Get These Narrow Depth Bathroom Vanities To Make Your Small Bathroom Look More Spacious

When it comes to bathrooms, there are some things that can help define your space, you know, like a vanity. Don’t take home just any vanity —it’s important for you to find the perfect one for your bathroom that not only looks great, but also has all the functionality you need.

If your bathroom is one of those with tight spaces, 16 inch deep bathroom vanities can be an efficient and attractive solution for your storage and primping needs. Narrow deep bathroom vanities can refresh your bathroom, offering big style without overtaking the room and making it appear larger as well as more modern.

If you need some inspiration on some vanities that can squeeze into the smallest of spaces, check out these space-saving bathroom vanity ideas that may be fit for your small bathroom.

If you have a small bathroom, this 16 inch deep vanity with classical beauty style saves just enough space, makes it perfect for a narrow bathroom.

At 16″ deep, this stylish vanity is a bit shallow than some, but it felt worth including because it has clean, elegant lines and a very modern finish drawers, which is a real boon for organizing in a small space.

Here’s an attractive, well-crafted 16 inch deep bathroom vanity with intricate design details and distressed finish that will work well with small modern bathrooms.

If you’re looking for a tight space-friendly vanity that still looks great, this vanity has a simple, clean style that will look great in your bathroom while freeing up the room for other bathroom features.

If your home has an old-world vibe with lots of rich wood accents, this space-saving 16 inch deep vanity has a striking wooden exterior that will complement your existing decor, all while being incredibly functional.

Made from high-quality materials and is very sturdy, this narrow depth vanity has impressive drawers, all with soft-close mechanism to prevent slamming. You will absolutely adore this stunning vanity.

This 16″ deep vanity constructed from solid hardwood with a rich sleek finish features a beautiful marble countertop and integrated sink. It has a nice blend of traditional meets modern that showcases an industrial style.

This beautifully made small vanity has an attractive, modern look, and the attached underneath shelf with a nice touch that will fit in with just about any style.

Made of medium-density fiberboard with a ceramic countertop, this simple but elegant vanity is incredibly functional—make it the perfect addition to your traditional home.

Make your eclectic bathroom stand out by this 16 inch deep bathroom vanity. It has a chic, modern look that will lend a touch of elegance to your bathroom space.

Best Material Options for Your Raised Garden Bed Frame

Aside from aesthetic purpose, raised garden bed is actually quite a practical solution to numerous garden problems. From poor to no soil, poor drainage, erosion and soil compaction, a raised garden bed can provide an answer. Therefore, homeowners that dream of having their own garden may consider getting them. It is also typically easy to DIY as well. But before you go make your own raised garden bed, you may want to check the materials for a raised garden bed frame, as each material have their own pros and cons that you may want to consider.


Wood is a great raised garden bed frame material. It is easy to install, easy to get, looks really nice, blends really well with the garden, and very cheap. All these qualities make wood the most common material for raised garden bed. However, wood won’t last forever as it will rot and decay at some point so you will have to replace them. But it shouldn’t be a big deal since untreated wood itself can last up to 10 years and treated wood can last even longer.


The second most common material for raised garden bed frame is concrete. Once it looks very basic and uninteresting, but lately, concrete is being perceived as chic and trendy. The basic look makes concrete blend easily to its surroundings and can even be used for a lot of styles. Unlike wood, concrete can last forever so you don’t have to change them indefinitely. But concrete is not very easy to install so you may want to hire a professional help and it may cost you quite a lot.


Rock is an easy material to work with if you’re a DIY kind of person. You can easily make shapes and move them around, so rock has a lot of flexibility to it. However, as it is easily built and stacked, it is also a non-permanent construction.


Although steel can look very artistic and beautiful, this material is not one that you can handle yourself. You have to hire a professional for steel raised garden bed installation. It is also not cheap and has several downsides such as it may warm your soil and kill your thermal sensitive plants, or it may develop corrosion when you live near the ocean.

There are many other raised garden bed frame materials that you can look up in stores. However, you have to first understand each material’s pros and cons before deciding on one.

Gorgeous Cape Cod Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Get You Inspired

Kitchen is one of a place in home that often becomes the hub of the family home to gather and share special moments together. For that reason, you need to make the most of space you have by create a multifunctional and aesthetically appealing kitchen. If you’re planning a kitchen remodel and you prefer a casually elegant design, then Cape Cod design might be just for you.

Cape Cod design is famous for ample window exposure and seaside color palettes. Its white accents, shaker style cabinets, subway tile and granite countertops are the charming adornments of Cape Cod design. Crisp, airy and spacious, having a makeover in your kitchen with cape cod kitchen remodel will ultimately make your space feel home sweet home.

Get the inspiration you need for Cape Cod kitchen design with our compilation ideas, and get ready to create a comfortable and elegant kitchen design in your home.

This Cape Cod kitchen remodel idea gets the space packed with personality, resulting in an earthy kitchen with character and efficiency. Its style balances more modern accents for an eclectic feel.

Remodel your kitchen with this stunning Cape Cod design idea. Airy layouts, nautical themes, and overall comfortable feel are all hallmarks of this Cape Cod-style idea.

This Cape Cod kitchen remodel idea featured with furniture that are casually comfortable, but constructed from high-quality materials. It has nautical designs that reflect the seaside heritage of Cape Cod.

