Small Bathroom

Having a small bathroom can be quite a challenge, with all the cramped space, hip-hazard environment and awkward movements to avoid things. While bathroom supposed to be a comfortable place for you to start your day, it supposed to give you the peace of mind instead of frustration and bruised hips. One thing that may ease your mind a bit over having such a small bathroom is 30-inch vanities with sink. If you pick the right vanity, it can be the saviour to your small bathroom. Here are the reasons why you should install one for your bathroom.

It saves up space

Compared to double bowl vanities, off course, 30-inch vanities with sink can save more space and give you more room to move. The cabinets also give you a storage space where you can store your towels and other bathroom stuff. But keep in mind that it’s always better to choose a rounded edge vanity as it can prevent you from getting bruised hip.

Float your vanity and you’ll create an illusion of a bigger room

If you want to have more space and create an illusion of a bigger room, float your vanity. The spaces between your vanity and the floor can give you more space for storage. But you need to keep it well-lit to make the illusion. So use a tape lamp under the cabinet for more lighting support.

It offers usable countertop space

Who doesn’t love a countertop on the bathroom? This space can help you so much when you get ready or putting on makeup. Although some people might argue that pedestal sink works better for a small bathroom, but think again. Pedestal sink doesn’t have a storage space or countertops. Therefore, 30-inch vanities with sink are a better option.

With such small size, you can push it to the adjacent part of the wall

The perk of having a small size vanity is that you can push them to fill spaces, thus making your bathroom more compact. With a compact bathroom, you will have more room for movement, which is very crucial to a small bathroom.

With these benefits, it is safe to say that 30-inch vanities with sink are a saviour to a small bathroom. Forget pedestal sink, this type of furniture gives you more function with small space requirement.

Should You Use Burlap Dining Chairs? Here’s What You Need to Know

Burlap is an increasingly popular material for home décor. A lot of homeowner starts incorporating this material into their home, as accessories, wall display, or even for upholstery. Burlap is a very cheap, neutral and exotic material to play with. It can give your room an instantly warm and vintage look while keeping your budget in check. While it is a great material to accessorize your home with, is it also a great material for upholstery? If you find yourself wondering whether you should or should not get burlap dining chairs or any other burlap upholstery, here are some things you need to understand.

Burlap is not the most comfortable material to come in contact directly with our skin

As we get our hand in burlap, we will instantly know that burlap is really uncomfortable and make our skin itchy. The rough texture and the fuzz that can get everywhere make burlap not so ideal material for upholstery, especially for dining chair cushion. But if you really like the look and didn’t really care about comfort, you can absolutely use burlap dining chairs to warm up your dining room.

Burlap has a loose weave and therefore fray easily

Since burlap has a loose weave, this fabric can fray so easily. You will see this once you start working with burlap. Therefore, it may not be the strongest fabric for upholstery and it may break in such a short time. But since burlap is really cheap, reupholstering should not give you a headache. If you want to still work with burlap and want to extend its lifetime, you can put sealant on the edges to prevent fraying.

Burlap is messy and smells weird

Burlap can get very messy as it can get fuzz everywhere. You need to consistently vacuum it and when burlap is used as dining chair cushion material you may find your clothes covered in burlap debris after you sit on them. Not to mention, it also has weird smells since burlap is made out of kerosene. The solution is to use burlap dining chair in the outdoor dining area instead of indoor. This way, you will not to dust and vacuum all the time and the smells will not bother you so much.

There are alternative to using burlap for upholstery

Although burlap will not make a great upholstery material, you can always find another material alternative that has the same look and retro feel to it. You can try to look up other materials akin to burlaps such as linen, European grain sack and American feed sack. They all have the same neutral and vintage look but has a tighter woven and softer texture compared to burlap. But if you insist on using burlap, you can find the ones with softer texture so it will still feel comfortable to sit on.

