Sunroom Additions: Extra Room for Extra Comfort

Sunroom additions aid you to get benefit from your beautiful outdoors. It is where you can enjoy the view outside without having to get out. A perfect room for relaxing with your family and friends, isn’t it? Because of that reason, sunroom additions are often used as a living room. You will especially need one if you want to enjoy the scenery without getting any disturbance from bugs or unfriendly weather. Besides, sunroom additions provide more natural lights to your home.

Kinds of sunroom

A four-season sunroom differs from a three-season one in the way it is constructed. If you want a sunroom addition you can use year-round, the four-season one will suit your need. It is a sunroom featuring a technology that allows the room to be heated or cooled. A three-season one, on the other hand, doesn’t apply such technology. It is typically usable during summer, spring, and fall, when the weather is gentle and amiable.


The location where you add the sunroom affects the way it receives lights and shades. If you stay in the northern latitude, placing your sunroom addition in the south is a great idea. It will get the best natural lights. If you place it in the north, the room might feel cold and damp. The opposite applies for people living in the southern hemisphere. In the South, sunroom in the north is better. It will cost you less because you may not need additional cooling system for it.

Attaching sunroom in both eastern and western part of the house is not a flawless choice. If put in the east, the sun will shine through it in the morning, which is good point, actually. But, it will be shady for the rest of the day, making it not so great for relaxing after work. If placed in the west, the room will only get the bad light in the late afternoon.

Materials used

The materials used for the frames and supports of a sunroom range from the popular vinyl and/with aluminium to the more costly wood. The roof is the extension of the existing roof of the house. It can be either gabled roof or single-slope one. For the walls, in order to allow you to fully enjoy the sights outside, you can choose glass, double-glazed glass, polycarbonate, or even mesh. Bronze glass tint is also a nice option for UV protection and reducing heat gain into the house during summer.

In short, before adding sunroom to your house, you need to be clear of how and when you plan to use the room. It is important to help you decide which kind of sunroom you will have. Also, budgets may vary according to your chosen materials of your sunroom additions.

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