Some Ideas On Stunning Bathroom Vanity Base To Help You Get Inspired

Bathroom is the place that you spend your time there completely by yourself, and doing remodel to make it a little luxury will only add to your pleasure. This is where the bathroom vanities without tops become significant. Bathroom vanity is not always the most glamorous part of a bathroom remodel, but choosing the right one can really make your bathroom’s design. 48 inch bathroom vanity without top will not only make your room looks attractive but also add some more space to your bathroom.

Opting for a bathroom vanity base separate from a vanity top gives you the ability to customize your bathroom vanity as your style. There are so many different kinds and styles of 48 inch bathroom vanity without top which you can surely find one that fits your bathroom and works for your needs. We have compiled some inspiring ideas on stunning 48 inch bathroom vanities to help you get inspired.

Think about the type of vanity bases that you’d really like to have. Maybe the one with minimalist designs, including geometric features and smooth hardware may fit well with your present bathroom’s layout.

Pick a 48 inch durable vanity base with colour and finish that complement a theme in your space. Wood and painted wood could be perfect for your wooden-theme bathroom.

Your choices for bathroom vanity base styles are numerous since it’s possible to pick a conventional vanity style, but pewter or espresso lend a more modern contemporary appearance of coolness.

When replacing your bathroom vanity base, do not only worry about the looks because the size and the height matters too. Choose the one that will make you comfortable.
This 48 inch contemporary design bathroom vanity without top can give your bathroom a calm and functional feeling because it is simple and clean.

Choosing your bathroom vanity base materials, style and design has a lot to do with how you feel about your home, too. If you like something classic, then this one may suit you best.

If you’ve got a not-so-tight bathroom, this elegant and durable 48 inch bathroom vanity without top is going to be your best bet.

48 inch modern contemporary bathroom vanities without tops are popular and can add unique statement to your bathroom with its creative design.

Less ornate but beautiful, this 48 inch wooden bathroom vanity base with no top provide clean straight lines and rustic feel for expressing your style.

Features a bureau style design with tapered legs, a parquet pattern on the upper drawer and integrated matching drawer pulls, this vanity base is sure to become a statement piece in your casual contemporary bath interior.

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