The Pros and Cons of Having Brushed Nickel Framed Mirror in the Bathroom

There are many bathroom mirror types and designs out there in the market. And sometimes we find ourselves overwhelmed by the number of options. Framed or no frame, plastic or metal, the finishes and the size. There are so many variables we need to think of. One of the most common mirrors you can find is brushed nickel framed bathroom mirror. Although the popularity can mean that this type of mirror offers a lot of benefits, but you need to understand the pros and cons first before deciding which one. So here are brushed nickel framed bathroom mirror pros and cons you need to consider.

What is brushed nickel

First of all, you need to know what brushed nickel is. It is a type of metal finish that is commonly found being used in the bathroom. This finish is achieved by brushing in the same direction to create small abrasions on the surface that takes the natural shines off of the nickel. It results in a soft metallic look that never goes old.

The pros

A brushed nickel framed bathroom mirror is very easy to work with since it can go along with any other type of metal finish in the room. The toned down look of brushed nickel will not catch your attention too much, therefore it is safe to layer brushed nickel framed bathroom mirror with other metal fixtures. Brushed nickel is also very easy to maintain since it will not show water spots or fingerprints. It is also easy to clean and keep its finish longer than many other metal finishes.

The cons

There are not so many disadvantages that we can find in brushed nickel. But one of the downside you may need to consider is that brushed nickel framed bathroom mirror tends to be pricier than the chrome finished ones. Also, unlike oil rubbed bronze or polished brass, brushed nickel tends to blend in with the environment instead of being a statement piece.

Now that you know the pros and cons, you can see why a lot of people choose to use brushed nickel framed mirror compared to other metal finishes. So what do you think? Are you ready to install them in your bathroom?

4 Reasons Why Stainless Steel Pendant Light is Perfect for Home Kitchen

When it comes to choosing pendant light kitchen, there are many materials out there in the market, from plastic, metals, or even wood and other natural materials. We may find a hard time choosing the right material for our kitchen. One of the easiest ways to pick pendant lights is by choosing the one that has the same material or finishes as the other appliances and fixtures in the room.

Stainless steel pendant light kitchen has always been the most popular ones. Not only because a lot of homeowners love stainless steel kitchen appliances and therefore opt for a stainless steel pendant light as well, but also because of these reasons below.

Easy maintenance

If you haven’t noticed, stainless steel is a wonderful metal alloy. Not only it is strong and thus will not crack or chip easily, but stainless steel can also retain its shine even after years of hard work. The best part of using stainless steel pendant light is the fact that it is very easy to clean. You can easily wipe any dust and grease off using a soft cloth and a mixture of liquid dishwashing soap and water. Stainless steel will not develop any water spot or stains.

It is rust-free and therefore, durable

Stainless steel is a metal alloy with a small percentage of chromium. When oxidized, chromium will form a thin film covering the metal’s surface, therefore protecting the steel from the air, water, and everything. This chromium film makes the steel rust free and lasts for a really long time.

Stainless Steel is not a reactive metal

Unlike iron and aluminium, stainless steel is a non-reactive metal alloy. It will not create a chemical hazard that may send you or your family to the nearest hospital. The stainless steel pendant light kitchen will not react when exposed to acidic food ingredients. Although it is highly unlikely to get acidic food on your pendant lights, but it never hurts to be prepared for the worst so you can ease your mind and stop worrying.

It gives a professional kitchen look

Since stainless steel is such an incredible material, it makes perfect sense if they’re being used a lot in the professional kitchen. And somehow, stainless steel appliances and fixtures have become the staple of a professional kitchen. So if you like the sleek and simple look of a professional kitchen, choose stainless steel pendant light kitchen. However, you may need to use the ones with a simple design if you want to maintain the professional kitchen look.

Stainless steel pendant light kitchen is a truly reasonable choice for you who actually want to use your kitchen on regular basis. It’s durable, low maintenance and easy to clean characteristics are the main benefits that may seem attractive to you. However, stainless steel pendant light may blend in with its surroundings and therefore it can’t be a statement piece in your kitchen. So if you want your kitchen light to stand out more, you need to choose something other than stainless steel.

