The Things You Need to Have in Commercial Kitchen Faucets

Whether you are a homeowner who appreciates the minimalistic design and awesome features of commercial faucets or you are a business owner who wants to install a professional faucet for your business, you need to have a certain checklist of things you need to have in your faucet. There are so many options for commercial kitchen faucet in the market. So to prevent being overwhelmed by the choices, you have to understand what you look for in a faucet; what really matters to you. Without further ado, here are some things that you may want to have in your commercial kitchen faucet.

Powerful pre-rinse spray

This feature usually comes with heavy duty designed professional kitchen faucet. The powerful spray has small needle-like spray holes that are powerful enough to clean all the grease in your dishes. Not only it will be a real help in the kitchen, but it will also make the dishwashing time shorter and work will be much more efficient.

Various spray patterns

Although this may seem unimportant, having various spray pattern options can help you to keep your dishes looking new. Because different spray patterns may suit certain dishes types or materials. Therefore, it is always nice to have a commercial faucet with various spray pattern options.

Easy maintenance

People who choose to install commercial kitchen faucet typically do a lot of dishwashing and therefore need an efficient and professional faucet to assist them. Easy maintenance faucet that is rust free and will not develop water spots will be really nice as you don’t have to clean them often.


As we know, commercial kitchen faucets are not cheap. With its innovative and savvy technology, it surely has a high price as well. Therefore, you may want to pay attention to your faucet’s durability, especially if you need them to do heavy duty work. Because you wouldn’t want to have to change your faucet every few months, right?

Pull down spray head

Most commercial faucets have a pull-down spray head to make dishwashing easier. And frankly, it does help to remove specific stains and grease in your dishes by making your spray head focuses more on the spot. But this feature is not for everyone, some people actually don’t like using the pull-down spray head. You may want to check in with yourself first, whether you need this feature or not.

There are many other features that you may want to look for in commercial kitchen faucets. Make the list and read lots of reviews, you will surely find the perfect faucet for you. Cheers!

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