Smart Small Bathroom Lighting Hacks to make it Look Bigger

Having a small bathroom is quite tricky. It might be an advantage if you’re not the kind of person who fancies cleaning your bathroom. The small space in your bathroom makes it easier to clean. But you might have to struggle with the lack of space as well. Another thing you have to struggle with when you have a small bathroom is the right lighting. Because the darker your bathroom, the smaller it feels. Therefore, you have to find the perfect small bathroom lighting to make it feel more spacious. Here are some hacks for small bathroom lighting you might want to consider.

Light up mirrors and cabinets

Instead of installing a wall sconces that take up spaces around your mirror, why not try the light-up ones already? This kind of lighting is a saviour for small bathroom lighting as it saves up some space and also usually are already using an LED lamp that is able to illuminate a large part of the room.

Install a skylight

For small bathroom lighting, a skylight is a hero. Natural lights will not only light up your small bathroom really good so it feels wider, but it will also save energy and money. Of course, skylight can’t stand alone, it needs to be supported by artificial light as well. But skylight will give you the illusion of a bigger bathroom throughout the day. So, what’s not to love?

Use undercabinet light or tape light

When you’re dealing with a small bathroom, every space and every surface matters. Therefore, you can maximize the space in your small bathroom by using tape light under your cabinets. This way, not only it adds brightness to the room, but it also diminishes shadows that can make the room feels smaller.

Refrain from using big decorative lighting

This one is a no-brainer. Big decorative lighting, though it looks cool and may create a ‘statement’ in your bathroom, it also takes up so much space and not to mention, it actually unnecessary as well. Opt for a flush mount ceiling light for small bathroom lighting. When you use an LED lamp, it can boost the brightness of your bathroom and create a wider illusion.

One thing to remember when planning your small bathroom lighting: the brighter the better. The bright bathroom can erase shadow that creates that corner-y feeling. So always make sure your small bathroom is well-lit!

Arranging Your Vanity Lighting Fixtures

Among all rooms at our house, bathroom is the one which most likely gets the least natural light. It is because most bathrooms are made without any windows; just proper ventilation. Having thoughtful vanity lighting fixtures in your bathroom will therefore become a huge help for you to get ready every single day. That’s why, it is important to add some wall sconces around your vanity mirror, and the way you set them up is as crucial.

It is usually not enough to set one type of lighting for a room. Even though you have had some overhead lamps on the ceiling that provide you ambient lighting for the whole bathroom, you will need more lamps to help you see your face better. For this reason, putting extra wall sconces that supply you with adequate task lighting is necessary. Regarding this, we need to choose the right sconces shades as they influence how bright the light will be produced. White fabric shades are recommended ones as they emit bright light with clean tone. The best place for your vanity lighting fixtures is at left and right sides of the mirror. Besides, you can also put one set of vanity lighting above it.

Before installing any wall sconces around your vanity mirror, you need to think about the vanity lighting fixtures. The main rule is to put the side sconces at about your eye level to provide you light bright enough to avoid casting shadows on your face. This is especially important for shaving or putting on some make-up. The American Lighting Association suggests vanity lighting fixtures to be about 65 to 70 inches or 165.1 to 177.8 cm above the ground. The distance between the sconces at each side depends on the size of the mirror and the room and also the design of the sconces. The fixtures placed above the mirror are ideally 78 inches tall.

Lighting is an inseparable item with other decorations in interior design. Bathroom interior is not excluded. The whole look of your bathroom should be one of your considerations when arranging your vanity lighting fixtures. Make sure the wall sconces you choose complement and beautify the whole look of your bathroom vanity.

Extra tip:

For small bathrooms, sometimes the fixtures are mounted near a shower or a tub. If this placement has a risk of having them splashed by water, make sure you look for any sconces with damp rating.