Guides on Choosing the Perfect Ventless Kitchen Hood for Your Kitchen

Most of kitchen inspiration pictures usually involve a nice kitchen range hood somewhere around the stove. And although kitchen range hood is not an essential fixture that you need in your kitchen, it can be a really nice addition to your kitchen. So if you’re considering getting a ventless kitchen hood, these are a few things that you need to consider first.

Do you really need them?

First of all, you have to make sure that you really need and want a ventless kitchen range hood. Because kitchen hood comes with quite a high price and the installation requires professional help. But if you have the budget and the time, ventless kitchen hood can help you a lot in keeping all the grease and odour and smokes out of your kitchen. It will suck all the grease and smoke, filter them, and circulates the air back to your kitchen. This can help you from getting your kitchen slowly covered with grease over time.

The placement

Take into your consideration that kitchen range hood is not like a microwave that you can put anywhere as it can be less effective when you place them away from your stove. So always try to get them as close as possible to your stovetop.

The types

There are so many ventless kitchen hood types that you can choose, from the basic over-range hood to the double functioned microwave combo hood. You can choose the type that suits your kitchen and design preferences. But keep in mind that you have to keep them highly effective, so it is always better to choose the ones that accommodate your stovetop placement.

The style

Not only types but ventless kitchen hood also came with different styles. You can use a large and simple stainless kitchen hood for a sleek and modern looking kitchen. But if you’re more on the farmhouse side, you can disguise your hood as cabinetry above the stove or a good old chimney looking hood.

After all, ventless kitchen hood that doesn’t require a true open vent is a good alternative for those of you who feel the need of kitchen hood while can’t afford to connect them to a vent or any other existing air duct system.

The Star of a Professional Kitchen: Complete Guides on Kitchen Island Hoods

When remodelling your kitchen, you may not think of getting a kitchen hood just because it seems unnecessary and you can get by without them. While that may be true for some people who don’t cook much or has an open outdoor kitchen, but kitchen range hood is a must for some household, especially for kitchens with an awful ventilation system. Grease, odour and smoke may get trapped inside and it can cause several problems in your kitchen. The worst thing that can happen because you didn’t install a proper kitchen hood is carbon intoxication and fat grease that got stuck all over your kitchen.

So before you get caught on those problems, it is always better to prevent them by installing a kitchen island hoods above your kitchen island cooktop. Here are some things you need to think of before heading to the store.

The placement

It is pretty obvious that the kitchen island hood should be placed above your kitchen island. But how high should you mount your hood? You should first check with your hood manufacturer’s recommendation. But generally, kitchen island hood will be installed 20 to 24 inches above the cooktop. But if you use a gas range, it is better to put them 24 to 30 inches above your cooking surface.

The power needed

The power you need for your hood depends a lot on what type and sizes is your cooking range and how often do you cook. So if you’re using a six-burner gas range, off course you’re going to need a higher powered kitchen island hood compared to a 20-inch wide electric cooktop. So make sure that your hood power matches your range.

Capture area

When deciding the size of your kitchen island hood, take notes of the size of your range first. The width of your kitchen island fan should match the width of your range. And the depth of your hood should cover the back burner and at least half of the front burner. Therefore know the size of your range first to determine which hood is perfect for your kitchen.

The grease filter

When buying a kitchen island hood, you have to check if you can easily clean your grease filter. As the grease and smoke are being sucked into your hood, the greasy air will go through a filter before being circulated back into your kitchen or to the open outdoors. And to keep your hood clean, you have to take off your grease filter and clean them regularly. So always make sure that you can take off your grease filter easily and clean them easily as well.

The sound

One thing to consider when you are getting a kitchen island hood is the sound. As kitchen hood use high powered fans, it can create noises in your house. So you have to make sure that the noise your kitchen island hood made is not too disturbing for your preference. Or else you may be reluctant to use them later in your kitchen.