Questions You Need To Ask Yourself before Getting a Queen Size Modern Sleeper Sofa

For homeowners that can’t afford to have a separate guest room for their guests, sleeper sofa can be their best bet. It can turn your living room into a guest room so you can have friends or family spend the night at your home.  Aside from being an instant bedroom, modern sleeper sofa queen can also be a great spot to hang out and watch movies with your loved ones. Imagine cuddling under the blanket with your spouse and children, having a movie night and a good time in general, doesn’t sleeper sofa sounds like a dream?

However, they are definitely not cheap. And if your budget is tight, you need to be careful about where your money goes. So here are a few questions that you need to answer before getting queen-sized modern sleeper sofa.

Do you have enough space?

Take a look at your living room; get the room’s exact measurement. Then visualize the finished look, where the sofa, the television, the coffee table and the cabinets will be. If you already have everything in mind, now measure the space left for your modern sleeper sofa queen. Is there enough space? For your knowledge, queen sized sleeper sofa typically came in 79 to 101 inches.

Will it fit through the door?

It doesn’t matter whether you have enough space for modern sleeper sofa queen in your room or not if you can’t fit the sofa through your doors and the elevator if you live in an apartment. So make sure that you choose a sofa that isn’t too big for your door, or else you’ll risk having to tear them apart only to get them in.

What kind of mattress do you want?

There are three types of mattresses that you can choose for your sleeper sofa. Innerspring mattresses have coils inside, and the comfort largely depends on how much coils it has. Memory foam mattresses have no coils, and the foam will adjust to the user’s body. Air coil mattresses basically an innerspring mattress with a layer of air-mattress on top.

Will it match your living room style?

Now the last and easiest question to answer is whether modern sleeper sofa queen matches the style of your living room or not. You wouldn’t want your sofa to look out of place and ruin the total view of your living room.

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