Luxury Golden Tones Bathroom Faucet Ideas That Full Of Charm and Sophistication

Just as a faucet is an important design element in a bathroom, so is its finish. People don’t usually spend a lot of time choosing small items as faucet for their bathroom, whereas small details like these often can fundamentally change the look and feel of the room. There are plenty of choices—nickel, chrome, brass, bronze, stainless, to name a few— but brushed gold bathroom faucet has a rather simple design, with friendly curved lines and a beautiful shape.

Bathroom faucets with golden tones could be a very elegant addition to a bathroom, either modern or a more traditional one. These faucets can add a stylish touch to your space. Its variety in designs, styles, and features allow you to dress up and personalize your space.

Do you think is it time to reconsider gold in your bathroom? A peek into these luxuries brushed gold bathroom faucet ideas is all you need to see that gold is the odd man out.

Think of faucets as bathroom bling and choose one which marries brushed gold coolness and the warmth of ornate sink like this one. This brushed gold faucet makes a unique style statement.

Wall mounted faucet with gold tones doesn’t just suit a bathroom with vintage decor—it’s also stylish on modern bathroom.

If you have a bathroom design which has a simple look, you could go with a golden finish for your bathroom faucet. With its elegant brushed rose gold hues, this faucet adds sophistication to the modern bathroom.

Brushed gold bathroom faucet when paired with almond hues can provide a pop of warmth and exclusive pedigree that are ideal for most bathroom sinks.

Let’s not overlook gold hues, which can look good on anything. The bright golden brown hues in this bathroom faucet and glass sink provide a nice visual contrast to the surrounding space.

Instead of classic green undertones, today’s bathroom fixtures are warmer with gold tones, like this single faucet. This brushed gold faucet adds a pop of color to a simple bathroom.

Harmony is the key in pulling the look of all-white bathroom with chic gold accents together that will make a space feel more inviting.

Fixtures with golden tones can look indulgent in the bath, too. This brushed gold modern faucet enhances the faucet’s traditional tones while providing a nice contrast with its modern design.

A big trend is applying old-world finishes such as gold hues to modern faucet shapes. Adding a brushed gold bathroom faucet with elegant style can bring unique charm to your space.

You can use more than one finish in the same faucet—multiple finishes add dimension and contrast. A combination finish offer a unique look that can be a cost-effective way of making a change in your bathroom.

Things to Consider before Buying Chandelier for Your Dining Room

Dining room is an important part of house. People enjoy meals together with their family and friends, discuss many things, have meetings, and even work in this room. This is why some people put more efforts to make their dining room look homey and presentable.

People who have traditional-styled house usually bring the traditional look inside. Traditional-type dining room is always classic and classy. If you have traditional interior for your dining room, you may want to have a traditional chandelier too, as it can enhance the antique and romantic look of the room. Before buying traditional chandelier for dining rooms, below are some considerations to take notes of.

Dimension and ceiling height

The first aspect you should ruminate before buying a chandelier is the size of your dining room. Considering how wide and tall the room is helps us in choosing the suitable size of the chandelier to make it look perfectly and proportionally fit in the room.

Chandelier is usually installed in the centre of the room, right above the dining table. If the room is quite extensive, you may want to add one or two more chandeliers. For rooms which have low ceiling, chandeliers with more spread-apart arms like Hudson Valley’s Jefferson Six Light Chandelier can be a satisfying choice. Its long arms also make the ceiling look larger. On the other hand, for rooms which have pretty high ceiling, you can choose chandeliers with longer pendants. Table lamps or candles on the dining table will complement the whole look, making the ceiling seem not too high.


When talking about traditional style, most people often refer to the French or English ones. A room decorated in this style is usually symmetrical, with curves accent on the ornate wooden furniture. Crystal chandelier is always best for traditional-styled dining room. Or, curvy chandeliers with antique bronze finish also complement the tone of traditional dining rooms which is filled with dark brown wooden furniture.