Here is a coastal-inspired kitchen remodel idea for seaside-dwelling homeowners—or even those land-lubbers who simply want to be reminded of the sea in their own personalized kitchen.

When you choose the flooring for your Cape Cod kitchen remodel, tile is often an excellent choice due to its durability to stand up to years of daily use. Tile with nautical or ocean-inspired designs can add visual interest.

Not only welcoming and classic at the same time, this Cape Cod-style kitchen design idea also featured with nice drawers and roll-out trays for the ease of use and added room.

Color schemes play important role in Cape Cod kitchen designs that tend to be bright and welcoming spaces. Give a shot to this Cape Cod design idea with a custom look that bring a touch of whimsy to the eclectic kitchen.

This unique Cape Cod kitchen design is a combination of stock cabinetry and a countertop fashioned from concrete slab. This contrast combination resulted in a perfect food-prep area.

This once-cramped kitchen underwent an amazing transformation by doing Cape Cod kitchen remodel. The high-end, modern chandelier invites elegancy, while the vintage-style ceiling balances the kitchen’s contemporary flair.

If you want to remodel your kitchen with functional cape cod design that had a fun and spirited personality, this idea mixed modern elements such as stainless-steel appliance with traditional ones such as apron-front sink that keeping the kitchen feels bright and open.

Functional Home Office Design Ideas You Will Love

Designing or remodelling home office is actually quite exciting. It refreshes the room and at the same time boosts our mood and energy to work. There are so many ideas you can apply to your home office, but not all of them actually functional or even practical. Instead of putting too much decoration or stuff that we thought can be necessary but turns out unused at all, we may need to sort those office design ideas first and stick to the ones that are actually functional. So here are some functional design ideas you may want to consider.

Play with board

You can use a chalkboard, whiteboard, or even corkboard. These boards will help you while brainstorming by providing a blank space to write or draw your ideas and thoughts. And of course, you can play around with boards as well. Maybe cover the entire wall with chalkboard so you can draw big mural or write long equation you need to solve. Use your creativity and play around with boards!

Facing the window

Placing your desk facing the window can give a lot of benefits for you. Not only the scenery will keep you refreshed, but it will also provide you with necessary natural light. A large window will be especially necessary if you work as a photographer or just love taking photos, the desk can double as a mini studio with natural light.

Replace table lamp with wall sconces

Table lamp may be the staple of any office desk, but you can always take another route. Wall sconces can provide a better alternative since it will free up more space on the table. You can choose the arm swing wall sconces model and you will have the freedom to move them any way you like.

Choose a bright yet soft colour

When choosing the wall colour for your home office, bright soft colour may be the best option. Because this colour will keep you refreshed and focus because it will not distract you. Think white, beige,  sky blue, or soft grey.

Rustic Bathroom Vanity Ideas For A Cozy Bath Refresh

A great first step of designing your ideal bathroom is to decide the theme that will bring your bath dream to life. One theme that is quickly trending is the rustic look in bathroom vanity. Think about 36 inch rustic bathroom vanity made of natural material, a vintage freestanding tub, and open shelving for a relaxed feel in your bathroom can be quite astonishing.

These classic vanities not only do tend to stand out of the crowd and have quite amazing visuals, but it is also designed to last for a very long time. There are a huge range of high quality rustic bathroom vanities with unique features out there that you will definitely appreciate the value that they can deliver. We have a list of some of the best 36 inch rustic bathroom vanity ideas to help you get inspired. So do check them out and you will love the experience.

The ultimate rustic bathroom is part industrial, part country, and part modern. In this excellent rustic bathroom vanity, the balance could be found from top to bottom.
The combination of a beautiful modern vanity with rustic style is what gives a bathroom that rural look, while maintaining modern sensibilities.

You don’t have to paint an older vanity only to make it look cool. A 36 inch weathered gray bathroom vanity with the rustic appearance and a natural oak finish can still definitely impress everyone.

This rustic vessel chest vanity oozes elegance with a hammered coppered vessel sink, stunning brass accents and a plumbing cut out drawer.

These adorable his and her rustic bathroom vanity, with wall lamp sconces and concrete slab countertops adds charm to any home looking for a traditional rural atmosphere.
Here we have 36 inch antler style rustic bathroom vanity that can complement a home with vintage design. This model is very simple, pretty and cozy.

Go back to basic with a simple rustic bathroom vanity could be the best option for your bathroom. This type vanity not only work really well, but it also offer that great sense of ideas and an incredible investment too.

If you’re not a fan of whitewashed finish, you can opt for this simple rustic look. This charming 36 inch rustic bathroom vanity showcases a marble top and a white ceramic sink, giving this washroom vanity a timeless appearance.

Sometimes rustic bathroom vanities need to be colorful. The great thing about this rustic vanity is certainly the messy blue paint, which does stand out quite a lot—an antique looking rustic vanity that embodies the distressed look.

A mixture of rustic and modern style with the wooden vanity consisting of inset drawers and shelving, makes this bathroom an attractive contrast.

Choose These Small Pendant Lights To Make Your Space Look Spacious

Lighting is an essential part for your spaces that if selected properly, better lighting can give your small space an impression that will make it feel larger than its actual size. Small pendant lights is one of the best lighting solutions and designs that can save space in your room and give your room the illusion of feeling bigger and airy.

