Stunning Linear Pendant Ideas to Transform Your Space Into Dream Home

Lighting is a very important part of design and plays a huge role in the overall character of any space. The lights chosen for your space should never just about task-oriented, but should about all its aspects working flawlessly, yet continuing to look stunning while they are functioning. And linear pendant lightning can fulfill it all for you. Linear pendants are distinct ceiling lights, defined by rectangular shape in general, that offers an enhanced sense of beauty while illuminating your space with uncanny luminosity.

If you’re looking for ideas, here are five excellent styles, from chic to stunning, made with top-quality craftsmanship that could be perfect to illuminate your space as your heart desires.

Mumu LED Linear Suspension Pendant Light

If you need a better lighting that is not only environmentally conscious, but also high in performa and  energy efficiency, this pendant lightning by designer Dian is an excellent option for you. The Mumu combines a counter balance of wood and metal that add simplistic beauty, while providing enough light with simple elegance to illuminate your office or work space in a one-of-a-kind way.

Tam Tam 6 Light Linear Pendant Light

Light your imagination by choosing linear pendant lightning with colours that signify enthusiasm. Tam Tam 6 Light Linear Pendant Light By Fabien Dumas from Marset, boasts a fresh new take on the dynamic design that offers pendant lightning with wonderful festive colours. This playful fixture provides direct, indirect, or diffused illumination that incredibly perfect for your gracefully decorous living room.

Round Light Bulb Pendant Lighting

Over the dining table, you will love the widespread light a linear pendant lighting can offer. Suspended from your dinning room’s ceiling in such a beautiful way using chains or rods, Round Light Bulb Pendant Lighting brings light to where exactly you need it the most. With a simple yet elegant appearance, creating beautiful prisms on neighboring walls and surfaces, it definitely has its own way to make natural light pouring in the room.

Cityscape Large LED Linear Suspension

If you want a pendant lighting with glamorous and modern look,  The Hubbardton Forge Cityscape Large LED Linear Suspension is a must. Made by Cerno, this linear pendant lighting fixture is perfect for the office or the home. Featuring a silver and aluminum body with energy efficient LED technology, this lighting will illuminate your space with sparkles and shines that will leave anyone in a daze.

Line Light 60 Linear Pendant Light

If you dream about a warm comfortable space with a wooden twist look, then choosing Line Light 60 Linear as your pendant light would be a perfect choice. Showcasing the nature grain and thoughtful consideration to proportion, this linear suspension fixture blends harmony and balance to create an organic design backed by LED technology. Line Light 60 evincing a gently textured luminaire that will disperse peacefulnes in your cosy room.

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