Additional lamps

Chandelier acts as the centre light that provides main lighting for the room. However, sometimes chandeliers are not bright enough to give ambient lighting that illuminates the whole room. Additional lightings such as wall sconces and table lamps are often needed to help cover up spots that the chandelier misses.


When choosing to have traditional chandelier for dining rooms, it is important to make sure it has dimmer switches, which is the essential part of chandelier, in order to make it multifunctional. You can turn on the lamps full blast for brighter look, or you can have them dimmed to get more romantic and traditional look.

Putting Crystal Chandelier in Your bathroom? Why Not?

You might be considering a bathroom crystal chandelier if you seek for that elegant look in your bathroom. And of course, a chandelier can work really well in giving your room that sophisticated feeling. It can highlight your fancy tub and makes your grooming experience feels even more luxurious. A crystal chandelier can also add a statement to your bathroom, giving it that special feeling.

Yet hanging a crystal chandelier can’t be done in all kind of bathroom. You need to consider a few things before deciding to install a bathroom crystal chandelier.

How big is your bathroom?

Crystal chandeliers are usually big. Therefore, it will take up more space in your bathroom. To avoid making your bathroom looks cramped, you have to make sure that your chandelier has the right size. Some expert suggests that to install a bathroom crystal chandelier, you need to have at least a 100 feet bathroom.

How high is your bathroom ceiling?

Installing a bathroom crystal chandelier can’t be done recklessly. You need to adhere to the local and national regulation and put your chandelier at least 8 feet above the tub and 3 feet from the tub. This regulation is there for your safety, so there is no reason to disobey it. Therefore, you need to consider the height of your ceiling and make sure that your bathroom crystal chandelier hangs 8 feet above the tub.

Is your chandelier the right one?

There are so many kinds of crystal chandelier you can choose to put in your bathroom. You need to choose a chandelier that has the same materials as your other fixtures in the bathroom. For example, if you use a chrome crystal chandelier, you need to use similar materials for your faucet and shower. Another thing you ought to consider is the electrical factors. Make sure that your crystal chandelier is rated for a wet environment and you use electrical cords that are waterproof or weather-proof. Also, ask your electrician to connect all the electrical fixtures in your bathroom to a GFCI-rated outlet to avoid an unwanted accident.

Hanging a bathroom crystal chandelier may need several considerations compared to a flush mount lighting fixtures. But the end result is definitely worth it. If you’re looking for a luxurious bathroom, crystal chandelier can be the answer.

8 Aluminum Dining Set Ideas for Your Outdoor Dinner

Aluminum dining set is a perfect choice for your outdoor dining. It creates a cozy place surrounded by natural beauty. This is the best choice for outdoor furniture since it strong enough and low maintenance.

Aluminum also comes in different styles and finishes and you would surely find one that fits your style. Here are eight aluminum dining set ideas to make your outdoor dinner more enjoyable!

Round Aluminum Dining Set

A round dining set that is perfect for enjoying meal outdoor with your little family. This traditional set will be in style for years to come due to its durability.

White Aluminum Dining Set

Add this white aluminum dining set if you want to have sleek and stylish look to your dining set. A perfect choice for you who want a different color other than black.

Oval Aluminum Dining Set

This oval aluminum dining set will bring elegance to your deck or patio. With this material, you don’t need to worry when the winter or rainy season come since it weather-resistant.

Rectangular Aluminum Dining Set

You can enjoy a tasty meal and shared out in the fresh air with this rectangular aluminum dining set. The neutral color makes it flexible to customize the color of cushions that you want.

Bronze Aluminum Dining Set

Make your dining set look elegant with this bronze aluminum dining set. You can add weather-resistant cushions to make sitting more comfortable.

Aluminum Dining Set with Patio Umbrella

If you want an extraordinary dining set, you can go with this one. It comes with a patio umbrella that will make your dining set look more comfortable and stylish.

Brown Aluminum Dining Set

With its classic design, this aluminum dining set will make a perfect space for a good conversation with friends and family. This aluminum is an affordable option that can deliver the very things you are looking for.