Pendant lights provides a very soothing effect that can give your bedroom, kitchen area or even bathroom a modern look with its sleek shapes and finishes. Now take a look at our small pendant lights ideas compilation that can definitely help you pick the one that will visually extend your small space.

If you want to add an eye-catching lighting fixture in your living room, you need these statement small pendants with clean and minimal design.

Hanging small pendant lights in your kitchen not only has aesthetic impact, but its perfect lighting can also make your cooking routine much easier.

If you use a lot of color as your living room decoration, try to add contrast with white nickel pendants that are neutral without making your space looking boring or cheap.

Never underestimate the role of pendant lighting in your bathroom. This mini fixture can add a statement and brighten up your bathroom without costing you a fortune.
The pops of yellow that coming out of these small modern led pendant lights can wake up your warm space.

These small pendant lights will draw the eye up and down, emphasizing the room’s height and brighten up the space while keep it feeling modern.

If you want to update your existing bathroom design without shelling out serious money, consider adding these elegant and classy small pendant lights to enhance your bathroom decor.

Balance rustic and modern with these industrial small pendants lights that will help to ground your plain breakfast nook.

Try a long pendant hanging from the ceiling for your bedside lighting that will make a statement to your room.

You’ll probably want to go for matching small pendant lights, neutral lampshades for your bedroom with its simplistic furnishing to give it more space and air.

Granite Kindred Kitchen Sinks: What You Need To Know

Granite sinks are one of the most common sinks we can find in people’s homes. This type of sink is made out of hard stone, composed of natural granite particles or crushed granites and hard acrylic polymer or glue. This composition creates the perfect material, aside of stainless steel, for typical home usage. Granite sinks are resistant to scratching and chipping, therefore, they are quite durable.

Kindred is a brand under the Franke Group, a big company that manufacture home and living appliances for over a century. And granite kindred kitchen sinks is one of their most popular product. It came under two different series: Amera and Mythos. You can learn more about their products through their website Now before you head to the store, there are several things that you need to know about Granite Kindred Kitchen Sinks.

What is granite?

Granite is a form of natural rock that is hard and very dense. The one that Kindred use for their sink is made out of granite chunks bonded with the polymer. This material is designed to withstand everyday usage with high durability.

Styles and colours

Granite Kindred kitchen sinks came with two different mounting, top-mount and under-mount, with many different colours available for you to choose. They also have the single bowl and double bowls options so you can easily choose what you need.

How to clean

Cleaning kindred kitchen sink is easy. All you need is to wash it with a soft cloth and liquid dishwashing soap. But make sure that you use clean, plain water to make sure that it won’t leave mineral residues. Most marks on your granite Kindred kitchen sink can be washed away using liquid or cream cleanser and hot water. Rub the surface gently with scotchbrite pad for stubborn marks. Dry them afterwards with dry towels after cleaning. Make sure they are really dry to prevent limescale.

Will it stain?

Yes, granite kindred kitchen sink can stain due to improper maintenance and hard water usage. When you use hard water, make sure to dry towel your sink after use and not leave and water spots. Because when there are water spots behind, as the water evaporates, it will leave a residue of minerals on your sink surface. With time, this mineral residue will accumulate and create limescale that will retain any staining agent like tea, coffee, and so on.

Things you can’t do to your kindred kitchen sink

Don’t use metal, wool or wire scouring pads, it will leave iron residue behind and create corrosion in your sink. Don’t use chlorine bleach on your sink, or any sink at all. You can put diluted bleach, or product that contains bleach, but immediately rinse your sink after or you will risk ruining the granite’s appearance.

Granite kindred kitchen sink has long been known as one of the best kitchen sinks in the market. The bucks you spend on these sinks is definitely worth it since Kindred use high-quality material that is durable and easy to maintain. Just make sure to follow their cleaning and maintenance instructions.

How to Get Your Traditional Chandeliers for Dining Rooms Right

When it comes to dining room lighting plan, we will be faced with a lot of options and it may feel overwhelming. The best way to deal with these abundant options is by tackling it one by one. Let’s start off with ceiling mounted lights, what kind of fixture do you want? The classic and most popular one is traditional crystal chandelier. It will grace your dining room with such a classy and elegant ambience.

However, traditional chandeliers for dining rooms need to be well thought out. So before you choose and hang traditional chandelier for your dining room, you may want to figure these aspects first.


To get the perfect traditional chandeliers for dining rooms, you have to first know the measurement of your room and your dining table so you can decide how big your chandelier should be. As a rule of thumb, you may want to keep your chandelier width to be around half or two-thirds of the dining table’s width.


The dining room and dining table measurement will be an important factor to decide how high you should hang the chandelier as well. Typically, traditional chandeliers for dining rooms are hanged around 28 to 34 inches above the dining table. But you have to adjust them to create the right balance in your dining room.


When you already have the perfect traditional chandeliers for dining rooms, the next thing you need to consider is where to place them. You may be tempted to hang your chandelier right in the centre of your dining room. But this is not a good move since you will make the room look weird and scattered. You may want to keep the chandelier at the centre on your dining table, so it creates a good focal point and highlight the room’s function.


