Basic Guidelines to Fabulous Exterior Home Lighting

We spend a lot of time designing and creating lighting plans for our house interior. Yet often time we forget that exterior home lighting is just as important. Because exterior lighting is a part of your security system that will prevent anything hazardous happen in your yard. It can also enhance the appearance of your house from the outside and give your guest a positive first impression. Before you do your exterior home lighting plan, you need to know the secrets to fabulous exterior lighting. Here we recap the basic guidelines.

Use layers of light

You can’t rely on just one type of lighting to light up the entire exterior part of your house. You need to layers the lighting to create great and functional outdoor lighting. Therefore, don’t be afraid to mix several types of lightings to brighten up parts of your home exterior. You can even create a more dramatic effect by combining lighting fixtures.

Lit up the walkway

Especially if you have a large yard, you definitely need to make sure your walkway is well-lit. Use low voltage lighting fixtures with soft and no glaring lights, placed along your walkway. This can prevent you or anyone walking into your home from stumbling.

Welcome your guest with entry lighting

Another important part that you need to keep close attention to is the entry doorway. You would not want your guest waiting for you outside your door in darkness. This can be dangerous for you as you can’t see their face clearly, and obviously uncomfortable for your guest as well. Another reason you need to light up your entry doorway is also because you wouldn’t want to have to seek for your house key in the darkness.

Use motion-sensing lights

To enhance security and save up energy, use motion sensing lights in several parts of your house that needs extra security like the back door or in front of the garage. This motion sensing lights will help you be aware if somebody is lurking around your house.

Mind the environment

Last but not least, you need to mind the environment when it comes to exterior lighting. If it’s possible, use solar powered exterior home lighting to save your energy consumption in the long run. Also, you need to make sure that you use downlight fixtures so you don’t create light pollution in the sky.

Exterior home lighting should be kept simple and functional. Do not overdo them as it will create light pollution. Create a soft balance of lighting to keep your yard bright yet don’t interfere with your environment.

Choosing the Best Outdoor Lighting for Your Patio? Here’s what you need to Know

The best part about having a nice patio is that you can transform it into a nice place to hang out with your families and friends. All you need to do is to put up some chairs and decorate them with a nice lighting. But picking the best outdoor lighting for your patio is quite confusing as there are many options that you can choose from. So before choosing one for your patio, here are all the kinds of outdoor lighting that you need to know.

String lights

You may find this type of outdoor lighting in many patio inspiration pictures on the internet. And sure the soft glow from a string light can build up the ambience in your patio. It provides a nice light to accompany your quality time with friends and families. But always make sure that you choose outdoor rated string lights and bulbs.

Wall Sconce

You can put up wall sconces on your patio as a task light and ambient light. As a task light, it can highlight your windows or doors. As for ambience light, it can set up the mood in your patio while providing enough lighting for your activities like reading, eating or cooking.

Landscape lighting

Landscape lighting is a great way to ramp up your patio. It may not provide enough lighting so you have to pair them with another type of lightings like wall sconces and pendant lights. This type of outdoor lighting works best to create a dramatic effect on your patio.


Another way to create a dramatic effect on your patio is to put up some lanterns. You can even hang them on the trees to decorate your garden and provide good lighting so people don’t stumble and fall.

Stair lights

One thing that can be dangerous in your patio or garden when its already dark outside is stairs. Without proper lighting, people can trip down the stairs and hurt themselves. Therefore, it is always a good idea to install stair lights. Not only stair light will prevent someone from hurting themselves, but it can also create a dramatic effect on your patio.

You don’t need to choose one type of lighting above the other. You can pair them according to your needs because the best outdoor lightings will be the one that covers all your needs.

3 Ways Wall Mounted Kitchen Lights Can Help You

Speaking of kitchen light planning, we usually pay more attention to the ceiling mounted lights. Be it pendant, recessed, or the fancy chandelier, you name it. But we often forget that the kitchen needs light layering as well. As we grow old, our eyes will lose its ability to see clearly. Therefore we need to put layers of light in the kitchen to help us now and later when we’re older. Besides the traditional ceiling mounted lights, we may want to consider an extra layer of wall mounted lights. This type of lights can serve several purposes in our kitchen. Here are some of them.

Task lighting

Kitchen pendant light may be a great help when you’re working on the kitchen island or on the countertops under the light. But pendant lights will not be much of a help when you’re working on countertops above the cabinets or even on the sink. Therefore, a swing arm wall mounted kitchen light is something that you would need. The swing arm can help you highlight the space you’re working on. And not to mention, wall mounted task lighting can add a statement to your kitchen. Just make sure that it won’t overlap with other fixtures.

Light up corners

There are not so many areas that you can keep well-lit when you’re using only ceiling mounted lights. You need extra layers of light to keep every corner of your kitchen well-lit. Putting wall sconces in the corners can do the trick. Or if you want something more subtle, you can use several wall-mounted led lights.

Accent light

Wall mounted kitchen lights will serve you well as accent light that gives off certain ambience to your kitchen. You can use beautiful wall sconces, or even just lit up cabinets for accent light. But wall mounted light can do the trick very nicely since you don’t rely on them for being the main lighting in your kitchen.

After all, kitchen lighting planning depends a lot on your creativity and design preferences. There are no right or wrong when it comes to designing your own house. Just remember that layering lights may be a good idea, and you can always explore a lot of styles and options.