Not Your Typical Faucets, Here’s what You Need to Know about Kohler Purist Kitchen Faucet

There are a lot of kitchen faucets companies out there, but not so many of them able to survive for more than a century. Kohler is one company that manages to last and even getting better every year. They understand the way to adapt to the growing market needs. And therefore, it is a great option you need to look out for when you’re in search of plumbing fixtures and materials. Especially their Kohler Purist kitchen faucets that combine new advanced technologies with luxurious minimalistic design to give you the gracious living you’ve been dreaming of.

If you find yourself thinking of getting Kohler Purist kitchen faucet, here are what you need to know about their popular product.

The design

Kohler Purist kitchen faucet comes with different colors. Although they have this similar minimalistic and sleek looks, but they do provide their users with a different finish, from polished chrome, polished nickel, to a matte black. These wide varieties of colors ensure you to have the perfect match for your kitchen styles and designs.

The features

What makes kohler purist kitchen faucets so popular is their innovative features that give their users ease of access and wonderful washing experience. The faucets were equipped with 360 degrees swivel support so you can have full access to the sink. It also has many awesome functions in the spray head such as laminar flow and pause functions. It also provides you with the right amount of flow rate for a household.

The types

Kohler purist kitchen faucet comes in several types to ensure you can install them in many vanity types. They have the simple single hole pull out kitchen faucet to the elaborate two holes deck mount bridge kitchen faucet. They even have the wall mount kitchen faucets for you who love a sleeker kitchen sink looks. The variety of kohler purist kitchen faucet types make it easy for users to pick the right one for their kitchen.

All in all, Kohler is a brand that has been in the industry for such a long time that you need to consider their products. But be aware that the kohler purist line have quite a high price although it offers a good quality as well.

Traditional Kitchen Faucets That Matches Farmhouse Sinks Perfectly

Having a farmhouse sink is a great way to give your kitchen that rustic and vintage feeling. Not only it gave you extra space for water, but farmhouse sink also has a strong traditional look to it. Therefore, it is kind of tricky to match farmhouse sink with other furniture and appliances in the kitchen. To keep that rustic and vintage look intact, choosing a traditional kitchen faucet that matches your farmhouse sink can do the trick. This tiny detail might seem insignificant at first, but you will later realize how details keep the room style cohesive. So here are some traditional kitchen faucet types that you can choose for your farmhouse sink.

Traditional bridge style faucets

Traditional bridge style faucet works really well with the classic farmhouse sink. This faucet has split connections to the hot and cold water pipe and the bridge connects the two faucet handle. The width of bridge style faucet balance the width and depth of farmhouse sink. Therefore, give this faucet style a look, you may love them!

Old world faucets

If you prefer for the simple single hole faucet, classic old world faucets may be your choice. The simple faucet with a straight bar that supports the bridge with visible ball joints and classic curves is quite a charm. You can easily get the traditional and rustic look with this faucet.

Antique wall mounted faucets

If you haven’t noticed, a wall mounted faucets with a rustic finish will trap you in a retrospect when matched with farmhouse sink. It will remind you of the old, antique European bathroom. Especially when you use knobs instead of pull down or pull out handles. But make sure that you install the faucet in the right height so you can still have full access to the sink area.

Widespread faucets

Beside bridge faucet, the widespread faucet can also give you that classic traditional look. This faucet may require more space and more holes to install, but it surely worth the effort. Your farmhouse sink will retain its rustic classic look with this classic faucet. Use a traditional finish like bronze or brass for added antique feels.