Remember, the chandelier is not the only light source in your room. And you don’t have to use them as the main source of lighting in your room. You can use the chandelier for other functions, such as ambient light, task light, or accent light. Know the function you want to assign to the chandelier, and create a good lighting plan to balance out your dining room.

Purchasing the Perfect Adjustable Bar Stool with Modern Design

For some people, choosing modern adjustable bar stool can be quite a work. It sounds easy to hear but if you don’t think about it very carefully, you’ll end up wandering around from store to store not knowing what to buy.

One most important thing is to come up with bar stools that fit the design and elegance of your whole interior design. Surely, a nice bar stool is a good space-saver and cool furniture to decorate a small room.

This article tells you about the modern adjustable bar stool that’s beneficial for your need. So, read on to get the insight of what the perfect bar stool can be before going out to buy some.

Why modern adjustable bar stool is the best

Another thing to consider when you buy a set of bar stools for your restaurant or home bar is measuring the right height of it compared to the table or counter you have already at home. The comfortable bar stool usually has 9” to 12” gap between the seat and the table.

By purchasing bar stools with adjusting knob, you don’t have to worry about the height of it. This is because you can always readjust how tall it is depending on who will sit on it. So, no matter how short or tall you and your guests are, one kind of adjustable bar stools can fit all.

Choosing the perfect adjustable bar stool

When buying something, you need to ask some questions to yourself. What will you do with the bar stool? Is it for your home or for commercial use in your bar or restaurant? How do you want your bar stool to look like?

While wooden bar stool may be best for traditional and rustic look, leather one is more elegant and looks more extravagant. Cushioned seating and backrest adds more comfort to most people, and some prefer bar stools with arm rests. Matching colors of your bar stools and the table and the entire room is also a great idea.

There is much to think about before you go out and buy some bar stools. At the end of the day, choosing the right bar stool is more than having a good seat to sit on as it always has more than one value.

So, what kind of bar stool catches your eyes? Even if it looks good and satisfying to the eyes, comfort and durability are two important points that you should keep in mind.

Update Your Kitchen and Get a Fresh Look with These Kitchen Remodeling Oklahoma City Ideas

Do you have a kitchen with old look that in need of a remodel? Your kitchen is probably the most used room in your house, so you want it to be a space you enjoy spending time in. If you have been dreaming of that new look of your kitchen forever, now is the time. You can try modernizing your kitchen by resurface your cabinets and counters, refreshing your backsplashes or redoing the tile floor, designing your kitchen with a more open plan. In this case, kitchen remodel OKC can give you the kitchen makeover of your dreams.

Remodeling your kitchen with Oklahoma City designs is a great way to add value to your kitchen and add functionality to this room that you use every day. If you are interested in a complete kitchen remodel OKC or simply changing out your kitchen countertops, check out our picks on some of best kitchen remodel OKC inspiration and gain insight about the options that can fit your design preference and lifestyle.
Create a creative transitional space by transforming your very dated kitchen’s layout and adding contemporary texture with this OKC remodel idea to make your space beautiful, welcoming, and be one of a kind kitchen!

If you want an OKC remodel with simple shaker style and to stay with the woodwork throughout the kitchen, this one can boast the look of your kitchen area.

From sturdy countertops and functional appliances to nice sinks, perfect lighting and everything in between, this kitchen remodel idea resulting in a stunning kitchen makeover.

Here is a unique kitchen remodel OKC idea that you could add to your list. A glazed backsplash and weathered oak furniture feel sleek and sexy in this kitchen look.

Consider choosing the color of wall paint and tiles that festive, as example adding a bright pop of yellow to break up the all-white cabinetry.

Take light green and white to the next level with a vibrant burst of cobalt. The look of this OKC remodel idea makes a statement but still feels classic.

Move beyond the aesthetics of the material for your kitchen remodel with something like this kitchen remodeling Oklahoma City idea. Future personalized modern kitchen goals.

For a glam but gender-neutral color scheme, opt for brass and color with warm tone as your OKC remodel theme like this one. This kitchen remodel idea also offers cozy seating.

The style of OKC remodel you select should be a natural fit in your kitchen while appealing to the look you want. This neutral kitchen idea gets beautiful contrast mix of black and white; make the look feel clean and elegant.

Though the color palette of this OKC remodel idea is neutral, this muted kitchen style gets its cool factor thanks to the fixtures and mixed metals.

6 Reasons Why You Should Add Ceiling Fan Light Kit to Your Home

Have you ever saw a beautiful lighting in a picture and wished that you could create the same lighting effect in your home? A perfect ceiling fan lighting can help you to make your dream comes true.

Not only it will be the focal point of your home, but ceiling fan lighting also can help make your life better with all of the advantages. Here are several advantages that will you get if you’re installing ceiling fan light kit to your home.

You can create a stylish and functional space

The ceiling fan kits are available in a variety of styles such as a farmhouse, industrial, and rustic that will fit any of your home décors. Just choose one that matches your home décor, the perfect kit will help your ceiling fan serve as a beautiful element of your interior design.

You can save your money

Unlike air conditioners, ceiling fans don’t lower a room’s temperature or remove humidity from the air. But you can boost your comfort level and save energy and money by using ceiling fans and turning off the air conditioning when possible.

