Stunning Swing Arm Wall Lamp Ideas To Keep Your Space Well-lit

A wall mounted swing arm lamp is a real attention grabber in a room that offer convenience, style, and it can swing side to side too. Swing arm wall lamp makes a practical addition in any room, as it can provide focused task lighting whilst freeing up the room space. They’re perfect on either side of a bed headboard, above a desk, next to a favorite reading chair, or even on the kitchen wall. From sleek modern swing arm lamps to more traditional designs with shades, swing arms are available in a wide variety of styles and finishes. We’ve put together some of the most stunning and trendy swing arm wall lamp to help you pick the one that is right for you.

If you are after the kind of lighting that follows the industrial lighting trend of showcasing an exposed bulb, Prouvé Potence Style is a smart black swing arm wall lamp that fits perfectly with just about any room with contemporary decor.

Need functional but stylish multiple light sources? This retro design  lamp that produced from carbon steel and copper with dual arm could be the answer.

Functional swing arm lamps, like the one shown below, allowing you to control the position of the lighting source while also add an elegant touch to your space decor.

This cool swing arm wall lamp is not only has an iconic mid-century inspired look, but also has a highly adjustable body too, thanks to its hinged arm and tall bracket.

Crafted in sustainable smooth white oak, the turned wood fabrication leaves a beautiful grain that made this handmade Wooden Swing Arm Wall Lamp brings a much more mellow modern look.

This single headed Serge offers the great looks and its long reaching arm would also make it a good solution for lighting your dining table.

This Oluce Coupé 1158 Arc Shaped Swing Arm Lamp with a gooseneck style has a glossy black metal shade that looks awesome to put in your room with any decor in a very understated way.

Opting for plug in swing arm wall lamp means that you don’t have to worry about making a mess of your hallway walls. Otherwise, its designs save space and add a chic touch to any decor.

With its adjustable arm, this Tolomeo Style Swing Arm Bedroom Wall Reading Lamp can be used for a more comfortable reading experience, since you can position the light source right where you need it.

Saving the great one for the last, this Giant 1227 Outdoor Swing Arm Wall Lamp is a humorous oversized piece that makes you feel like you’re starring in a movie as a mini creature.


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