Hanging a Crystal Chandelier in Your Foyer? Here is Your Rule of Thumb!

For your guest, foyer creates the first impression of your house. A nice and elegant foyer can leave them a good impression and a more comfortable feeling. Therefore, never underestimate this part of your house. One way to impress your guest with your foyer is to install an elegant and glamorous crystal chandelier. This foyer crystal chandelier can highlight your entrance and absorb all the attention of your guest, giving them that ‘awe’ factor. And of course, if your house design concept is classy and luxurious, a crystal chandelier can give your guest that sophisticated sense right from the first time they set their foot inside your house.

Yet to hang a foyer crystal chandelier, you need to consider a few things.

How big is it?

First of all, you need to know the measurement of your foyer and make sure that the chandelier you choose has a proportional size. If you put a crystal chandelier that is too big, you risk making your foyer feels cramped and cluttered instead of luxurious. But if your chandelier is too small, it will have a less dramatic effect than you expect. So always make sure that your chandelier size is at proportion with your foyer.

How high should you hang it?

Another thing to consider is the height of your ceiling and how high should you hang your foyer crystal chandelier. The rule of thumb is to hang your foyer crystal chandelier 7 feet above your floor. But you might need several adjustments. For example, if you have a two-story foyer, you might need to hang it higher so the bottom of the chandelier hangs at the level of your second floor. If you have a one story foyer with high ceiling you might need to hang your chandelier higher as well.

Where to hang it?

You always have to hang your chandelier at the centre of your foyer. So it’s not too close or too far from the door. Also, measure the height and width of your door to make sure that when you open the door, it won’t touch the bottom of your foyer crystal chandelier.

After all, you’re the one who can decide how to hang your foyer crystal chandelier. Understand your room and this rule of thumb, but don’t be afraid to adjust it so it suits your house better.