You can get better illumination in your room

The ceiling fan lighting may be perfect if you want to refresh the overall look to your room. It will provide you with ample lighting and illumination. You just need to choose the type of light shade the center kit that match your specific needs.

It available with remotes

Some light kits are available with handheld remotes, which allow you to operate from anywhere in the room. It is very convenient and useful because you’re not only can operate it from the remote but also from your smartphone.

You can match it with your aesthetic

Light kits are available in many different options, which enable you to choose one that matches your specific aesthetic. Or you can also choose the one that matches your existing finishes in your room, such as bronze, brass, brushed nickel, black or white.

It is available for indoor and outdoor use

Several light kits are suitable for wet-listed fans in outdoor areas, as well as for indoor use. Adding lighting kit in your outdoor area will make your space feel warm and cozy. While for you outdoor, it will give you plenty of light as well as versatile styling.

Here’s Why You Need to Have That Antique Brass Lighting in Your Bathroom

We all know how beautiful and enchanting antique brass bathroom lighting can be.  This fixture radiates class and luxury in the right amount. Not too fancy yet still reminds us of a luxurious vintage bathroom. We may then find ourselves desiring this fixture yet still hesitant to put metals in a wet area such as the bathroom. Well, doubt no more. Here are the reasons why you need that beautiful antique brass bathroom light.

Brass is getting more and more popular in home design

If you scroll through bathroom design inspiration pictures, you will find a lot of them incorporates brass fixtures. Brass faucet, brass lightings, or even brass rimmed mirror can be seen easily being used in the bathroom. This alloy is getting popular and it is totally understandable since brass has a very beautiful finish and can amp up the look of your bathroom.

It gives a warm and vintage feeling to your bathroom

Every metal has its own characteristics that can give different impression to the room. As for brass, this metal can give warm and vintage look yet still have a touch of contemporary feeling since brass typically looks like a toned down version of gold. Hence, antique brass bathroom lighting is the right fixture for those of you who want a modern bathroom with a slight vintage touch.

Brass is not too hard to maintain

Just like any other metal, brass may develop water spots and shows sign of age as time goes by. But brass is typically not a tough metal to handle. You can always choose antique brass bathroom lighting with a lacquered finish to seal the surface and prevent it from ageing significantly. But you can also rock the unlacquered brass to have a living finish on your bathroom. Think of each spot as stories that the fixtures have earned throughout the year.

You can easily pair brass with any bathroom design

Be it modern, vintage, rustic or farmhouse, brass can go along with any bathroom design. Thanks to its slight contemporary look, brass can easily be mixed and matched. You can also pair brass with a lot of colours. Try navy, grey, or white for starters. But you can always explore more colours to suit your taste.

See? The brass really is a good choice. Wipe that doubt off of your mind and get that antique brass bathroom lighting you’ve been eyeing.

5 Ideal Places to Hang Your Large Globe Pendant Lighting

As a fan of uniquely designed light fixtures, a large globe pendant might catch your attention. This fixture has an odd nostalgic feeling to it, yet we can also find some that have contemporary design and concept. Large globe pendant can surely add a statement to your room. And with recent trends, you can actually put this piece of pendant lighting in other rooms beside the usual living room. Here’s our guide on how to hang your globe pendant lighting in different rooms.


Don’t shy away from a large globe pendant lighting when it comes to your room. You can hang it at the foot of your bed or in the middle of the bedroom. This will add a warm and nostalgic feeling to your room. Don’t forget to put it on a dimmer so you can set the ambience of the room.


Large globe pendant lighting can surely make your kitchen look rather edgy and classy. Choose a clear glass globe pendant lighting to create a more romantic feeling or the ones with a tiny pattern to give soothing ambience. Your cooking experience with loved ones might be ten times better as the light fixture already set the mood right.

Dining room

Just how large globe pendant lighting can set the mood in your kitchen, it can also set the mood in your dining room. Put it on a dimmer and you can control how you want the lights to work, whether to set an ambience or to highlight your dining table where you’re currently working at, or even to light up the entire room.


Never hesitate to put a statement light fixtures in your bathroom. This place should be where you feel most comfortable in your home. Therefore, large globe pendant lighting can create wonder in your bathroom. Hang it in the middle of the room or above your tub.


A patio is a place for you to hang out with your loved ones after a long tiring day. Therefore, you might want to create a good ambience that set the mood for nice talks and drinks. Large globe pendant lighting can surely do the job. Put a large one above the coffee table and enjoy your night with your family and friends.

Overall, large globe pendant lighting is not a tricky light fixture to work with. As long as it matches your room design, you can surely hang them around. The round shape can also balance the straight lines in your room and give it more flow.

The Star of a Professional Kitchen: Complete Guides on Kitchen Island Hoods

When remodelling your kitchen, you may not think of getting a kitchen hood just because it seems unnecessary and you can get by without them. While that may be true for some people who don’t cook much or has an open outdoor kitchen, but kitchen range hood is a must for some household, especially for kitchens with an awful ventilation system. Grease, odour and smoke may get trapped inside and it can cause several problems in your kitchen. The worst thing that can happen because you didn’t install a proper kitchen hood is carbon intoxication and fat grease that got stuck all over your kitchen.

