Tiny Bathroom Remodelling: How to make it Look Bigger

Having a tiny bathroom might feel like a drag. There is not much room to move and to store your stuff. Especially if you share it with someone else, it might feel even cramped and uncomfortable. Although maybe extending your bathroom is not an option due to many reasons, you can still put in the effort to make your tiny bathroom feels more spacious. Here are a few tips on tiny bathroom remodelling, so your bathroom would feel and look bigger.

Install a skylight

Natural light can instantly give your bathroom a bigger feeling. Because you would feel like you are in an open space. If installing a skylight or a window isn’t an option, you can choose for a bright artificial light. The brighter, the better.

Use the same light coloured paint on your walls and ceiling

Just like natural lighting, bright colour can make a room look more spacious. It reflects light better and therefore will erase shadow corners on your bathroom. So does painting your wall and ceiling in the same colour, it blurred out the shadowed corner and thus manipulates your brain into thinking that the room is much bigger than it does.

Opt for open shelves instead of cabinets

Overall, stay away from bulky cabinets and shelves. Not only they will take up more room, but they will also be an obstruction. Hence, always choose open shelves like wire rack or other kinds of open shelves.

Swap your cabinet sink to a pedestal sink

As stated before, get rid of all kind of cabinets, including a cabinet sink. Choose a pedestal sink or a wall mount sink. It will create more space, and you can put a woven basket or a rack underneath instead to store your things.

Get rid of the tub and install a shower

This is a no-brainer. Tiny bathroom and bathtub don’t go well together. They contradict each other and you need to swap your tub for a shower ASAP. For the shower stall, choose a frameless glass shower. This kind of shower stall has no visible borders and therefore erasing limitation in your bathroom.

There you have it, a few tricks to make your tiny bathroom way more bearable. But the most important thing you need to do is to cut down on the things you need to store in your bathroom. Live minimalistic and you’ll for sure, have more space to yourself.