Things to Consider before Buying Chandelier for Your Dining Room

Dining room is an important part of house. People enjoy meals together with their family and friends, discuss many things, have meetings, and even work in this room. This is why some people put more efforts to make their dining room look homey and presentable.

People who have traditional-styled house usually bring the traditional look inside. Traditional-type dining room is always classic and classy. If you have traditional interior for your dining room, you may want to have a traditional chandelier too, as it can enhance the antique and romantic look of the room. Before buying traditional chandelier for dining rooms, below are some considerations to take notes of.

Dimension and ceiling height

The first aspect you should ruminate before buying a chandelier is the size of your dining room. Considering how wide and tall the room is helps us in choosing the suitable size of the chandelier to make it look perfectly and proportionally fit in the room.

Chandelier is usually installed in the centre of the room, right above the dining table. If the room is quite extensive, you may want to add one or two more chandeliers. For rooms which have low ceiling, chandeliers with more spread-apart arms like Hudson Valley’s Jefferson Six Light Chandelier can be a satisfying choice. Its long arms also make the ceiling look larger. On the other hand, for rooms which have pretty high ceiling, you can choose chandeliers with longer pendants. Table lamps or candles on the dining table will complement the whole look, making the ceiling seem not too high.


When talking about traditional style, most people often refer to the French or English ones. A room decorated in this style is usually symmetrical, with curves accent on the ornate wooden furniture. Crystal chandelier is always best for traditional-styled dining room. Or, curvy chandeliers with antique bronze finish also complement the tone of traditional dining rooms which is filled with dark brown wooden furniture.

Additional lamps

Chandelier acts as the centre light that provides main lighting for the room. However, sometimes chandeliers are not bright enough to give ambient lighting that illuminates the whole room. Additional lightings such as wall sconces and table lamps are often needed to help cover up spots that the chandelier misses.


When choosing to have traditional chandelier for dining rooms, it is important to make sure it has dimmer switches, which is the essential part of chandelier, in order to make it multifunctional. You can turn on the lamps full blast for brighter look, or you can have them dimmed to get more romantic and traditional look.

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