So before you get caught on those problems, it is always better to prevent them by installing a kitchen island hoods above your kitchen island cooktop. Here are some things you need to think of before heading to the store.

The placement

It is pretty obvious that the kitchen island hood should be placed above your kitchen island. But how high should you mount your hood? You should first check with your hood manufacturer’s recommendation. But generally, kitchen island hood will be installed 20 to 24 inches above the cooktop. But if you use a gas range, it is better to put them 24 to 30 inches above your cooking surface.

The power needed

The power you need for your hood depends a lot on what type and sizes is your cooking range and how often do you cook. So if you’re using a six-burner gas range, off course you’re going to need a higher powered kitchen island hood compared to a 20-inch wide electric cooktop. So make sure that your hood power matches your range.

Capture area

When deciding the size of your kitchen island hood, take notes of the size of your range first. The width of your kitchen island fan should match the width of your range. And the depth of your hood should cover the back burner and at least half of the front burner. Therefore know the size of your range first to determine which hood is perfect for your kitchen.

The grease filter

When buying a kitchen island hood, you have to check if you can easily clean your grease filter. As the grease and smoke are being sucked into your hood, the greasy air will go through a filter before being circulated back into your kitchen or to the open outdoors. And to keep your hood clean, you have to take off your grease filter and clean them regularly. So always make sure that you can take off your grease filter easily and clean them easily as well.

The sound

One thing to consider when you are getting a kitchen island hood is the sound. As kitchen hood use high powered fans, it can create noises in your house. So you have to make sure that the noise your kitchen island hood made is not too disturbing for your preference. Or else you may be reluctant to use them later in your kitchen.

4+ Things You Need To Have in Your Modern Desk Chair for Your Home Office

For most of us millennial, having a home office is a must. Because our work often times does not end after conventional work hours, or our job simply enables us to work from home. One of the most important things you need to pay attention to when setting up a home office is choosing the right modern desk chair. Because we’re going to spend a lot of hours sitting there, working. So here are some things you have to look for in a modern desk chair for home office.

Adjustable height and backrest

You should be able to adjust your modern desk chair’s height and backrest, as this feature will provide you with more comfort. Adjustable height and backrest allow you to set up your chair so it fits your body shape and your desk. This will also minimize the side effect of sitting too long in a desk.

Lumbar support

A lumbar support in an office chair is an important thing. We will most probably sit there for up to 8 hours a day. Therefore, choose a modern desk chair with a contoured backrest that will keep your back supported. This kind of desk can prevent back injuries from continuously sitting in the wrong position.

Breathable materials and padding

As you will sit on your modern desk chair for hours, you will also need a breathable material on your chair. Choose a fabric that can absorb sweat and feels comfortable to sit on. Also, the padding should have the right hardness so it will give you enough support yet not too hard that it might be painful for you.


An armrest is an important part of your modern desk chair. As this feature can take off some strains in your shoulder and neck by giving you arms supports. Note that the armrest needs to be adjustable as well so you can position them in a way that supports your arm comfortably.

Control mechanism

These entire adjustable features can be a pain in your ass if your modern desk chair doesn’t have a good and easy control mechanism. Therefore, you have to make sure that the control mechanism is easy and practical.

With the right modern desk chair, your productivity and overall health might increase. This piece of furniture can prevent several back injuries, and also make your working experience better. So, always pay attention while choosing the right modern desk chair for you.

Illuminate Your Outdoor Space With These Fab Lantern Style Lighting

If you love to spend your evening being in outdoors, then lighting is a must. Opting for lantern style for your outdoor lighting sounds like a good idea to create a comfortable outdoor environment. Lantern style outdoor lights make an oversized statement piece while bringing much-needed light to your outdoor space.

Lantern style outdoor lighting, whether used to make a design statement outside your home or used as a multi-purpose security light, need to be chosen carefully to make it suit the area that needs illuminating. If you looking for some ideas in lantern style outdoor lights that fabulous but budget-savvy, just take a look at our list below!

Illuminate your front entrance with lantern lighting to greet your guests with ambient lighting that bring a sense of safety and security.

Moroccan lantern lights, with intricate pattern, textural beauty and plenty of color will cast amazing shadows to your contemporary outdoor space.

Create ambience by hung some Avignon square lantern lights above your yard for an elegant and classy look that will not disappoint.

If you looking for a striking designer light for coastal location, these beautiful and crafty lanterns provide the perfect option that is suitable for that climate.

Take a look at this rustic lantern style lights that not only enhance your exterior setting but also create a stylish impression by positioned it strategically around your home.

Boho ornate lanterns covered with sparkling gold bring a welcome dose of glam to your space and of course, will set apart your style from others with its uniqueness.

Mix the lantern lights with a string of cafe lights and have all the benefits of antique lights without the high price tag.

If you have a good size courtyard to fill, adding these dimly lit lanterns will give it a more festive look and welcoming glow.

Pick these outdoor lanterns light to turn your setting into a dreamy getaway that seems magical and completely different from the rest of your house spot.

If you like to keep it simple, lantern lights still can make a big impact when simply placed on the ground in a careful and curated fashion.

