What You Wish To Know About Outdoor Post Lighting Before Installing Them

Keeping your back and front yard well lit is something you need to consider, as this part of your home can get very dangerous when it is not well lit. Insufficient light in your yard can cause someone to stumble on a rock or plants or stairs. Also, the lack of lighting can leave your yard looking quite scary. Outdoor post lighting or lamppost is a great way to illuminates your back or front yard. As it has its own post so you can practically put them anywhere on your garden that you think needs some illumination. So if you’re thinking of getting one in your yard, here are the guides on picking outdoor post lighting.

The electrical concerns

Before getting outdoor post lighting or any kind of outdoor lighting, you need to first make sure that it is outdoor-rated or weather-proof fixtures so you don’t risk getting short circuits or even worse, electrocuted. Starting from the fixtures, the cords, up to the bulb and the receptacles, everything needs to be outdoor-rated or weather-proof.


Installing a lamp post is not an easy task. You need to dig the hole, set up a base with PVC conduit and set up the electrical works. Sure you can do it on your own during the weekend or so. But there is a lot that you need to learn and understand. So if you don’t really mind the money, it is better to hire a professional to install lamp posts.


Your garden needs to have a cohesive theme with the whole house. So, of course, you need to pick a lamp post that suits the overall style of your home to create that cohesive feeling. If your home design is quite rustic or vintage, you may want to use a lamp post with a rustic finish. But if your home has a modern futuristic design, choose your lamp post accordingly.

Go solar

Even though you can do all the electrical work and get your outdoor post lighting to run with the electricity from your home, but going solar can offer you several benefits. It will make your installation process easier as you don’t have to roll out cords. Also, it can save up your energy usage in the long run.

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