Relax Outside with These Freestanding Patio Umbrella

Summer days, it means time when you get overexposure from the sun. But don’t worry, you can enjoy and relax in your backyard with a freestanding patio umbrella. A patio umbrella provides the best protection against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and they help keep you cool on summer days.

Patio umbrellas come in a variety of colors and styles sure to suit any outdoor space. You need to consider how much room you have for a fully extended umbrella, as well as the size of your patio table or space to be shaded. Here are some ideas for freestanding patio umbrella to make outdoor living more comfortable and stylish.

Round Patio Umbrella

If you’re into a unique design, this patio umbrella is perfect for you. The tasseled fringe looks charming with any patio furniture, providing you with a fun and eclectic outdoor living space. You can enjoy reading your favorite books with your lovely ones under this comfortable patio umbrella. This round shape of patio umbrella is suitable for small outdoor area since it doesn’t take so much room.

Rectangle Patio Umbrella

If you have a large outdoor sitting area, this rectangular shape of patio umbrella is much perfect for you. The large size of the patio umbrella is strong enough to stay put and provide excellent protection from the sun. This nice patio umbrella can make you stay comfortable while chatting at the table or enjoying some backyard barbecue.

Octagon Patio Umbrella

Here is another shape of patio umbrella that is perfect for your large outdoor area, an octagon shape. The maroon color gives off the vibe of comfort and warmth, which can make you relax. This beautiful patio umbrella can turn your backyard into a weekend getaway and is something your whole family will appreciate when they want to relax.

Square Patio Umbrella

While enjoying your swimming time, you catch some shade in style with this square patio umbrella. You can pair it with any patio furniture to create a fun and eclectic outdoor living space. Enjoy your time by sit and chat, drink lemonade or feast on backyard barbecue delicacies under this nice patio umbrella. You’ll also enjoy the idea of spending your quality time with family.

Patio Umbrella with LED Lights

Last but not least, patio umbrella with LED lights for you who looks for an extraordinary patio umbrella. This umbrella features battery-operated LED lights for a bit of festive sparkle for night time entertaining. It will not only protect you from the sun in the days but also will give you a great ambience in the night. This pretty umbrella is also perfect for backyard summer dinner with your loved ones.

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