Here’s the Type of Tops you can choose for your Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

With so many bathroom vanity cabinets in the market, we will have no difficulties in picking one that suits our imagination and bathroom designs. But for some of us who loves a little more flexibility in designing their own bathroom furniture, getting bathroom vanity cabinets without tops can be the answer. This type of furniture gives you the freedom to choose countertops materials. But be aware that there are an abundant choice of countertops materials and looks out there. So before you shop, here are some countertops materials you can consider for your bathroom vanity cabinets.


For you who love classic touch in your bathroom, granite can be the right countertops for you. This natural stone is everyone’s favourite countertops material for several reasons. Aside from its dramatic beauty with one of a kind pattern, granite is also easy to maintain. The surface is scratch resistant and very hard so you don’t have to worry about denting your countertops. Granite is also very long lasting, it may even last forever.


Quartz is a strong contender to granite in terms of countertops materials. It is nature’s hardest material that can be found in so many stones. As for countertops, quartz is usually mixed with pigments, resin, or recycled material. Quartz is naturally resistant to moisture, bacteria and stains. Therefore it is stronger than granite and requires no sealing. Price wise, quartz is slightly more expensive but every penny you spend on this material will be worth it as it can last forever as well.


With the rise of industrial design, concrete also gains popularity. It is no longer belongs exclusively to the industrial material. Concrete can mimic the look of natural stone so it can easily go with any kind of bathroom design. It can also easily shaped, coloured, or styled the way you want so you have more flexibility with this material. Yet you have to keep in mind that concrete is naturally porous so you have to wax it regularly.


Who doesn’t love the look of marble? This beautiful crystalline form of limestone can be adapted to every bathroom style. The beautiful white and grey pattern creates a luxurious look in your bathroom. But if you choose matte finished marble, it can seem more casual. Yet as we all know, marble is quite expensive. So if you are eyeing marble countertops, you need to make sure that it won’t make you over limit your budget.

There are many other countertops materials you can choose from. If you’re opting for cheaper options, you can go for tiles or solid surface. But be aware of each countertops materials pros and cons. And one last thing, make sure that your bathroom vanity cabinets without tops match your countertops looks.