Round White Aluminum Dining Set

The beautiful color and design will give a premier luxury vibe to your dining set. This aluminum material is very lightweight in nature. You will never regret investing money on this outdoor furniture.

How to Style Your Living Room with Leather Sofas and Loveseats

Working with classic furniture like leather is quite tricky. Although it is true that classic leather sofas and loveseats can be paired with so many things, but if you carelessly style them, you might waste their true potential. Expensive leather sofas and loveseats will seem lifeless and cheap if you don’t know how to style them properly. To avoid that nightmare, here are several ways you can style and pair your leather sofas and loveseats. Take notes that in the end, everything goes back to your creativity and aesthetic taste, but this may give you inspirations.

Exotic rug

Leather sofas and loveseats will look absolutely gorgeous and classy when paired with an exotic or ethnic rug. You can use Moroccan rug that goes well with everything, or kilim rug, or even a low-pile rug with exotic patterns. Be creative with your rug, since your sofas have no pattern, you have more freedom to play with a patterned rug.

Light neutral or rich bold colours

There are two ways that you can enhance the look of your leather sofas and loveseats. The first one is by using light neutral colours such as warm ivory, beige, cream, or white. These neutral colours will soften the look of your leather sofas and lighten up the whole room. The second is by using rich bold colours like a blue peacock or deep grey to create a classy and elegant look of your leather sofas, and the whole living room.

A touch of wood

Nothing goes better with leather sofas and loveseats than wooden furniture. Wooden coffee table or bookshelf will give your room a more natural feeling. It will also create a warmer look so your guests or family feel more welcomed.

Bright pillows

Leather sofas and loveseats typically come with natural or soft colours. Pair them with bright patterned pillows to lighten up the mood of your living room. You can even switch colours seasonally, according to your mood and taste.

Kitchen Faucets Grohe Ideas That Will Infuse Your Kitchen with Lots of Personality

Are you considering kitchen makeover for redesigning an existing one, or just looking to add some visual impact with new fixture? If so, then simply changing the faucet can have a dramatic effect on the look and feel of your kitchen. From filling the kettle to rinsing vegetables, the kitchen faucet is the hardest working piece of equipment in the home.

A kitchen faucet should be chosen for its perfect balance of design and function, and kitchen faucets grohe, with its powerful features and delicate design can fulfill it all. These days there tends to be a trend towards a minimalist style design and the kitchen faucets grohe while being fashionable and stylish on the sinks don’t really jump out at you as being outlandish.

Here are some ultra-modern kitchen faucets grohe ideas that you need to check out to help you find the one that will change the looks of your kitchen.

Here is an ultra-modern faucet grohe that will add a dramatic effect on your sink area. Modern, attractive and versatile, this faucet features a locking, dual spray pull-down with an integrated minimalist spray head.

Equipped with professional looks and professional-level features, this simply unique faucet will make a one-of-a-kind statement in your kitchen.

If you want an artistic type look to your ultra-modern kitchen setup, then this single handle sparkling chrome kitchen faucet grohe idea might be your ideal taste.

Great in design and interesting in looks, this faucet grohe consisting of a series of cylinders, an arched or medium height spout rises elegantly from the sink. Its modern technology enables fingertip control of water flow and temperature.

If you are after kitchen faucet with subtle looks then, consider take a peek at this super minimalist design. It is simplistic yet will make a nice appearance statement in a kitchen with any style.

For those of you that are into traditional look, the traditional yet still ultra-modern styling of this two-handle faucet allows it to adapt to your kitchen environment with any style.

If you prefer things with urban design, then this may be exactly the type of kitchen faucet grohe you or looking for. The best thing about this look is it is both bold and simple at the same time.

Just don’t mistake the conservative looks of this two-handle faucet as not being able to fit into an ultra-modern kitchen design because it is used all the times in ultramodern style kitchens.

This is another very nice looking and stylish faucet grohe that will not only give your kitchen modern appeal, but also offers strength and ease of use.

The flat metal look of this stainless steel faucet goes nicely accents the sink area, but still blends in with the other surroundings without standing out.