6 Things You Need to Know About Apron Front Kitchen Sinks

Apron front kitchen sinks or more commonly known as farmhouse sink gains more and more popularity nowadays. It was originated at a time when water is scarce; hence it is designed to be able to contain a lot of water. But an apron front kitchen sink is still suitable for today’s bathroom design. It also offers many benefits to your kitchen. Before you decide to choose an apron front kitchen sink, here are 6 things that you need to know.

The pros

Who wouldn’t love a big sink where you can put in your pots or your pie trays? The depth and width of an apron front kitchen sinks allow you to do that. This type of sink can make your dishwashing experience a lot easier and better. Cleaning the countertops also made easier with this type of sink as well because you can easily swiping water directly to your sink since it is usually installed lower than the countertops.

The cons

Apron front kitchen sinks may make you worry about wasting water. Because this sink has a bigger volume and it means you need a lot of water to fill it. Also, you can hardly find any cabinet out there that can mount this farmhouse sink since the size and the nature of this sink is quite different. They may require a custom cabinet.


The farmhouse sink is usually installed slightly to the front compared to other cabinets. This is done to prevent water from dripping into the cabinet. By installing this way, if there’s any water spilling from the sink, it will go straight to the floor.

The faucet

Usually, the faucet for a farmhouse sink is installed either on the countertop or on the wall, because farmhouse sink doesn’t have a hole for the faucet in it. As for the style, you can match the sink by using a faucet with the same material or at least that has the same nuance.


The measurements of your farmhouse sink and your cabinet might be slightly different. The surface of the sink may also be uneven. Therefore, you need to seal all the sink’s edges after you install them to make sure that the water won’t leak to any gaps.

The Materials

Apron front kitchen sink goes with several kinds of materials. The most common ones are made out of porcelain and fireclay. But nowadays, you can find ones that are made from stainless steel and copper. This array of variation can ensure that you can find the right one for your kitchen.

After all, an apron front kitchen sink is not a trend that will go sour as time goes by. The classic and timeless design can keep it last through decades.