Give Your Space A Gorgeous Glow With These Artistic Glass Chandeliers Ideas

Changing that boring old lighting you’ve had forever with artistic glass chandelier is a great way to turn an eyesore into a design masterpiece. When it comes to decor, artistic glass chandeliers can break your home’s vibe. Designed to be suspended from the ceiling, artistic glass chandelier is a great way to illuminate a room while add a stunning piece of art to your space.

Great for either indoor or outdoor entertaining, the styles of artistic glass chandeliers range from traditional and elegant to contemporary and fun. The lighting effect you get from pairing artistic looking lighting fixtures with light brings a touch of modern artistry that will look great to your room with any settings. Here are some very stunning artistic glass chandelier ideas that we’ve compiled to get you inspired.

This gorgeous chandelier serves to give light with a touch of magic and luxury to your environment, make it a perfect fit for practically every homeowner.

Be sure to check out this high-end chandelier by Dale Cihuly, a gorgeous masterpiece which would look utterly perfect in a modern home.

Looking for a seriously artistic and colorful glass chandelier, then look no further than this classic piece lighting fixture.

These chandeliers art glass are hung at different lengths from the ceiling for a really cool “water drop” effect.

Stunning, sleek, and elegant, what is not to love about this artistic glass chandelier by Munro with leaves and flowers.

Don’t shy away from a chandelier with a festive appearance. Take a look at the greatness of this artistic glass chandelier, which is super stunning.

This fixture is the representation of modern style meets classic, a way to create an eye-catching sense of elegance for your space.

Artistic glass chandelier lighting couldn’t be hotter right now. This lotus chandelier created this statement lighting fixture to pretty spectacular results.

This Murano artistic chandelier is a work of art that encompasses the glories of ancient Venetian with its beauties renowned worldwide.

This simple but artistic sea glass chandelier is fun, nautical inspired lighting piece that will light up your space in a fresh way.

Fancy Indoor and Outdoor Ceiling Fans With Lights to Accentuate Your Home

The little thing such as ceiling fan that mostly underappreciated often surprisingly break a room. Ceiling fan are great for keeping your home cool while also complement your home decor effortlessly. Whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor ceiling fan to buy for the first time, or you’re looking to replace an existing one, the choices sometimes can be overwhelming. Here are some fancy ideas on indoor outdoor ceiling fans to help you pick the perfect ceiling fan for your specialized home.

Use a ceiling fan in your home to cool the area and keep the air circulating. Opting for a ceiling fan with striking floral design that wipes away mould and lights up your surroundings with its LED lighting to achieve a vintage-inspired look.

The modern style ceiling fan that feature clean lines, smooth metallic finishes, and minimal adornment is a great addition to your modern and transitional space.

Silver ceiling fan with a pop of metallic for a lightly-detailed lighting that could mimic your pool in a conservatory area could be a great option.

The black and wood accent in this ceiling fan that balance modernity with tradition will light up your tropical porch with its built-in glow.

With long blades and integrated lighting, this fan that have style somewhere between traditional and contemporary, is almost works of art in itself for your simplistic kitchen.

Made from cast aluminium in brushed nickel, this chrome-look addition would add gleam to your cozy interior with its fluorescent lighting.

Look for a ceiling fan that matches the style of your home, the one that could enhance your overall outdoor area in cool and warm ambiance.

This rustic-inspired ceiling fan, features straight lines and dark wood finishes with homespun accents, will provide long-lasting cooling for your home space while bringing down the tone of the room.

Tired of boring fan styles? Get it in golden color with this quirky find for your porch. This is the ceiling fan you want around while you’re outside trying to enjoy the day without so much heat.

Able to adorn indoor or outdoor areas, this classy ceiling fan with whimsical lighting is an ornate decoration for your fabulously-kitsch interior.



Need a New Faucet for Your Kitchen? Try This Touchless Kitchen Faucet!

Have you ever worried about the spread of bacteria moving into your kitchen faucet while you’re cooking? Especially if you’re using the pull-down kitchen faucet? Now you don’t need to worry, this touchless kitchen faucet will make your cooking activities more easy and convenient.

Available in the different style and finish, this faucet also can look futuristic and sleek as it can eliminate the need for a handle if you wish to do so. Listed below are the well-selected touchless faucets to help you find the best kitchen faucets currently on the market.

Kohler Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet

This is one of the most minimalistic yet attractive kitchen faucets that you will find in the market. It has the vibrant stainless finish that will make your kitchen look clean and modern.

Moen Delaney Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Here is another stainless faucet that provides 2 sensors that can respond to what you need, make it easier to complete your kitchen tasks.

Delta Bronze Kitchen Faucet

Need a distinct look for your kitchen? You can choose this bronze faucet, it has a beautiful color that will make your kitchen look elegant.

Kohler Bronze Kitchen Faucet

Here is another faucet that has oil rubbed bronze finish. The color is darker than the previous one, which is perfect for people who love blackish faucets.

Moen Pure Touch Faucet Kitchen

This one is a luxury kitchen faucet with water filler. This uniquely designed faucet has a satin finish that will add a beautiful finish to your kitchen.

Grohe Kitchen Faucet Minta Touch

Here is another minimalist design for your kitchen faucet. This faucet will add the ultimate in cleanliness and convenience for your lovely kitchen since it comes with innovative touch technology.

