Things You Need to Know Before Buying Waterfall Faucet for Bathroom Sink

Who wouldn’t love a beautiful waterfall faucet for bathroom sink? This type of faucet gives your bathroom a luxurious look in a more natural way. Imagine the sound of falling water and the look of naturally streaming water. The waterfall tap can add a soothing and relaxing ambience in your bathroom. Yet we notice that this type of faucet is not too popular in the bathroom. Apparently, the lack of waterfall taps popularity has quite good reasons, here’s why.

The water pressure

Before deciding to get a waterfall faucet for bathroom sink, you have to consider the water pressure in your home. Waterfall taps require high water pressure to function well, while most homes don’t have that much water pressure. To overcome this, you can consider using combi boilers, pressurised cylinders or even a water pump.

The problem with hard water

Keep in mind that waterfall faucet doesn’t go well with hard water. This type of faucet can develop limescale pretty fast if you live in areas with hard water. If you insist on having waterfall taps although you reside in the hard water area, consider softening your water first and do a lot of cleaning.

The cleaning and maintenance

The next question is: how to clean and maintain your waterfall faucet? For daily cleaning, wipe your faucet daily with a microfiber cloth. Stay away from abrasive materials that can harm your taps surface. Every once in a while, clean the limescale in your waterfall faucet using lemon or cloth soaked vinegar and leave them for one hour.

The plating

As waterfall faucet has more exposed sides that interact with water than other faucets, it may experience corrosion faster. Therefore, it is better to use chrome plating taps to prevent corrosion. And always check to a professional whether your faucet has the plating and finishes it needs.

But, the perks!

Aside from all the things mentioned above, remember the perks of waterfall faucet for bathroom sink. Not only this tap will give you style and enhance the look of your sink; it can also give your bathroom an instant spa experience. And what is better than a relaxing bathing experience after a long rough day?

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