Be Smart! Do These 5+ Steps Before You Buy Modern Dining Room Chairs

Dining room is one of the most-used spaces in house. Of course, dining room is a place where people gather around to eat and have conversations, or even work. So, having a comfortable dining room chairs becomes the most important thing that you need to think about.

You need your dining room chairs to be both, comfortable and stylish. It must be comfortable, so you can enjoy conversation with your family or friend. Also it must be stylish because it will look good and reflect your style. Just be smart, do these 6+ steps before you buy dining room chairs!

1# Measure for size

As a part of the furniture buying process, size often gets neglected. People maybe more focus on styles, colors, and materials. However, the first thing that you need to do is determine the size of dining chairs you will need. For this you have to consider the size of the room, and the room around your dining chairs and table. Since your dining table is not fully extended all the time, you also have to figure out where you will place any extra chairs. Remember to calculate the space between chairs and do not forget to give additional space when pulled away the chairs from the table.

2# Choose your style

As stated in the opening of this article, style becomes significant. The style of your dining room, especially your dining chairs will reflect your style and characters. Choose the right style of dining chairs also make your dining rooms look good. Maybe you can choose according to who usually dines at your house. For example, armless dining chairs do take up less space than armchairs. But, it will not comfortable for older people who need arms on a chair to help in getting in and out of the seat.

3# Prior comfort

It is not easy to define what comfortable means. Of course, because everyone has different comfort priorities. However, you just need to try your dining chairs first before you buy it. Sit on a chair to see how it feels then decide. The chair can be too high or too low. Feels your back when you lean back against it. Remember more comfortable your dining chairs will make everybody in your family happy to dine together.

4# Select material

Think about the material of your dining chairs. Metal, acrylic, wood, or rattan will determines the look and the comfort of your dining chairs. I will suggest you to choose arcrylic chairs for your modern and small dining room. But for more style and texture, rattan chairs maybe the best one. If you want to focus on styles, wood chairs are great. Of course you can also pick a chair made from mixed materials, too.

5# Check the quality

Do not buy something without judging the quality. Before you buy your dining chair make sure you check the quality first. For example, check to see if it is structurally sound by moving it around. The legs, arms, or back should not move. Wood chair must be all in one piece, not made of pieces glued together. If you are buying a vintage chair, check to see if it is strong enough to be used.


Set your budget

You do not need to buy something only for pride or your own saticfaction. It is more important to think about your needed and the budget. Yup, do not spend a lot of money to get what you want. Just spend your money wisely when it is related to your home decoration. Set your budget before you buy dining chairs, and do research to find the suitable one.

How to Pick the Perfect Comfy Dining Chairs For Amazing Dinner Experience

Dining chair may not be the piece that you put a lot of thought on. You may want to keep it simple by choosing a table set or just go for any kind of chair that match your dining table. Yet dining chair does have some variables you need to factor in before you get the table set or buy individual chairs. Because when you don’t think about these variables, you may end up sacrificing your comfort and dinner time will not be as pleasant as it would be. Therefore, to make sure you get the perfect comfy dining chairs, here are some points you need to factor in and consider.

The seat depth

Every dining chair came with different seat depth. Some are narrower to save space, and some are deeper. As a rule of thumb, the deeper the seat is, you will have more place for your derriere and sit comfortably. But not too deep, since you will have to lift your feet up or not being able to lean on the chair back. To have comfy dining chairs, you need to pick the ones that are wider than 17 inches.

The right height

As it goes with the depth, dining chair also came with different height. This is crucial especially if you’re buying individual chairs instead of a set. You need to have at least 12 inches between the table and the comfy dining chairs cushion. This distance will allow your feet to move freely and not being pushed against the table.

The movements

It is not always about the comfort of the people when they sit at the chair. You need to also consider if the comfy dining chair is easy to move or not, especially when you live with older people or children. They may not be able to pull out the chair easily if it’s too heavy or too large. Therefore, cater to their need and choose a comfy dining chair that will be comfortable for everyone in the home!


Now, even though you don’t plan to spill anything on your dining chair cushion, but sooner or later, it will happen. So it is always better to choose low maintenance dining chair upholstery material. This will make cleaning way more convenient and your chair looks great for a longer period of time.