Ways That You Can Replace Sofa with Wide Chaise Lounge

The sofa is a classic staple for comfortable seating. Little did we know that there are some other alternative to sofa if you find yourself wanting to get a little off the mainstream. One of the best alternatives to sofa out there is wide chaise lounge. Chaise is originated in 18th century France. It is essentially an upholstered recliner, made for style, comfort and stretching out. With this in mind, the idea of replacing sofa with wide chaise lounge became even more understandable. So if you’re thinking of going on this route, here are 4 instances where wide chaise lounge is a better option than a sofa.

Preserving the view

What will you do if you want to put comfortable seating furniture in front of a huge window with a beautiful view? Will you choose a sofa? Yes, a sofa may sound great, but it will block the view when you’re not sitting on the sofa. Therefore, if you want to preserve the view and keep them out of obstacles, a chaise can be your answer. It will give you more access to the view while still providing comfortable seating.

Unblocking traffic flow

In small rooms, the sofa can get a little tricky. Because the sofa is typically large, it may block the traffic flow in such a small room. Chaise can solve this problem by providing more space to move and therefore unblocking the traffic flow. You can replace the sofa with two chaises and place them apart so people can easily move between the chaise.

DIY Sectional

Have you realized that you can push two chaises together and create an L shaped sectional? Yes, even though chaise doesn’t have enough back support, but the length and depth of the chaise still speak comfort. Also, with this DIY sectional, you can easily move them around if you want to change the look of your room.

Media room

If you have a media room, you can add more comfort to it by choosing two wide chaise lounges instead of a sofa. The chaise offers more space to snuggle and stretch even when compared with deep-seated sofa. You can take up the coffee table space for the chaise and replace it with a small table between the two chaises.

Emergency guest room

Of course, there are several downsides to wide chaise lounge compared to a sectional sofa. Such as the non-existent back support and arm support.  These downsides make wide chaise lounge a lot more uncomfortable when you placed them in the living room. However, the shape can gain your advantages when you want to convert your living room into an emergency guest room. Since sleeping in a wide chaise lounge would feel better than a sofa. You can easily put some pillows and blanket and turn them into a place where your guest can lay down.

Not to mention, the relatively smaller size of wide chaise lounge compared to sectional sofa makes them a perfect alternative for smaller spaces. See? It’s totally okay to replace your sectional sofa with wide chaise lounge!

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