Why You Will Love Linen Chesterfield Sofa

As one of classic furniture piece, nothing says class and elegance quite the same as chesterfield sofa. This particular piece of furniture has been around for centuries. From the rich man’s waiting room to tiny lofts in New York City, chesterfield sofa has paved it ways. Even though it is most known for being the sofa in gentleman’s clubs, but it gains more and more popularity in libraries and living rooms as well.

If you want to get that instant elegance in your living room, chesterfield sofa can be the answer. But chesterfield sofa came with many fabric options. One that definitely suits a family living room is linen chesterfield sofa. Linen is another casual yet classic fabric that also has been around for centuries. And this natural fibre fabric stays around for good reasons. Here are some reasons why linen chesterfield sofa is furniture of choice.

Linen is easy to clean

The first question that typically pops in our mind when choosing fabric for our upholstery is whether they are easy to clean and maintain or not. Linen fibre is very compact and tight that dust and dirt will not be able to settle. It is also hypoallergenic and resistant to microbes. Therefore, linen won’t give you a headache when it comes to maintenance.

Linen has beautiful textures and overall look

If you ever lay a hand on linen furniture, you will realize how soft its texture is. The fantastic textures make ways for great looks as well. Linen also has natural sheen that looks great when drenched with natural light. Despite all that, linen still retain its casual appearance so you can have them in any living room.

Linen is strong and durable

Since linen has compact fibre composition, it will not come loose even after a long time of use. Therefore, linen makes a very strong and durable fabric especially for chesterfield sofa.

Linen is eco-friendly

Linen is made out of flax plant fibre. This plant is very easy to grow even without fertilizer and pesticides. That means linen need tiny amount of chemicals only. It also requires a lot less water in processing and producing compared to cotton. With this in mind, it is safe to say that linen is an eco-friendly fabric.


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