Basic Guidelines to Fabulous Exterior Home Lighting

We spend a lot of time designing and creating lighting plans for our house interior. Yet often time we forget that exterior home lighting is just as important. Because exterior lighting is a part of your security system that will prevent anything hazardous happen in your yard. It can also enhance the appearance of your house from the outside and give your guest a positive first impression. Before you do your exterior home lighting plan, you need to know the secrets to fabulous exterior lighting. Here we recap the basic guidelines.

Use layers of light

You can’t rely on just one type of lighting to light up the entire exterior part of your house. You need to layers the lighting to create great and functional outdoor lighting. Therefore, don’t be afraid to mix several types of lightings to brighten up parts of your home exterior. You can even create a more dramatic effect by combining lighting fixtures.

Lit up the walkway

Especially if you have a large yard, you definitely need to make sure your walkway is well-lit. Use low voltage lighting fixtures with soft and no glaring lights, placed along your walkway. This can prevent you or anyone walking into your home from stumbling.

Welcome your guest with entry lighting

Another important part that you need to keep close attention to is the entry doorway. You would not want your guest waiting for you outside your door in darkness. This can be dangerous for you as you can’t see their face clearly, and obviously uncomfortable for your guest as well. Another reason you need to light up your entry doorway is also because you wouldn’t want to have to seek for your house key in the darkness.

Use motion-sensing lights

To enhance security and save up energy, use motion sensing lights in several parts of your house that needs extra security like the back door or in front of the garage. This motion sensing lights will help you be aware if somebody is lurking around your house.

Mind the environment

Last but not least, you need to mind the environment when it comes to exterior lighting. If it’s possible, use solar powered exterior home lighting to save your energy consumption in the long run. Also, you need to make sure that you use downlight fixtures so you don’t create light pollution in the sky.

Exterior home lighting should be kept simple and functional. Do not overdo them as it will create light pollution. Create a soft balance of lighting to keep your yard bright yet don’t interfere with your environment.

Planning on Installing Modern Outdoor Wall Lighting? These 5 Tips Are Made for You!

Keeping your outdoor spaces – whether it’s your garden, gazebo, or patios- well-lit, is one thing you need to do when renovating or redesigning your house, especially your patios, where you might find yourself lounging. The best and simplest way to light up your patio is by installing modern outdoor wall lighting or sconces. Compared to string lights or table lamp, modern outdoor wall lighting are easier to install and safer for outdoor use. Though easier, doesn’t mean that you can install them carelessly. Without further ado, here are 5 tips that you need to know!

Choose wall sconces that are specifically made for outdoor use

Although modern outdoor wall lightings are generally safer than any other kind of outdoor lighting because it sticks to the wall and usually is sheltered by outdoor roofs, you still have to make sure that the wall sconces you choose are the ones made specifically for outdoor use.  Indoor sconces and outdoor sconces have different materials and different degree of resistance. Outdoor lightings are made to resist heat and dampness.

Use yellow light

Beside to light up your garden and patio, outdoor wall lighting has another function, which is to set up the mood. Yellow light can do the job better than the usual bright white light. Another reason to use yellow light is that yellow light is friendlier for the eye in dark surroundings.

Don’t be afraid to mix several kinds of light fixtures

Remember, in designing and remodelling your outdoor spaces, creativity is the key. Don’t hesitate to experiment on several kinds of outdoor lightings. You can mix uplighters with modern outdoor wall lighting for example. Or a string light with hanging lanterns. Indulge your creativity and aesthetic desires.

Make sure you use outdoor –rated electrical tools

Not only you have to use light fixtures that are made specifically for outdoor use, but you also have to use outdoor-rated electrical tools as well. From cords, light bulbs to receptacles make sure everything is outdoor-rated and weather resistant. This will prevent you from experiencing circuit shortages or even exploding light bulbs.

For safety purpose, keep off any flammable materials

When exposed to direct sunlight, light bulbs might be overheated and explode. Therefore, you need to take precaution and keep away any flammable materials from your modern outdoor wall lightings.

Even though installing modern outdoor wall lighting needs several precautions, but the end results are definitely worth it. You can create dramatic landscapes with the right lighting plans, and make lounging times in your patio feels much better.

Illuminate Your Outdoor Space With These Fab Lantern Style Lighting

If you love to spend your evening being in outdoors, then lighting is a must. Opting for lantern style for your outdoor lighting sounds like a good idea to create a comfortable outdoor environment. Lantern style outdoor lights make an oversized statement piece while bringing much-needed light to your outdoor space.

Lantern style outdoor lighting, whether used to make a design statement outside your home or used as a multi-purpose security light, need to be chosen carefully to make it suit the area that needs illuminating. If you looking for some ideas in lantern style outdoor lights that fabulous but budget-savvy, just take a look at our list below!

Illuminate your front entrance with lantern lighting to greet your guests with ambient lighting that bring a sense of safety and security.

Moroccan lantern lights, with intricate pattern, textural beauty and plenty of color will cast amazing shadows to your contemporary outdoor space.

Create ambience by hung some Avignon square lantern lights above your yard for an elegant and classy look that will not disappoint.

If you looking for a striking designer light for coastal location, these beautiful and crafty lanterns provide the perfect option that is suitable for that climate.

Take a look at this rustic lantern style lights that not only enhance your exterior setting but also create a stylish impression by positioned it strategically around your home.

Boho ornate lanterns covered with sparkling gold bring a welcome dose of glam to your space and of course, will set apart your style from others with its uniqueness.

Mix the lantern lights with a string of cafe lights and have all the benefits of antique lights without the high price tag.

If you have a good size courtyard to fill, adding these dimly lit lanterns will give it a more festive look and welcoming glow.

Pick these outdoor lanterns light to turn your setting into a dreamy getaway that seems magical and completely different from the rest of your house spot.

If you like to keep it simple, lantern lights still can make a big impact when simply placed on the ground in a careful and curated fashion.