Small Home Office Desk Ideas That Brings Out the Best In Your House

As the price of housing rises from time to time, it is getting quite hard for millennial to have a home with sufficient space. Often times, they have to end up with a very small home or apartment that barely has enough space for everything. Yet we need that particular space to work, to scan emails, organizing bills, or even just to surf the internet. Even more so, a lot of millennial nowadays have a job that allows them to work from home. This makes our need for a home office even higher than before.

But don’t be discouraged by your lack of space. Here are some ideas for small home office desk that are not only functional but also look aesthetically pleasing that it can boost your productivity.

Lucite desk

Transparent crystal clear desk made out of acrylic can give you a less flashy workspace in your bedroom or living room. The transparent effect can make your room feel less cluttered and cramped.

Floating window desk

Floating window desk is nice to have if you have a recessed window. This can also boost your productivity by providing you with outdoor scenery.

DIY Murphy desk

Who wouldn’t love a desk that can be folded and kept away on the wall? Well, this DIY murphy desk can be the answer to your on and off needs for a working station. Another plus side, it’s a DIY so it will boost your creativity.

Floating drawer

Anything floating can surely save space and create an illusion of bigger space. So does this floating drawer. Pair it with a ghost chair, and you’ll have a less conspicuous yet still chic working space.

Wireframe shelving

Having a wire frame shelving in your bedroom or living room? Get a little creative with it and install a board in it so you have a working desk in your wireframe shelving.

Wrap around counter

If you have an unused corner, this wrap around counter can provide you with a nice working corner. All you need to do is install a wall-mounted board that wraps around a corner and set up a working space.

Closet desk

I know, this option may take away your storage space, but this is a really great idea to maximize your bedroom. You can also keep your bedroom clean from all your work clutter by simply shoving the chair in and closing the closet door. Easy peasy!

Working with a small space is indeed a challenge. But you can definitely tackle them by being creative. Utilize everything you have to maximize every space in your home. And voila, you’ll have that chic small home office desk.

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