Ono HiFlex contemporary kitchen faucet

This masterpiece from Ono will make your modern kitchen look cool and elegant. It is easy to use and you can control the temperature and pressure at any time.

Moen Arbor Touchless Kitchen Faucet

This beautifully designed oil rubbed bronze faucet will go along with a classic look that won’t distract in a room. It also has a lot of features that will help you do your chores easier, more effective, and hygienic.

Moen Brantford Touchless Kitchen Faucet

This is one of the most affordable recommendations for your kitchen faucet. The touchless kitchen faucet can be turned off by moving your hand close to the sensors, which will help you to save a lot of water.

Waldron Single-Hole Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Here is another unique design for your kitchen faucet. Just by waving your hand underneath the spout turns the water on and off, it can help you to prevent unnecessary energy loss through controlling the unnecessary flow of water.

Light Up Your Home with These Beautiful Swing Arm Sconces

Have you ever feel bored with your light bulbs and want to change it into a unique one? Then these swing arm sconces can be your option! Swing-arm wall sconces contain an adjustable arm which allows you to change the distance between the light and the wall. The majority of wall sconces can be mounted either up or down and can be used to create dramatic changes in lighting and shadows in corners or along hallways that a ceiling light cannot achieve on its own.

Swing arm sconces are perfect lighting solution that can complete your home. It can be used to light up your bedroom, living room, hallway, kitchen, and even your bathroom! Just find the right ones that suit your home décor, then you can feel the harmonious feel to the room lighting. Here are several sconce styles that may fit your home.

Modern Swing Arm Sconce

Handsome and functional, these modern swing arm sconces can help you to recreate modern and classic design in your kitchen. The adjustable plug-in wall lamp set in a painted black and antique brass finish. This beautiful swing arm wall lamp set features down shades that direct light down that will make your kitchen more harmonious.

Transitional Swing Arm Sconce

Simple and clean, this beautiful swing arm sconce is perfect for bedroom reading. Unlike bulky table lamps, this sconce offer loads of reading light without taking up any valuable nightstand space. The antique brass swing-arm sconce adorned with an ivory pleated sconce will make your bedroom look more elegant and stylish.

Industrial Swing Arm Sconce

These industrial swing arm sconces will add some vintage charm to your bathroom. The vintage searchlight shapes, making these beautiful wall sconces are suitable not only for your bathroom, but also dining room, study room, balcony, and stairway. These sconces also offer rotatable light that can lighten every direction you want.

Rustic Swing Arm Sconce

Crafted in sustainable smooth white oak and finished with European natural oil, this rustic swing arm sconce brings a much more modern look. The warm light will accompany you to enjoy your reading. It contains an adjustable arm which allows you to change the distance between the light and the wall. This sconce is perfect for your bedroom nightstands, headboards, stairwell, offices, dens, and libraries.

Bronze Swing Arm Sconce

This bronze swing arm sconce can give a warm, inviting glow to your living room. This sconce is a perfect lighting solution when tabletop space is not available. The bronze finish and the warm light are the best combinations that will make your room feel peaceful and calm. You can install this sconce for your living room, study room, or next to the bed for more appealing look.

Chic White Wicker Dining Chairs Idea That Are Just Beyond Gorgeous

Dining chairs are generally put in social spaces where people get together to share a meal and conversation. Not to mention that by choosing the right dining chairs, you can make quite a statement in your dining area. If your dining room chairs are in need of an upgrade, white wicker dining chairs are one of the best alternatives to choose. Placing dining chairs outside the door is a good option, too.

White wicker dining chairs—made of a high quality, durable material that is designed for indoor outdoor dining spaces— is attractive and will last for years and years. There are many different styles of wicker dining chairs, and hopefully this list of idea would have helped you narrow down exactly what you’re looking for.

Go one step ahead with this beautiful and gorgeous-looking white wicker dining room chairs, almost works of art in itself. Featured with thick cushions, this wicker chair will make eating outdoors a way more enjoyable.

Keep the traditional soul of your dining room while injecting some touches of modernity with this idea. With a blend of rustic features and contemporary lines, this white wicker is perfect to welcome friends and family to a nice meal.

Definitely sturdy with pretty pattern, its artisan textiles makes the chair feeling organic. These comfy wicker chairs in coastal dining area is for family or with friends to relax and enjoy.

These wicker outdoor dining chairs with arms give off a clean, modern style with their sleek smooth lines and attractive shape. They look particularly stunning in white.

These white wicker dining room chairs are the fixtures to go to if you love contemporary design, have a deep dining room color scheme, or are looking for a standout statement dining room chairs.

Give a shot to these gorgeous wicker chairs that feature a curved back and curved arms. The sloping shape is very comfortable and the style is homey but sophisticated.

It is important that your wicker dining room chairs matches the interior of your dining room and is adapted to your personal style. These wicker chairs has kept its simplicity and authenticity but feels modern to ensure it is both livable and functional.

These wicker chairs idea have a simple design that can skew your dining area. This idea proves that a sleek, white-inspired tone is a very chic color choice for outdoor wicker dining chairs.

Having a set of white wicker chairs with cushions in your dining room allows you to offer your guests comfortable and attractive seating.

You will love this wicker dining chair idea for its vintage beauty that adds style and comfort. A perfect fit to sit on for family meals or a coffee and the Sunday papers.