Choosing Comfortable Chairs for Work

Office staff nowadays works for five to eight hour each day, five to six days a week. They all sit on their desk during their working hours. For those who work for hours sitting in front of their computers, having comfortable chair is a blessing. As you know, sitting position affects our spine and back. Sitting for a long period of time may cause you to have backache. While exercising and living healthy lifestyle are important, having comfy chairs also help you survive each day. If you are about to buy some office chairs, there are several things you should pay attention too.

When choosing something, the first thing you should do is thinking about its usage: how it is use and how you will use it. As mentioned above, office workers sit on their chairs for hours. It worsens the conditions they may have related to back, spine, neck, arm, and leg pains, as well as problems in lumbar region. If you experience the pain more easily, it means it’s time to change your office chair to a better one.

Good chairs consist of good seat width and depth, seat height, lumbar support, backrest, armrests, and swivel. Adjustable office chairs are one of the best ones. It is a kind of chair with ergonomic design that provides maximum comfort. Adjustable office chairs usually have a knob to allow the users to lower or raise the chair. This is important to make the height of the chair perfect for the person who uses it to sit comfortably, allowing his/her feet to rest flat on the floor.

Good adjustable office chairs not only have one knob to adjust the seat height, but also contain more adjustments for the back, armrest, and many other parts of the chair. They are adjustable in five up to fourteen ways. It allows the user to make changes so that s/he can get the best sitting position.

Besides the adjustments and parts, the materials used to make the chair also have a big role in offering comfort. Also, making sure you have enough filling or padding is crucial. The fabric used for the seat and back, especially, should allow the user to feel comfortable even after sitting for few hours. Mesh Pellicle material used in Herman Miller’s Aeron is great choice because it is not only breathable but also regulates body temperature and distributes weight evenly.

Choosing Your Leather Office Chair

Choosing the right chair for your office is important to make you feel comfortable at work. Leather office chair can be a classic alternative, but you can’t just pick one thoughtlessly. Leather furniture can be a bit pricey, but when we come to the talk about buying one, price cannot be the absolute indicator taken for consideration. It is because more expensive one doesn’t always have better quality and durability.


There are genuine leather and fake ones, which might look alike at the first glance. You’d better take time observing the material of your leather chair and ask for more information to see if it’s real or faux leather. One way to differentiate real leather from fake one is by its smell. While genuine one would smell rich and appealing, imitation one might smell chemical and unpleasant. Below are some points to ponder before buying your leather office chair.



There are various kinds of leather with different quality. Genuine leather itself is divided into several kinds. Full grain, which has very tight and prominent grain pattern, is the strongest and most durable one. Full grain leather furniture is the best. Following it is the top grain one. It has smoother and more perfect surface, but it is less durable than full grain one.


The dyeing procedure also differentiates one kind of leather from the others. The most expensive one is the aniline leather. The leather is soaked in drums, allowing it to absorb the dye, giving it deep colour. It doesn’t get protective coating, which is the reason for it to have the softest touch. Aniline leather is the most expensive leather, but it subjects to stains and fading. Pigmented leather, on the other hand, only gets the colouring on its surface, but it also gets protective coating. It’s more protected but has lighter colour and isn’t as soft. You may want to choose the semi-aniline one, which stands in-between the two others. It is soaked in drums and gets thin protective coating.


Besides having great look and artistic value, comfortable leather office chair is a divine choice. Talking about comfort, of course size matters. When buying a chair, it is beneficial to consider the person who will be sitting on it. You may need to check if the chair can be customized (by adding depth or height, or by removing some) to fit the height of the person who will use it.

Extra tips:

Leather chair will last for a long time, and even get more and more beautiful over time. To clean your leather office chair and remove dust from its surface, you can use damp cloth.